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Icing on the cake love.

January 30, 2015 / ,


As I'm typing this, I realised that it is already the second last day of January.
How time flies!
I remember setting off fireworks for the first time in my life just a while ago,
only to realise that was already one month ago?!
The past 2++ weeks since returning to Singapore has been packed but fruitful,
and as much as I am sleep-deprived, I am enjoying every moment of this.
It really is amazing to witness how being optimistic about 2015 right from the beginning,
has proven to bring in good things for me thus far. :')

One step at a time; I'm picking up the pace again.
I am feeling really thankful and grateful for the opportunities,
and for the ones who have been sincerely helping me, and supporting me all these while.
I guess the best way for me to thank y'all for the constant encouragements and motivations, 
is to continue working hard, for what I truly want.
I've also learned to differentiate between the hypocrites who pretend to help 
and the genuine ones who truly want to help me move forward.
For the former, basically I have nothing much to say.
All I know is, I cannot continue putting my faith and trust in you, anymore.
I have tried; and I have been convincing myself to.
But time and again, I have been proven otherwise.
Sometimes in life, we have to leave people.
Loyalty is important, but do not neglect dignity.
Be clear of what you want and do not want;
& never allow anyone to trick you with words and mind games.
Be alert and do your own observations. :)

On a lighter note, since February is approaching,
it also means that the Lunar New Year is near too.
While I anticipate all the good food and goodies, I cannot wait to do some shopping too!
The accessories seen on me in this entry, are all from Icing On The Cake Love,

The multi-layer necklaces are the rescue to my lazy days.
I love matching them to a plain top/dress, because they add dynamism to my simple outfits.
There are 4 layers to be exact; and you can choose to wear all 4 at once or separately.
I was exceptionally attracted to the pair of earrings,
because of the slight twist to the design.
Elegant and feminine, yet classic and simple.
I find it very versatile, and can be matched with both casual and girlish outfits.
As for the ring, besides admiring the beauty of the the pearl and crystal combination,
I was glad to find out that the ring size is adjustable,
which allows me to wear it on different fingers on different days!

**Good News**
The website is currently having a 
Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year Mega Sale,
with up to 40% off selected items,
from today til 7th February 2015!

On top of that, if you are keen in purchasing the items featured in this post,
simply enter the code 'SHINEPICKS' during 'checkout',
to enjoy S$2 off each of the 3 items.
(Code is valid til 7th February 2015)

Icing on the cake love

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