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An announcement to make.

March 24, 2015 /

An announcement to make

Well.. I have been staring at this page for the past few days.
& each time I attempted to type something, I ended up deleting the whole chunk.
On one hand, I thought I do not have the need to type out this post
because I do not owe anyone any explanation;
but on the other hand, I thought I should still make a proper announcement.

So.. here goes: 
I have decided not to renew my contract with Gushcloud, which ended on 5th Feb 2015.

This piece of news may be shocking to some of you,
because I had been one of the most active ones in the company for the past 2-3 years.
Even during the last incident, I mentioned that I chose to believe in the company.
For someone who had been quite supportive all these while to choose to leave,
I definitely had my good reasons.
This decision to leave was not easy, and it took me so long to come to a conclusion.
After much deliberation, I felt that this is the right decision.

With regards to the recent incidents involving Gushcloud,
I will not comment much because I do not know that much.
As my contract has officially ended on 5th February 2015,
I was not updated by the management on this incident,
and no official answer was told to me.
So like you, I knew the updates from the media,
and like you, I had my own opinions (a mixture of both good and bad),
I filtered the things I read online &
constantly reminded myself that not everything posted on the Internet is true,
And I set my own conclusion as well.
I do believe that there are things that the public (and myself) do not know of, yet.
And I do believe that Gushcloud chose not to tell for good reasons (or so, I hope)

'There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth.'
--Robert Evans

I do not deny that the recent incidents were factors that led to my decision,
but there were also other factors, which I will not mention here.
Indeed, after these incidents, my faith in the company is shaken.
And I can't help but to wonder the reasons behind the company's responses to the public
and why the management has handled the incidents this way..
I was more disappointed in how the issues have been handled, more than anything.
I know I could have asked, but I chose not to.
Because if they wanted to tell me, they would have told me.
Maybe they were waiting for the chance to tell me face-to-face,
but to me, that doesn't matter anymore.
While I did not agree with the actions, 
I chose to believe that they had their legit reasons.
Well, putting aside those blind hate and senseless comments left by the public,
I do hope that the company can take in the constructive feedbacks and learn from this huge lesson.

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to the company
for the opportunities given to me these 2++ (close to 3) years.
Without the company, I would not have been able to work with some of the brands
that I have always liked but never had a chance to work with.
To the ones who have genuinely helped me before, I will never forget.
To the ones who knew how to separate work and personal issues,
I am very thankful for your professionalism.
All in all, to me, the latest incident was a blessing in disguise.
I truly believe that if Gushcloud has nothing to hide,
then the company should have nothing to be afraid of.
And they can only stand up stronger and be a better player in the industry.
All the best, Gushcloud!

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