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My skin condition.

August 4, 2015 / , ,

If you have been following me on Instagram and  Dayre,
you would have known of an issue which has been bothering me for months.
And by saying 'bothering me', I actually meant how it made me feel so terrible, self-conscious, insecure, low self-esteem,
low confidence, or in a crude but short description: shitty.

My nightmare
For the past 25 years, I have never experienced such terrible outbreaks like the ones 
I had been dealing with for the past few months.
While my skin condition was not exactly one of the best (uneven skin tone and dull skin were my main concerns),
it was never this terrible. Never.
Towards the second half of last year,
I started experiencing a few outbreaks here and there,
but it was nowhere near what you would see in the pictures below.
Concealer became my ultimate best friend,
but even that could not save me totally because even make-up could not cover the bumps, those pop-out ones.
The major outbreaks affected me alot, especially on days when I had filming.
I can edit away the bumps easily using photoshop/phone apps for my photos,
but I could not do so for filming.
And you know how High-Definition means that everything can be seen clearly on the TV screen nowadays..
It affected me so much, that I started avoiding eye-contacts with people
whom I talk to, because I hated catching the sight of them staring at my face.
I knew that the best way to not worsen the condition, 
was to avoid makeup. But I could not, due to work.
I do not know how I survived filming when the condition was at the worst (April - May, especially)
To be frank, I barely survived.
I was filming for 絕對保險 Accidental Agents (which will air in September by the way!),
and I think my make-up artists had such a tough time doing their best to help me conceal the bumps,
& I just kept apologising to them, and went home each day feeling terrible.
I also had another makeup artist on another set of show I was filming for,
who asked me, 'What happened to your skin?! Not just the acnes, but your skin tone is very patchy!'
I cancelled several meet-ups with my friends because after all the makeup from work,
all I wanted to do was to hide at home, and allow my skin to breathe.
My close friends knew how affected I was.
I even resorted to wearing masks.
That period of time was one of my worst nightmares, happening in real life.

And my breaking point?

One evening, my 6 years old niece was having her dinner and she did not want to finish up her food.
So my mum told her, '你沒有吃乾淨,臉會生一粒一粒!’
(If you do not finish your rice, your face will be full of pimples!)
You know, just like how old people will usually bluff the kids with this myth to make them finish the food;
she told me the same thing when I was young too.
To my surprise, my niece said, ‘像媽媽阿姨這樣?’
(Just like MamaAhyi? (she calls me that))
Of course she meant no harm and was just saying it truthfully.
Kids say the truest thing, they do.. Truth hurts.
I gave her a smile and said, ‘對咯。所以你要吃完!’
(Yes, so you have to finish your food!)
That night, I could not sleep at all.
That innocent comment she made, kept ringing in my head..

One day, after filming, FeiHui laoshi asked me,
'Do you think your current skincare products are the cause of your current problem?'
He seemed concerned and genuinely wanted to help me too.
I remember telling him that I was honestly not too sure,
(it could be hormonal change?)
but I would just see if the issue goes away soon.
2-3 weeks later, I was certain that it was indeed time for me to seek help from another clinic.
to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.
Thanks to him, I got to know about The Clifford Clinic.

I started my journey with Dr Chow on 15th May,
and as of 3 August, I have done 8 sessions of Q-switch laser treatments and 2 Hydra-Facial treatments.
I have been waiting til I see significant improvements before I blog about this.
Without further ado, let me show you the pictures of my progress thus far!

This was taken some time in April.

Taken on 15th May 2015, before my 1st treatment.

Taken on 22nd May 2015, before my 2nd treatment.

Taken on 2nd June 2015, before my 4th treatment.
**These two photos were taken under a slightly different lighting,
as compared to the previous photos.**

Within a short 2++ weeks, my skin did not miraculously healed and cleared up immediately.
I had new bumps appearing here and there (the huge one between my nose and lips happened
because I went to squeeze in and aggravated it. It seriously haunted me for 1+ month),
but evidently, some of the acne scars lightened and condition was kept under control after 3 sessions.

Hmmm, even when my skin has gotten better,
make-up still could not cover those annoying existing bumps.
So for the month of June, I was still quite affected by it.

But now, as of 2nd Aug, after 8 sessions of Q-switch laser treatments,
I can gladly say that.. the bumps are approximately 80% gone.
My forehead has cleared completely,
and there are no bumps appearing on it at all since my 4th treatment!
There are still a few new ones that appeared, but minor ones.
I am still left with some scars, which can be easily covered with concealer now;
I am pretty sure that with more sessions, they will soon be gone too.
I feel that the problem of patchy and uneven skin tone is improving too,
my skin feels brighter and smoother.
Also, I feel that my makeup stays on my skin for a much longer time nowadays.
I can be out the whole day, and only need to touch up a little once or twice.
2nd Aug 2015
**photo taken at a different location, with natural lighting.**

With only concealer on!

This was a photo taken on 21 Jul, with make-up on.
As you can see, no obvious bumps anymore! :)

Now, after all the pictures, allow me to do some introduction of the Q-switch laser treatment.

Q-Switch laser
'The laser energy pulse breaks down the pigments into mini-pigments,
which is absorbed by the skin, and then destroyed by the body’s lymphatic system.
 This treatment excels at lightening pigmented and vascular scars. Scars are often purple or brown,
but once they are effectively lightened with the laser, the skin looks noticeably clearer with a nice
glow and smoothness. It also has the added benefit of having no downtime and induces minimal pain.'

