f Six Hundred & Seventy Eight; Le Buddies Europe Journey Part I (Coventry & Manchester, UK)


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Six Hundred & Seventy Eight; Le Buddies Europe Journey Part I (Coventry & Manchester, UK)

December 4, 2014 / , , ,

I'm here to do a quick update of my (almost) first week here :)
So.. about 1+ month ago, 
I made a rather rash decision to book my ticket to fly to UK.
The main reason was of course to meet le buddy,
& the secondary reason was to have a long getaway.
The last reason was because the ticket was on discount. hahhaha.

My closest friends came to send me off that night.
I was so so happy to see all of them! :')

Eunice came with Fai too! :) 
Action speaks louder than words,
and all their presence meant alot to me.

My family came to send me off too!

Thank you for capturing these moments, Eunice!!

19 hours flight to my destination, 
with a 4hour transit at Amsterdam.

That feeling when I finally saw le buddy.. :')

Cooked this meal on that night.
Egg noodles with salmon & egg + cabbage & carrot.
My first-ever successful fried egg with half-boiled egg yolk that was not broken. hahahh.
& a few other meals over the next few days:

Chicken porridge

Had a gathering with his friends, the fellow Singaporeans,
and each of us prepared one dish each.
I did the teriyaki chicken!
This was a cosy and homely meal :)

Dried ban mee with egg + gyoza + broccoli & mushroom

Pork with ginger, onion & scrambled egg + Spinach chicken soup with egg & tofu 
+ broccoli & carrot

Hainanese chicken rice balls + Gong bao chicken
+ tomato tofu & egg + spinach with mushrooms & tofu

One of my favourite deals was this tub of B&J ice-cream for just SGD$5!
It was on offer. 
Normal price would be around SGD$8, still cheaper than in Singapore.
Other than this and coffee,
most of the other food I've had were all more expensive. 

The last Saturday, we visited Manchester.
The guys went to watch the Manchester United match,
while the girls shopped (crazily) at Primark.
My usual self-control just failed totally.
You can get almost everything here.
 I regretted bringing so much winter-wear over,
because I could have just bought them here at a really affordable price!
Quality-wise may not be top-notch,
but I think most of the ones which I saw were decent.

The Wheel of Manchester

Traditional English breakfast!
Not recommending the restaurant,
because we all thought it was just.. average.

The black pudding is made of pork blood + oatmeal,
and none of us could accept the taste. hahahah.

There was a 'Christmas Market' along the streets,
and it was really interesting to people-watch!
Many gathered to enjoy their mulled wine,
laughed and chatted heartily, while standing around.
The streets were really crowded.
Felt that we were literally banged from person to person.
It was not easy to walk through the crowd because of our heavy shopping bags.

We wanted to head to The Rice Bowl (a highly-rated Chinese restaurant) for dinner,
but it was full and they told us that we would have to wait for an hour.
So.. we walked to Chinatown.
Wanted to try Happy Seasons, but there was a long queue as well.
So eventually, we settled at some random Japanese restaurant.

Our first photo in 2.5 months :')
& my SGD$7 bubble tea. hahaha.

Some other random snaps:
(I just have a thing for pavements with the row of trees!)

Made an appointment at Sensual Nails Spa to get my Christmas nails done before flying over!
I decided to go for a transparent base this time.
Since I will be here for 1.5 months,
when my nails grow out, it will not be so obvious!
I wanted to do just french manicure,
but I could not resist adding in the (hand-drawn) delicate snowflakes for the festive mood.
Thank you Nicole!

Meanwhile, let me show you my nails for the past two months too.

 Tumblr-ish nails, 100% hand-drawn by Nicole.
I like how we specially customise the designs each time.
The swirls were beautifully & neatly done!
 Pardon the slight peeling, cause my nails are usually really dry :/

Back in September, I wanted a simple monochrome design.
So we came up with this.
Simplicity at its best!

Add: Blk 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
(5minute walk from Bishan Interchange)
Contact no: 6259 0889 

Call in to book your slot :)
Remember to quote 'Shine' to get 10% off 
regular manicure, pedicure & waxing services!

For the past week, I have been enjoying a slow-paced and relaxing life,
in this quiet neighbourhood called Coventry, in UK.
No jet-lag for me, despite the 8hours time difference,
because I have been sleeping at 3-5am back in Singapore.
Still getting used to the cold though.
It's 4deg today!

Traveling begins this Friday!
We will be heading to Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan,
Montreux, Zurich, Paris and London over the next 18 days.
If you have any recommendations on the places/food to check out,
please do lemme know!!
You can reach me at shanshine@shinekoh.com
Thank you in advance! :)

Alrighty, ending this post now.
Will be back for more updates! 

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