f Five Hundred & Sixteen. --A best friend;


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Five Hundred & Sixteen. --A best friend;

January 29, 2013 /

I just had a random, casual chat with my bestie.

This time (one of the few times), it was me decoding her. 
I was typing in bits & pieces, I just typed whatever that came to my mind.
It's amazing how she can get what I'm trying to put across to her. 
Well, I guess, it's just like how I always get her 
when she tries to put across some thoughts to me. :) 
& while I was "advising" her, I learnt things about myself too. 
Like a self-discovery kinda thing. 

This bestie of mine, we dont chat every day. 
Sometimes, we dont even contact each other for several weeks.
But once we do, there was never a distance apart.
Besides J, she is the only person who reads me 
and knows me better than I know myself sometimes.
I used to think that the term "Best Friend" is cliche and overused 
(especially 'BFF' aka Best Friend Forever.
omg so.... it's-a-girl-thing kinda, which I didnt really like) 
& so, we addressed each other as Best Fat Friends.
But now, I still like calling her my Bestie,
because she IS.

Each of us has our own definitions of "Best Friend".
Actually, how do you describe a "best friend"?
I thought of it for very long..
To me, 

A best friend is the first person that you will think about whenever you have plans in mind.
He/she is the first person you go to when you are looking for someone to talk to,
especially when it comes to the important matters in your life.
A best friend gives you opinions, which you care & want to hear about,
amongst the many other voices/opinions that you may receive.
A best friend tells you things that you need to hear,
regardless they are pleasant or not.
A best friend is one who is always there to share emotions: 
your joy, tears or frustrations.
You share your most amazing moments and also your most horrible incidents with him/her.
A best friend never fails to tease you 
whenever you share your embarrassing or silly moments with them,
& when he/she does, instead of being angry, you laugh together with him/her
(& wait for your chance to tease him/her back again)
A best friend is one whom you can always show your true side to,
& never afraid of being judged.
A best friend is one who will encourage & push you to be the best that you can be;
& at the same time, scold or nag at you when needed to.
A best friend is someone you will never envy, & will be grateful to have.
A best friend is the one who you've confided the most in,
& he/she knows you best, even as both of you grow up & change.
A best friend understands you best & always gets you;
he/she reads your mind before you even finish your words.
This can go on & on.
Well basically,

The best friend in YOUR life, 
is the one who you are thinking of as you read this. :)

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