f Five Hundred & Two. --"郝" 家人物介绍; It Takes Two (对对碰);


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Five Hundred & Two. --"郝" 家人物介绍; It Takes Two (对对碰);

November 2, 2012 / ,

November is officially here!
Can hardly believe that 2012 is coming to an end in less than 2 months' time.

Have been looking forward to November, because..........

It Takes Two (对对碰) will debut on 6th November, 
in 4 days' time!! :)

Some time ago, while filming for our studio scenes one day,
my meimei (Ling En) decided to do individual recordings of all of us,
& wanted to put them together into a video.

She was so enthusiastic about it &
so I volunteered to help her with combining the recordings into a video.
I promised her to have it done before the premiere of the drama.

introducing to you........ “郝” 家!:)

More photos of my family:

& yes, if you are eager to watch the show.................

The first two episodes are already up on Toggle!!!!
You can catch Episode 1: here & Episode 2: here

Remember to trend us with the hashtag #ittakestwo! 
We hope to receive your support. Thank you!! :)

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