1. Gently delivers energy into deeper skin layer for dermis remodelling
and helps in achieving clear skin.
2. Provides excellent efficacy on pigment lesions such as freckles, blemish,
melasma and hyperpigmentation.
3. Reduces large pores and fine lines
4. Improves skin texture and skin tone
5. Reduces sebum production and controls acne inflammation

Was the treatment painful?
To me, the pain level was prolly only 1/10.
Most importantly, there was no scabbing & no redness experienced at all,
which means that there was absolutely no downtime for me.
Each treatment only took me approximately 15 minutes
(including the time taken to remove my makeup and to cleanse my face!)
Heard that many customers who work in the CBD area would visit during lunch break,
and head back to work afterwards!

This is a short clip of how it looks like!

Besides the Q-switch laser treatments, I have also done 2 sessions of Hydrafacial.
To find out more information about Hydrafacial,
you can check out this link.
Ever since I started my journey with The Clifford Clinic,
I stopped using the whole range of products which I was using previously,
and my current skincare routine only includes:

-AKNICARE Cleanser
-AKNICARE Cream (helps in sebum control while moisturising the skin)
-Clindagel (for affected areas)
-Eye cream/gel
-BioEssence firming cream for jaw area and neck

That is all. I do not even use toner now.

All in all, I am really grateful to have The Clifford Clinic and Dr Chow, to save me from my misery.
Although my skin is far from perfection, I have witnessed the improvements over the past 2.5 months,
and I am hopeful that it will only get better!
There are times when I will feel a little sad that I still have the scars to deal with,
and how I am unable to head out of the house without concealer nowadays,
but at the end of the day, I always tell myself that I should be glad that
there is progress and at least I no longer feel as negative as I was in the month of April and May.
Those two months felt extremely terrible, but those days are over,
and I hope that they will never ever return again!
I just wanna say.. if you are dealing with a bad skin condition too, please do not lose hope.
With the advance in technology, there are several solutions available.
I do agree that most of these treatments are costly,
but if you find the right clinic that can save you, the investment on the treatments will be worth it.
Do not give up.. :)

I told Dr Chow that I look forward to the day when I can finally snap a photo with him,
with a clear and bright bare face.
He gave me an assuring smile and said that the day will come soon.
I will be looking forward to it!
Thank you so much, Dr Chow;
thank you for helping me regain my confidence, bit by bit. :)

'Strive for progress, not perfection.'

The Clifford Clinic
Address: Clifford Centre #01-03, 24 Raffles Place, Singapore 048621
Opening Hours: (Mon-Fri)10:00–20:00; (Sat) 10:00–14:00
Contact: (+65) 6532 2400

  1. It's great you have seen such improvement. I visited Clifford Clinic after seeing your review but I had a pretty unpleasant experience there (perhaps because I was only doing a trial). Even though I was on time, I waited almost an hour to have my Q switch laser done. After I told Dr Chow I couldn't sign up for the package as I was leaving for overseas for a long time, he wasn't interested in listening to what I had to say about my skin and the laser was done by 5 minutes (instead of 15). He said that someone will apply a serum on my skin and open pores after the laser but the clinic assistant only asked me to pay and told me I could leave without applying anything to my raw skin. It would have been fine if my skin turned out better but it broke out even more the next day with inflammation and deep cystic acne. Utterly disappointed.

    1. Hi there,

      Firstly, I am so sorry for the late reply as I have not been blogging for a long time so I've not been checking my site for a long time too. I am also sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. I have made a feedback about this to the management.

      Perhaps there was some miscommunication along the way.. For me, I have waited 30-45 minutes before as well, as the clinic is packed and the previous customers could have been late for their appointments resulting in the delay. I guess the waiting time is unavoidable sometimes.. but im sure the team has worked on improving this issue.

      As for the treatment time, I should have clarified that when I mentioned 'each treatment only took me about 15 minutes', I included the time to remove my makeup and cleanse my face as well. I am sorry for misleading on that part and will edit this post to clarify. My q-switch treatments usually last for around 5 minutes too, depending on my skin condition.

      Please do drop me an email at contact@shinekoh.com with your name and contact number so that I can get them to contact you to clear any misunderstanding. Thank you for dropping this feedback to let me know about your experience.

  2. Is the q switch first trial at $50 still available ?

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      I believe it is still available. Just mention my name and ask about the first trial price for q-switch :)

  3. Hi, may i know how much you spent in total?

  4. Hi Shine,

    I realised you've been to both Clifford and IDS Clinic for your skin. Would just kindly like to ask which did you think was more effective as a long-term solution? I'm contemplating between the two after reading your reviews and would really appreciate your answer. :)

    1. hi!

      IDS products were not suitable for my skin, which was why I stopped visited and moved on to try Clifford. I dont use the products from Clifford though, only go there for Q-switch laser treatments and hyrafacial/alpha light sometimes.

      I think you can go for consultation at both clinics first, hear from the doctors and see what they recommend and then you decide for yourself which clinic you feel more comfortable with, and also consider the price for the treatments/products. :)

  5. Hi :)
    I'm actually considering going Clifford Clinic for acne treatment.
    However, the treatments are very costly so my mum was wondering whether I should go to the Polyclinic so that I can get a referral to the Skin Centre instead.
    I'm in a dilemna as I do not know whether I should go to Clifford Clinic or go to the Skin Centre as it is cheaper

    1. Hello!

      I have not been to Skin Centre before, so I cannot advise on that. If you mum is paying for your treatments and there is a budget constraint, then i'll suggest that you heed your mum's advice because truth is, clifford's treatments can indeed be quite costly, and acne treatments usually require a period of time and a number of treatments before drastic improvements can be seen.

      Since this will be quite a long journey (depends on skin condition), you need to consider the budget carefully. Nevertheless, if you decide to head to Clifford for consultation, there is a consultation fee chargeable and first trial for qswitch is now $53.50.

      Whichever clinic you choose eventually, i hope it will help you skin condition! :)