f Personal thoughts from this Europe trip.


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Personal thoughts from this Europe trip.

January 8, 2015 / ,

In a blink of an eye, almost 6 weeks have passed by......
It really felt like just yesterday when I blogged about my first week here.
As much as I miss home and am looking forward to get back to work,
I am actually hoping that time will pass by slower for my last 3 days here.
A part of me still do not wish to return..

Out of the 6 weeks here, 
I travelled with le buddy for 18 days (Italy, Switzerland, Paris and London),
made a day trip to Manchester,
went to Newcastle to catch an EPL match (Newcastle vs Everton) and stayed there for a night,
made a day trip alone to Birmingham,
and for the rest of the days, I stayed in Coventry.
During my stay here in Coventry,
I have been enjoying a real slow-paced and relaxed life,
truly enjoying the moments, doing whatever I felt like doing,
and not worrying about anything else.
This has helped so much in rejuvenating my body, mind and soul.
Somehow, I felt a renewed strength.
I did not have any expectation that this trip will help me feel this good..
but now that it did, I am truly convinced that travel is never a bad investment, indeed.
Suddenly, I felt less terrible about the roles and engagements which I had to forgo.
The opportunity cost of this decision to fly away for this 1.5months did not bother me anymore.

Well, 2014 was not a good year for me, but I learned and I grew. 
So I guess, it was still a gain afterall.
I have moved on and am looking forward!

That feeling of closure.
That feeling of relief when you can finally bid goodbye to a bad year; 
knowing that it is all nothing but a closed chapter now.
That feeling of optimism when you can officially tell yourself that 
you have a brand new year ahead, to start all over again.
That feeling of cheerfulness as you look forward to 
new opportunities, new experiences & new hopes. 

To be able to start off 2015 feeling so refreshed, revitalised and positive,
is truly the greatest takeaway from this trip. :)
It was really important to me that I could feel this optimistic all over again.
I have been searching for this particular feeling for so long,
and had tried so hard to remind (force) myself to feel this way for the past several months,
but have honestly not quite succeeded.
Now that I am truly feeling it again,
I'll hope that it stays for as long as possible.
I know it will not stay this way every single day,
but I'll try my best to ensure that there will be much more of such days than the down days!
  1. Hi,
    do you mind sharing your itinerary for the 18 days? :) thanks!

    1. Hihi,

      Will blog about the trip! Need some time to sort out my pictures though.. You can email me at shanshine@shinekoh.com if you have any question, i'll answer you asap :)