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My current skincare products; IDS Clinic.

January 6, 2015 /

Hi there!
If you have been following me on my #shineIDSjourney,
you would have noticed I have mentioned before
that I finally started a whole range of new skincare products 13 weeks ago,
and I said I will share more details if I managed to witness the significant changes.
So after more than 3 months of witnessing how the products have worked on me,
I will now share a lil' more details with y'all :)

IDS Clinic

I have been looking for an aesthetic clinic for quite some time.
There was a period of time when my skin was in a pretty bad condition 
i.e. outbreaks, peeling & dull skin to be exact.
(Close-up view. WARNING.)

I have tried a few different products but none seemed to work.
That was when I knew I had to seek professional help to get the problems treated,
instead of using products which may contain ingredients that are not suitable for me at all.
I remember that I kept having pimples near my brows,
& it was.. frustrating.

My skin used to be pretty good and outbreaks were not the norm for me.
So, although the outbreaks I experienced were not that terrible,
I was still affected by it, especially on days when I had filming.
Also, I was hoping to find products that could help me to achieve a more radiant skin tone.
So when I noticed a few of my peers using the products from IDS Clinic,
I wanted to give it a try too.

After consulting Dr Heng,
who examined my skin and assured me that my concerns could be addressed,
he prescribed me with a range of products.
My skin type is combination by the way.
And.. you could imagine his expression when I mentioned that..
I do not have the habit of putting sunblock on my face on normal days. :X
I merely depended on my BB Cream which has a SPF30.
Yes yes, it is very terrible. I know.


(From left to right)
1. Refreshing Cleanser : This product is ideal for blemish prone skin.
It contains botanical ingredients such as tea tree oil and licorice root help to 
soothe inflammation, heal and tighten pores.

2. Purifying Toner : This alcohol-free product is suitable for all skin types.
I love how it is light and easily absorbed into the skin!

3. C+ : We all know the benefits of Vitamin C right?
This magical product helps to target issues such as:
Wrinkles, loss of firmness, patchy skin tones and acne.
It also helps to lighten acne scars.
Basically, this is the solution to my uneven skin tone 
and the scars left behind from the outbreaks.
By the way, this product also contains Vitamin E.
It is absorbed into the skin readily,
and I honestly love that feeling once it is absorbed.
It's like..
'YES. Absorb all those vitamins absorb them, you need them!!'
That-kinda-feeling. hahahah

4. Oil-free Moisturizer : I like how this moisturiser is really non-greasy.
I really dislike moisturisers which are heavy and greasy.
This product is also said to be able to suppress unwanted melanin.

5. Spot treatment: This is my life-saver!
It soothes and reduces redness, and helps to heal pimples fast.
Til date, this is the best pimple treatment product I've tried before.
It does not help to heal some of the stubborn pimples over 1-2 days,
but at least, it helps in preventing those pimples from getting worse.
Tried and tested!

6. Sunscreen : I have been applying this every single time I head out before the sun sets,
for the past 13 weeks.
Even in Europe, on gloomy days!
The old Shine will never bother about applying sunblock on cloudy days.
(Bad example, please do not learn!)
So this says alot about how much I liked it.
I'm just really glad to finally find a suitable sunscreen product for my face.

7. Lyco-white : This, is another life-saver 
and I truly believe that it was this oral skin supplement
that made me significantly fairer!
My friends have been telling me that I became fairer,
but I never believed them because I thought..
'Aiya. They are trying to make me happy only LA.'
But when I saw my 'before' and 'after' photos, I was convinced.
(You will see them at the end of this post. Be patient leh!)
My skin tone is yellow-based, 
so I will never become the Snow-white-kinda-fair,
but comparing my current skin tone to my skin tone 13 weeks ago,
the change was indeed significant.
Not just on the face, but the whole body!

