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What to eat in Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice)

February 28, 2015 / ,

In this post, I will be sharing about the food I had in Italy,
specifically Rome, Florence and Venice.
Hopefully, they can be useful for you if you are planning a trip to Italy! :)


1. Gelateria la romana 
Via XX Settembre, 60, 00184 Roma, Italy
Our airbnb owners in Rome recommended this to us,
and to us, this was the second best Gelato that we had in Italy.
The pistachio flavour was our favourite.
We found out that this was ranked #11 on Tripadvisor.
They have several outlets; the one we visited was near our Airbnb apartment.

2. Gelateria Valentino
Via del Lavatore, 96, 00187 Roma, Italy
Pretty decent gelato, located near Trevi Fountain (which is under renovation by the way!)

3. Porto Fluviale
Via del Porto Fluviale, 22, Roma, Italy

Do note that there are two different spaces in this restaurant.
For food, head to the one on the left!
Apparently, we went to the one on the right (mainly for drinks),
because the other side was full. & I think.. it was a wrong choice. 
I've seen several good reviews about the one on the left,
and our airbnb owners highly recommended that as well,
so I believe it should be really good.
In any case, the parma ham that we had were pretty good,
just that the taste was too strong for us to handle.
We wanted to order pizza with parma ham, 
but ended up with just parma ham. 
hahahah. That was the price to pay for assuming and not asking.

4. Oysteria de memmo
Via dei Soldati, 22-23, 00186 Roma, Italy
An authentic Italian restaurant, which has a cosy and homely feel.
We truly enjoyed our pastas and cleared our plates despite the generous portions.

That's about it. 
Honestly, we did not hunt for much good food in Rome.
Had a few other random ones which I thought was not worth mentioning.


1. Marco Ottaviano II Gelato Gourmet
Via Matteo Palmieri 34r50122 FlorenceItaly
Our favourite gelato shop in Italy goes to this!!!
It truly deserves its #2 rank on Tripadvisor.
The pistacchio flavour was heavenly and the texture was just really superb.

Via delle Oche, 24-red, 50122 Firenze, Italy
Hahahah apologies for the terrible photo but this was the only photo I snapped.
It was quite decent,
nothing special but not that bad either.

3. Osteria il Buongustai
Via dei Cerchi, 50122 Firenze, Italy

I had this for just 5.50.
I forgot the exact name for it,
but basically it was a panini with roasted beef, which was simple yet really tasty.
This was one of my favourite finds for the entire trip to Italy.
This place was such a gem, and the perfect place for a great value lunch.
We were there at around 11am, and the crowd started coming in around half an hour later.
It was obviously a popular place for the locals!
A very traditional and cosy place :)

 4. Chiaroscuro 
Via del Corso, 36, 50122 Firenze, Italy
I loved the cappuccino and had it for two days in a row,
and on both days, it was really crowded.

 5. Amici di ponte Vecchio
Via Dei Bardi 3950125 FlorenceItaly
We found this small shop by chance, and it was a great find for sure!
The crust was more to the chewy side, and the ingredients were fresh and flavourful.
There were a lot of choices to choose from, and we got our slice at just 2.5.

6. Chongqing restaurant
Via Sant'Antonino 3450123 FlorenceItaly

Okay, admittedly, both of us were already craving for chinese food by Day 4.
HAHAHHAH. It was honestly quite a satisfying meal for us!
Not sure whether it was because we were too desperate for chinese food,
or that the food was really quite good. :D
Well, if you crave for chinese food while in Florence,
you can really give this a try. The price was reasonable too.

7. Giannino 
Borgo San Lorenzo, 33/37r, 50122 Firenze, Italy

Met up with Mel, Jon & Dorothy on one of the nights in Florence!
We had a pleasant meal at this restaurant :)

8. L'ostellino
Piazza Felice Cavallotti 156126 PisaItaly

I don't know if it is overrated (#1 on tripadvisor), but both of us enjoyed it.
We were on the constant hunt for value-for-money food,
and this definitely fits the bill perfectly.
The bread were a lil' too dry for my liking though.

9. La Taverna di pulcinella
Via Garofani, 10, Pisa PI, Italy
2 whole pizzas + a glass of house wine for just €16!!
I decided to try one with white sauce for a change, 
which was unique.. but I still prefer the other one with tomato sauce. hahah.
I couldn't finish mine, and had to takeaway (yes they allowed me to!)
because we had the huge panini right before this.
The pizzas came fresh from the oven,
and was surprisingly good for this price.
A definite must-have in Florence!


1. Bacareto Da Lele
Campo dei Tolentini 183 - Santa CroceVeniceItaly
 Located right opposite my  airbnb apartment in Venice,
these €1 mini sandwiches were really tasty!!
We had them on both days in Venice,
together with a glass of red wine, which cost just €0.60.
Told you we were on the hunt for cheap-but-good food. *grins*

2. Dal Moro's Pasta
Calle de la Casseleria, 5324 | Castello30122 VeniceItaly
Known for its fresh-to-go concept.
Best to eat it straight away,
but do note that you may not get a spot in the small shop.
No seats, just standing spots.
€6 for this simple yet filling and satisfying box of pasta,
 a definite not-to-be-missed food in Venice!

3. White Geleteria
San Polo 480 Ruga Del RavenoVeniceItaly
 I was delighted to find froyo in Venice.
Self-serve concept, with a wide variety of toppings to choose from.
That was the day when I finally had a break from gelato ;p

4. Antico Forno
Ruga Rialto, 973, 30125 VE, Italy
Never judge a book by its cover.
Indeed, this was the best description for this shop.
We randomly walked passed this pizzeria, which was nothing fanciful at all,
but the pizza which we had was of awesome quality!
Almost wanted to get a second slice,
but could not stuff anymore carbo in my stomach. 
(this was right after the Dal Moro's pasta)

5. Torrefazione Cannaregio
Cannaregio, 1337, 30121 Venezia, Italy

Best coffee I had for my trip in Italy.
Smooth & aromatic, with the right balance of bitterness.
I don't really know how to describe coffees in detail,
but I guess we all know the particular type of coffee that suit our taste buds.
The taste was just.. perfect for me.

6. La Perla Ai Bisatei
Campo San Bernardo, 130141 MuranoItaly

It was such a treat to find this restaurant in Murano!
The place was flooded with locals.
The fish which we had was grilled in a very simple and traditional way,
& you could totally taste its freshness.
I loved the ambience and I loved the food.

7. Pontini
Cannaregio, 1268, 30121 Venezia, Italy

The most expensive meal we had for our trip in Italy was at this restaurant.
This is a good place to chat over a glass of wine with a group of friends.
Hahahah. We wanted to treat ourselves to a better meal,
after going for cheap hunts for so many days.
The prices were reasonable.
It's only my second time having squid ink pasta,
so I can't really compare how fantastic it was.
But I truly enjoyed it.
An interesting observation: there were many koreans spotted at 3 different tables.
Seemed like this is quite a popular spot for asians!

Alrighty, this is my compilation of the food we had in Italy,
which I felt were worth mentioning. 
Hope it will be useful for some of you! :)

  1. What a spread! How I wished I had chanced upon this earlier. Visited these 3 cities last June but the food U had all looked so delicious and salivating!

    1. I hope you'll have the chance to visit again!! I'd love to visit again too ~.~