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Six Hundred & Seventy Nine.

December 29, 2014 /

Initially, I had no intention to blog about this whole "Wendy v.s Gushcloud' topic at all,
but right now, I felt the need to because my name has been mentioned,
because of my involvement in a group chat.

Yes, this post is with regards to the conversation,
which many of us have naively believed that would be kept within a group, 
but has been made available online.
It was supposed to be a chat meant for 59 parties, 
but now that it has been published online,
as much as I am angry with the mole(s),
I felt the responsibility to apologise for any hurt/harm unintentionally caused on my part.

If you have read the conversation and felt angry,
I do not blame you for your after-thoughts.
However, I do know what I have said and not said in the chat.
If I have been accused of saying things that I did not,
I will prefer to clarify instead of being maligned.
Did I make mean comments about Wendy or other parties in the conversation? No.

However, if the sharing in a whatsapp group chat, 
of the snapshots of the comments I read on Wendy's blog post and fan page 
and what I found on google, had hurt anyone, 
I am sorry.
Some of you may think it is not appropriate to share them in a group chat with 58 other fellow Gushcloud people. I understand. 
I understand that by sharing the information, 
despite them being readily available online, I was involved in gossiping in the group chat, 
even though I did not add in mean comments. 
Therefore, I would like to apologise if that has hurt/affected anyone.
Yes, I have reflected on that part,
& realised what I should not have done.

I understand that everyone look at things differently, 
and I accept that everyone has their own judgements,
but on my part, 
I still wish to explain some parts of the conversation which I had commented, 
& may have been misunderstood.

I woke up one day with 300 notifications on whatsapp,
and I learned that Wendy has published a blogpost.
My first thought: Time to read the entertaining mummy's blog post.
To me, Wendy's blog posts are usually entertaining.

Also, I mentioned on Instagram, 
if my comment, "entertainment time" has affected anyone, 
I am sorry for that too.
Reading the conversation online made me realised 
that the comment did seem insensitive and inappropriate.
I do wish to clarify though..
This was what you saw online:
As you may have realised,
there were several <media omitted> parts.
These were the two omitted images:

My reply was actually a response to both the images sent and KayKay's comment.
SMRT(Feedback) has been so popular recently,
so I was curious to know what was being discussed.
Nevertheless, I realised that I should not even have commented at that point,
because in a way, I had actually 'encouraged' the posts to be sent in the group chat.
For that, it was my bad..

As for this part, yup I really felt that it was not that much of a coincidence.
Of course, I could be wrong.

With that, I guess I have said what I wanted to clarify..
From this episode,
I have learned several important lessons.

I have seen very nasty comments left on my fellow bloggers' social media platforms,
with personal attacks on their looks and even skin colour..
& while I hope that there will be less people who simply hate blindly,
I know that there will always be people who do.
I have learned that in life,
we will never be able to please everyone..

One of the emails I received today, mentioned this:
Thank you once again, for this. :)

In any case, if you have nothing but negative impressions of me, I accept that.
& to the ones who have shown concern and support 
via whatsapp, comments and emails, thank you.. :)

Last but not least, regarding the main issues for this 'Wendy v.s Gushcloud' incident, 

after reading both Wendy's post and Gushcloud's response, 
I chose to have faith in the company that I am in. 
I have observed the effort in correcting the shortcomings 
and the improvements made over the years, 
I have witnessed how the company has been constantly challenging themselves to advance, 
and I have seen how the employees have worked hard together as a family.
I do believe that the truth will certainly prevail. 
In the long run, if I were ever to be proven otherwise, 
I will accept that I placed my faith wrongly, 
and rest assured I will be clear of what to do next.

P.S This blog post was not vetted by anyone.
Do forgive me if I made any grammatical error.. It's 542am from where I am now..