f Five Hundred & Thirty-Three; More food recommendations in the North!


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Five Hundred & Thirty-Three; More food recommendations in the North!

March 30, 2013 /

Back to recommend more good food in the North!

Most of the food you see here,
I think I've recommended them before.
But since I just had them recently,
I decided to gather them all & do a post again!

1. Ang Mo Kio Central S11 
Blk 711 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8

(Besides Jubilee, opposite AMK MRT)

There is absolutely NO NEED to travel all the way 
to Chompchomp/newton/etc,
to have the sambal stingray.
Because this sambal stingray is one of the best that you can get,
at your convenience. (if you stay in the North!)
& this place is definitely not as smoky as Chompchomp. hahah

Don't remember the stall name, but there is only one tze char stall,
so you won't miss it.
This was a $12 serving.
Very reasonable price for this huge amount of serving.
The chilli is so bagus you'll love it I promise!

Fish & Chips from Rasa Sayang Western Food
For $6, you get this huge piece of breaded fish.
The chicken chop is awesome too!

2. Blk 928 Yishun Central 1

The best ice kachang in Singapore (personal opinion).
For just $1.30, you get a generous serving.
I always order Ice Kachang Cocktail,
because i'm not a fan of grass jelly at all.
The ice is really fine & smooth,
& it melts in your mouth instantly.
I really hate biting into chunks of ice when I eat Ice Kachang.
P.S Ask for extra milk, I think it tastes nicer :D
Desserts are meant to be sinful anyway!

& of course, can never miss out the Laksa & Popiah.
(photo taken from an old post because I didnt eat the laksa the last time I visited)

Honestly, I think the laksa's standard has dropped a lil',
but it's still quite nice.
You can check it out if you want to!
It was featured on a few programs before, including this:

3. Blk 618 Yishun Ring Road

This was definitely a hidden treasure discovered at a lil' corner of Khatib!
For $2.50, you get a crispy white carrot cake,
with 'cai poh' that matched it perfectly.
I really love it a lot!
& I'm not the only one,
had comments from friends that they love this carrot cake too!

4. Chong Pang Market & Food Centre
104 Yishun Ring Rd, Singapore 760104
(currently under renovation!)

Chwee Kueh: 4 for $1
oily but...... cut yourself some slack once in a while ;p
Xiang Xiang Fishball 香香鱼圆面

$2.50, with 5 huge fishballs.
The noodles standard has definitely dropped since my secondary school days,
but it's still above average.
Plus point would be the huge & QQ fishballs.

There's a stall selling BanMian, MeeHoon Kueh etc.
Nee Soon Fish Head Mee Hoon (#01-154)
& I only discovered it sometime in Nov/Dec last year.
Liked it quite a lot mainly because it is handmade.
I love handmade ones as compared to those made with machines.
The texture is just different.
& the soup is pretty good too.
Didn't snap a photo of it though.
The uncle is very polite and will say "Xie Xie (thank you)" to you
at least 3 times. hahahah.

5. AMK 724 Market
724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, #01-39

Hup Hup Minced Meat Noodles 合合香菇肉脞麺

This was the bigger serving bowl ($3 or $3.50, cant recall)

Very generous amount of minced meat & fried wanton skin,

with noodles of the right texture.

The braised sauce was pretty good,
but it would be better if the chilli was spicier.

6. 888 Plaza

888 Woodlands Drive 50, 730888

Supper location for the Woodlands peepo.

Alrighty! 6 places for you to check out in the North.
More to come hopefully! :)

  1. Has the renovation at Chong Pang Market finished already,thinking of going there tomorrow.

    1. im not too sure! lemme know if you managed to check it out :)