f Five Hundred & Twenty Three; white beehoon, ampang yongtaufoo & gelato!


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Five Hundred & Twenty Three; white beehoon, ampang yongtaufoo & gelato!

February 23, 2013 /

It's not that easy to find good food in the North,
but there are still quite a number of hideouts,
so it really aint that bad.
3 places to recommend today!

1. You Huak Restaurant
 It was my second visit!
First was in June last year,
& buddy was the one who brought me there ^^

The white beehoon is simply (pun intended) beyond awesome.
It's really just a plate of light beehoon,
with very simple ingredients.
But the tinge of sweetness from the seafood & the egg 
made it really delicious.
The gravy is da bombz.
It's just this unique that I doubt you'll find any similar ones in Spore.
Try eating it with the sambal chilli,
i love that chilli!

Mee goreng
This time, we ordered one plate of white beehoon
& another plate of mee goreng.
I guess it was because I didn't have high expectation of it,
(funny hor, didnt expect it to be nice,
still wna order)
so i wasnt disappointed by it.
In fact, i felt that it was pretty decent!
The first few bites were pretty shiok,
but it tasted lil' salty & "gelat" towards the end.
I would have liked it better if it tasted spicier,
because the ketchup taste was a lil' too much for my liking.
 I think.. i'd stick to the white beehoon next time :D

Sambal sweet potato leaves.
It's a must-order!
I've tried this at many other tze char places,
but this is my fav thus far.

Indo-style fried chicken

 hmmm i've heard raves about this,
so i had higher expectation of it.......
but i thought it was pretty average.
okay maybe slightly above average?
but i gotta admit that it was crispy on the outside,
and still tender and juicy on the inside.
Just felt that the marination was pretty average.
on the other hand, buddy liked it a lot.

Ngoh Hiang
hmmm. this is one that i would't order again.
I mean it really wasn't bad.
To be fair, it was fried to perfection,
& it tasted pretty good with the sweet chilli.
But somehow, it wasn't satisfying at all.
Perhaps it's because i've had much better ones made by my grandma.
but honestly, i think there are many other places 
which have nicer and tastier ngoh hiang!

Oh yes, buddy says that the bittergourd egg is a must-order!
*shrugs* im not a fan of bittergourd.......
but I'll give it a try the next time!
& yes, I love both the barley & lime drink.

P.S the place is crowded in the evening,
you'll spot long queues from 630pm onwards;
& on weekends...
it's VERY crowded. 

You Huak Restaurant 
22 Jalan Tampang

(Opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre)


2. 928 Ngee Fou Ampang Yong Tau Foo 

 Located at Upper Thomson, 
this place is really well-known & 
has been recommended by many food bloggers & media.
(P.S there are two stalls selling ampang yong tau foo,
but the one im referring to is the one with yellow signboard!)

You don't get to choose your dishes,
you just mention the number of people to serve,
& they will mix and match the dishes for you.
Basically for two,
there are fried wanton, vege chai ngor (斋鹅)
kangkong, fishballs, tau pok, tau gua, 
quail egg, bittergourd, brinjal, lady's finger.

It's the starchy braised sauce that made this dish really shiok.
But somehow, i think the standard has dropped as compared to my last visit.
(& yes the last visit was with buddy as well, 
before we got together hahhah)
Something was lacking,
but I couldn't quite figure out what it was. 
Nevertheless, it's definitely worth a try if you have not tried this before!

We'll usually order the dumpling soup as well.

928 Ngee Fou Ampang Yong Tau Foo
928, Upper Thomson Road

Singapore 787121

3. Mezzanotte

Randomly walked into this gelateria to have some gelato,
to satisfy my sweet tooth.
Buddy ordered tiramisu,
which we both felt was average.
I ordered some sweet crunch hazelnut which was awesome,
& he regretted his choice :D
I also tried the hazelnut and salted caramel.
hahahah the staff was so friendly and generously offered me to try 'em,
when i was contemplating on which flavour to buy.
Friendly & approaching staff = major plus points!
Ordered mine with the cone,
which was honestly not worth the extra calories.
So i'll take the cup or try the waffle next time!

someone told me on Instagram 
that the durian flavour is a must-have.
i'd give it a try again if I visit the area again next time!
Because it's opened til late,
i'll prolly want to come here again.

906M Upper Thomson Rd (Outside Springleaf Gardens) 

Singapore 787110 

Opening hours: 12pm to 12 midnight (Sun to Thurs) 

12pm to 2am (Fri & Sat)

Have a happy Sunday! :)

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