f Recipe for Dried Wonton Noodles


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Recipe for Dried Wonton Noodles

January 8, 2015 / ,

I have been cooking alot here.
I have attempted so many dishes,
which I have never cooked before back in Singapore.
Glad that they turned out well! 
I would love to share the recipes, but..
I do not usually measure my ingredients and condiments.
I always cook using my own estimation
e.g. I pour the oyster sauce straight into the bowl from the bottle,
without measuring how many tablespoon/teaspoon I've used.

I made dried wontons noodles yesterday, and for this,
I noted down the measurements!
So, lemme share with yall here :)

Wonton Mee (Dried)

 (Note: tbsp = tablespoon, tsp = teaspoon)

-       Egg Noodles/Wanton noodles (up to preference)
-       Vegetables (Chye Sim or Xiao Bai Chai)

     {1} Soup
-  ½ cube chicken stock
-  Chicken/Pork bones
(Optional. I like to add chicken bones to my soup for better taste. 
If not using these, can just use 1 cube of chicken stock instead of ½ cube)
¾ to 1 bowl of water

-       {2} Wonton (approximately 25 pieces)
(You can keep the wontons in freezer for future consumption if you do not want to cook that much)
 -  Wonton skin
-  250g minced pork meat
-  1 ½ - 2 tbsp oyster sauce
-  1 tbsp soya sauce
-  1 tbsp sesame oil
-  1 tbsp Chinese Rice Wine (Hua Diao Jiu)
-  1 tsp cornstarch
-  Few drops of water
-  2-4 stalks of spring onion, chopped (up to preference)
-  Black pepper (up to preference)

P.S You may also add in water chestnut and prawns to get different texture and taste!

-       {3} Sauce (for each serving)
-  1 tbsp sesame oil
-  1 tbsp oyster sauce
-  1 tbsp soya sauce
-  1 tbsp dark soy sauce
-  Shallot/Garlic oil
(Up to preference. I used 2 tbsp extra virgin oil + 3 shallots, fried til golden brown. For 2 pax)
-  ½ tbsp chilli 
(Up to preference. Can be sambal chilli or belachan chilli)

I used this:


1.     Mix the ingredients in {2} (except wonton skin of course), 
with cornstarch being the last to be added in. 
(If time allows, marinate this at least 30minutes before. 
I left mine (in a bowl, covered) in the fridge for 1 hour before I started wrapping.)

2.     Bring {1} to boil. 
Leave it to boil on low heat while you wrap the wantons.

3.     Wrap the wontons 
(Approximately 1 tsp of meat in each wonton. Adjust accordingly)

4.     Place the wontons in soup. Once done (when they float onto surface. 
To be very sure, you can try scooping one wonton up and half it with a spoon 
to ensure that the meat is thoroughly cooked)
scoop up all the wontons and place in a bowl. 
Leave the soup base to simmer at very low heat just to keep it warm.

Note: some may prefer to boil the wontons in a separate bowl of boiling water. 
I didn’t have so many pots, so I boiled them straight in the soup base.

5.     Mix {3} and place in serving plates/bowls. 
(You can use a separate bowl just for tossing with the noodles, if you want a nicer presentation.)

6.     Bring another pot of water to boil, add in a pinch of salt

7.     Wash and cut vegetables. 
Place into boiled water to blanch til cooked. 
Once cooked, drain and set aside.

8.     Place egg noodles/wanton noodles into the same pot of boiled water.
Once cooked (timing according to package), remove noodles from pot (using a strainer if you have it) 
and soak in cold water for 10 seconds.  
Remove and place into the pot of hot water again for another 5 seconds. 
Remove from water and drain well.

9.     Toss noodles with the sauce previously mixed in step 5. 
Arrange vegetable on the side.

10. Remove soup from heat and add into the bowl of wontons.

Your dish is ready! :)

Disclaimer: This is definitely not a 'winner' recipe or anything okay!
This was only my second attempt at cooking dried wonton noodles.
I was quite satisfied with the outcome, and le buddy enjoyed it alot,
so I thought I could just share it for those who would like to try.
& I hope that the recipe would be useful for some of you! 
Please do make adjustments according to your own preferences :)

Like mentioned, I do not follow the measurements on recipes usually..
For me, I would just note down the list of ingredients,
but not the exact measurements.
I use my own measurements for the main ingredients 
based on how much each person will eat;
and the measurements for the condiments 
would then be based on the amount of main ingredients I have, 
which I would definitely not weigh with weighing scale.
You see ah, for example, recipe calls for 200g of broccoli, 
I will not spend time to cut and weigh exactly 200g of broccoli..
Or 300g of pasta, or 200g of fish, etc.. you get my drift :D
So in short, I add the condiments by 'feel'.
My mum does that.. I guess that's why I do that too.
Hahahah I am sure some of you do that too!!
I find it troublesome to measure every single condiment and ingredient......

Ending off this post with photos of some other dishes which I have cooked here!

One of my favourites would have to be this Donburi! :)

It's 1.13am now, & I guess I should be heading to bed soon.
Time, please pass slower for the last 3 days.............
Signing off!

With love,

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