f Five Hundred & Twenty Four; an unexpected encounter in the train today.


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Five Hundred & Twenty Four; an unexpected encounter in the train today.

February 24, 2013 /

an unexpected encounter in the train today;

I gave up my seat to an old man, & 
the moment i stood up, I noticed an uncle beside me snapping photo of the old couple & then attempted to snap a photo of me as well (i turned away immediately tho). as he was right beside me, i peeped into his phone and saw him uploading photo to Facebook. the first thing tt came to my mind: GG. he must be angry tt i didnt give up the seat to him when he was 2 steps ahead of the old man. so i went to text le buddy immediately and  told him abt it. after a few stops, the uncle got a seat & then i kept looking at the uncle to make sure he didnt attempt to take photos of me again. few more stops later, i was seated beside that uncle. one stop later, he passed this note to me. 

boy, was i surprised & taken aback. 
this uncle caught me by surprise not just because he recognized and appreciated my action, but because he made me reflect about how it's human's nature to sometimes only think about the bad side of strangers ard us. well, i guess, sometimes, we just naturally suspect strangers & their possible bad intentions almost immediately, by observing their actions. that, im guilty; because i have experienced quite a number of bad encounters in the train, & even caught them red-handed before. 

Uncle, thank you for this note. Otherwise, you would have left me thinking that i've yet another bad encounter added to the list. Thank you, you gave me an invaluable lesson, a self-reminder to be more positive of the people around us. :) 

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