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Silkygirl Go Matte Lipcolor.

February 9, 2015 / ,

'I said pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.'
--Marilyn Monroe

Not sure if I have mentioned about this on my blog before,
but I used to be an anti-lipstick person.
I hated putting on lipstick because I found it troublesome when I eat/drink.
I hated how it would smudge over my lips or stain my teeth,
I hated how my lips would feel dry after some time,
and I hated how some lipsticks would somehow leave a weird feeling on my lips.

However, since last year, I found myself falling in love with lipsticks,
because I finally realised how lipsticks can make a whole lot of difference to our looks.
There is ALWAYS a shade for different occasions and different outfits.
Adding that coat of lipstick can create contrast and enhance your features further,
wearing the right shade can really make you more attractive.
Sometimes, I put on a red lipstick just to feel that additional boost of confidence.
Somehow it works!
That association of red lipstick with confidence.
Do you feel the same too?

The reason why I started wearing lipsticks more often nowadays,
it is because I have found the right ones that I feel comfortable wearing.
I think my bias is towards coral lipsticks,
but I am always on a constant look-out for new shades
(I was told that there can never be too many lipsticks. heheheh),
and lately, I have been into the matte ones.
So I was more than glad to land my hands on these babies:
I am particularly picky when it comes to matte lipsticks.
I used to avoid them altogether because
I had the misconception that they are all richer and thicker,
so they would definitely leave 'that weird feeling on my lips', which I really dislike!
In other words, I prefer wearing lipsticks that make me feel like I'm not wearing them. 
Get my drift?

The new Silkygirl Go Matte Lipcolor comes in 6 shades:

#01 Nearly Nude
#02 Wild Pink
#03 Siren Red
#04 Mystic Rose
#05 Sassy Orange
#06 Exotic Wine

(Hahahah pardon my inconsistent lips. It was my first attempt at this!)

#01 Nearly Nude
I seldom wear nude lipstick,
but.. I think I may just start wearing it more often now.

#02 Wild Pink

#03 Siren Red

#04 Mystic Rose

#06 Exotic Wine
Initially, I thought that this colour seemed too bold for my liking,
but surprisingly, it turned out to be my favourite among all 6!
Perhaps it is because I became fairer recently,
I felt more confident in being able to pull off this shade.
I really love this shade leh!

I have tried putting on 2 out of the 6 shades for more than 6 hours on two different days,
and I must say that I liked how the lipsticks are fragrance-free and carmine-free
FYI, carmine is a pigment which is deemed as an 'unnatural' ingredient, 
and is actually obtained from beetle.
I don't know about you, but it feels gross to me.
So yes, the next time you purchase your makeup products,
do take note of the ingredients present!

The lipsticks give a lightweight matte finish despite its heavyweight colours,
& the colours were quite long-lasting 
(I still had to do my touchups of course).
My lips felt a lil’ dry after few hours, but probably because my lips have always been on the dry side.
These lipsticks actually contain
shea butter, safflower oil and papaya extract, to aid in hydration. J 
For people like me who have dry lips, just apply lip balm first. It helps!
Most importantly, this range of lipsticks were NOT tested on animals.
Major support for cruelty-free products! :)

Hmmm.. if you are not into matte lipsticks,
you might be glad to know that Silkygirl has also launched
a new range of Color Junkie Lip Polish at the same time too.

Likewise, this range is fragrance-free, carmine-free and was not tested on animals too.
They are formulated with Vitamin E, Macadamia Seed Oil 
and Jojoba Seed Oil for the maximum hydration.

Do you prefer matte or gloss lipsticks?
For me, on days when I feel like going for a sweeter look, I will go for the latter;
and on days when I prefer a more mature look, I will go for the former.

Would you like to try these new range of products?!

The good news is.. you have a chance to win a set of the products!


1. Like  'SILKYGIRL Singapore' on Facebook (LINK)
2. Leave a comment on the ‘Giveaway Post’ on the page,
stating which is your favourite shade from Color Junkie or Go Matte,
together with a reason why you love it most.

The contest period is from 9th Feb - 28th Feb
and winners will be notified via the page.

I hope at least one of you who is reading this post right now will win the products!

  1. hello, the shade you were wearing in the first picture is the nearly nude shade?

  2. Hi.. do you wear any lip liner before you use nearly nude shade?

    1. hi! i didnt use lip liner. honestly i dont have the habit of using lip liners. but of course the effect will be better if you use one! :)

  3. the wild pink is more charming :)

  4. Hello! May I ask? Does the SILKYGIRL Go Matte Lipcolor contains any paraben? :)

    1. hi! I think I was told that it is Paraben-free. but it would be safer for you to do more research online :)