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OSIM uSqueez Air

February 27, 2015 / ,

In a blink of an eye, we are coming to the end of CNY!
While I came to realise that CNY becomes a lil' more boring as you grow older,
it still is the perfect time for family bonding, and I truly treasure those moments.
I did a lot of visitings especially during the first 3 days.

As you can see, I was in heels for all 3 days.
It sure was tiring to be walking around in heels for long hours
(especially on the first day because we took public transport).
The black heels which I bought for CNY was not of the right fit 
(hahah it was on offer so I bought without thinking much), & it kinda killed my feet.
Thankfully, I had an awesome saviour at home which rescued me from the aches.

This saviour stimulatesrolls and squeezes the right spots. 
It has a combination of intensity and soothingness.
It wraps around me perfectly and provides the right amount of force -
strong or gentle, was up to me.
I truly enjoy the intense pleasure it provides..
And each time the session ends,
it leaves me wanting for yet another one.


And that's my saviour -
OSIM uSqueez Air

In fact, my family members were all glad that this saviour arrived just in time for CNY,
to relieve our sore feet from all the visitings!
Taking turns to use it can be quite a challenge sometimes,
because we all loved it!
hahahah but of course.. first in queue will always be our love:

My cheeky niece is too young to use this of course,
but she likes to stand around to observe when any of us uses it.
I guess she was fascinated and curious.
My dear Kaitlyn, you have to wait for another 10 years at least! 

Before the CNY, I used it every alternate days.
It became my new script-reading companion,
and it was the best thing to come home to after a long day of filming 
or rushing around in heels or castings and appointments.
On top of that, as I visit the gym very often to keep myself in shape,
it also saves me from muscle aches and strains.
For the past week of CNY, I have been using it almost daily,
to relieve the pain from the tired feet.
The joy of having this daily dose of massage and
knowing that my sore feet will be taken care of, is beyond 'shiok'.

This massage boots (literally like boots!) has 5 specialised programmes:

1. Reflexology 
2. Energize 
3. High-heels 
4. Relax 
5. Sleep

The Reflexology mode gives a really strong massage,
(a lil' too strong for me. hahahah but very shiok at the same time!)
and the roller hits the right points very firmly.
My favourite has to be the 'Energize' mode!
I reckon it is because this mode provides me with the right combination of strong and gentle massages, which I truly enjoy.
The roller stimulates the vital reflex points by firmly pressing onto the arches of my feet,
which promotes blood circulation to prevent the build-up of lactic acid (the cause of muscle aches).
Not only does it relieves the tension in my feet and calves, 
it leaves me feeling recharged and revitalised.
This massage is suitable for me on days when I need an additional boost of energy,
to continue with script-readings after a long day.
On a side note, I find it quite funny how I am acting as a 'massage lady' for my current project,
but here I am, looking forward to come home to this leg massage daily instead.

On some other days, I will go for the 'High-heels' mode.
The airbags wrap around my calves and feet perfectly,
and the kneading massage is really soothing.
The way it grasps my calves firmly feels really good.
At the same time, it creates a force that provides the right amount of pressure 
to increase the backflow of blood circulation to the heart,
which leads to the strengthening of muscles near to the heart.
It relaxes my lower legs, and melts away the stress and tension from long hours of standing in heels.
Most importantly, it helps me to feel ready for the next day of battle (in heels).

Actually.. most of the times, I would go for the 'Energize'/'High-heels' mode,
followed by 'Relax' or 'Sleep' mode.
It's that.. 'too shiok until I don't even want to stop the massage session' kinda feeling,
so I end up going for two sessions instead. :D
After the end of it, I will make it a point to drink a cup of warm water to help dilute the toxic.
You see, it's not just about enjoyment,
there are actually health benefits too! 

Due to space constraints, I would keep my uSqueez Air in the storeroom when not in use.
Thankfully, it is lightweight and only weighs 5.6kg,
which makes it convenient for my mum to take it out for use even when nobody else is at home.
The pair of sock covers attached is detachable for washing purposes
(so no worries regarding hygiene, even if many family members use it very oftenly. hehe.)

My feet have been so pampered and kept in tip-top condition since the arrival of this 'saviour'.
It has definitely provided me one of the best form of after-work relaxation.
Healthy feet, happy me!

OSIM uSqueez Air is retailing at $428.
It is available at all OSIM outlets, roadshows and online.

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