(From left to right)

1. Cleansing Gel : I have been using cleansing milk for the past 2 years,
so it took me at least a week to get used to this change.
Nevertheless, this change was good! 
This mild cleanser has proven to be effective in removing my makeup thoroughly,
no matter how thick the makeup was.
One thing to note: this cleansing gel is not suitable for removing eye-makeup.
(So I still use my eye-makeup remover for that)

2. Refreshing Cleanser

3. Scrub & Mask : I use the scrub 2-3 times a week,
and the mask 2 times a weeks.
I use the mask on days when I do not use the scrub.

4. Purifying Toner

5. C+

6. Oil-free Moisturizer

7. Spot treatment

As for my eye-lotion, I am still testing out to find an effective product.
Currently using Drops of Youth concentrate from The Body Shop.
And the last step for my skincare routine, would be.. the face-lifting cream for my jawlines and chin!
Hahahah. I have been using the one from Bio-essence for a long time ;)

Anyways, these are the prices for the products, if you are interested.
I know it adds up to quite a huge amount,
but the prices are reasonable.
I finished using my spot treatment after 2 months.
My C+ & Oil-free moisturiser lasted for 3+ months,
I am just about to start on the second bottle for these two.
I am still left with half for the rest of the products,
so you can do the calculations and have a rough gauge,
whether the sum of money is worth it :)

Lemme show you my before/after photos first,
to show you the changes in my skin condition so far!
I tried my best to snap the photos with as similar lighting as possible.
It was snapped at the same timing with similar weather conditions,
in the same room
(just that the things in the room have been shifted out to another room)





Changes which I noticed:

1. Skin tone
This was the most obvious (& my most satisfied) change!
Indeed, I became fairer, and in fact, 
slightly less yellowish and a lil' more radiant?
My skin tone is still uneven, but dull skin condition has definitely improved!
I am really most happy with this!!!

2. Lightening of scars
The scars left behind from previous pimples are not completely gone yet,
but they have been significantly lightened.

3. Blackheads/Whiteheads
Slightly less observed

4. Outbreaks
I still experience the outbreaks (as seen in the after pictures. hahah),
but I think there has been a slight improvement on this.
Well at least I haven't been getting pimples on my forehead and near my brows lately!
(I'm a lil superstitious though.. 
this kind of things.. usually when you say you don't have it,
the next day you'll get it. 

Improvements which I would like to see:

1. Reduced pores
I guess you can see quite clearly from the photos, 
that my pores are still an issue to me.
I will be trying a pore-minimiser product soon!
Hopefully it helps :)

2. Clear & smooth skin
No more heart-attacks, please?!
1 small pimple once in a while is fine, 
but this kinda is not fine.....
Hahahah. Yes, this stubborn red bump was really annoying.
I am crossing my fingers  that the remaining pimple scars will be gone soon!

3. Radiant skin
After witnessing the gradual change in my skin tone,
I am hoping (& excited) to see even more improvements!

Anyway, if I really have to choose one favourite product among so many,
it has to be.. the lyco-white!
I have been taking it daily,
and after seeing how my skin tone has changed,
I am curious to see how much further it can help me!
More details on Lyco-white :

- Phytofloral for Patented Skin-Lightening
Patents issued internationally in USA, Japan, Korean, China and Europe 
for its significant skin-whitening abilities.

- Polypodium Leucotomos for Botanical Oral 'Sunscreen'
Patent issued in the USA for its antioxidant photo-protection action

- BioPerine for Enhanced Absorption
US Patent states: 
"...suitable for improving gastrointestical absorption 
and systemic utilization of nutrional materials"

- Curcumin C3 Complex for Bioprotectant Antioxidant
Patented for its unique composition ratio and use that offers a wide range of health benefits.

It is currently retailing at S$150,
and each bottle lasted me for about a month (3 capsules daily).
I am loving the products so far,
and I am looking forward to see even more improvements over the next few months :)

If you are keen in trying the products as well,
you can drop them a call to book an appointment at +65 6568 3555 

IDS Clinic
8 SINARAN DRIVE, #05-07 to 10, 
SINGAPORE 307470   

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