f Six Hundred & Seventy Four; Le Buddies Hokkaido Journey Part III{Sapporo}


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Six Hundred & Seventy Four; Le Buddies Hokkaido Journey Part III{Sapporo}

November 2, 2014 / , ,

Editing photos of the last part of my Hokkaido trip, 
which happened...... last December. hahahah.
Better late than never right? :D
I was surviving on a S95 camera for that trip;
when I wanted to blog about the last part of the trip
I looked at the photos & I just did not have much feel for them,
because the quality was not as good......
However, after so long, looking back at the photos again brought back a lot of memories :')
Thus, I am putting in more effort to edit the photos so that they will look much better.
Hokkaido was amazing.
Hoping for a chance to visit Tokyo next year!

Just felt like updating this space tentatively..
Hoping that the full post can be up by tomorrow!

Also, I have received comments, messages, and emails regarding my last post on 
I am really glad that some of you found it useful :')
To everyone else who is in this, let's hang in there together!!!

I am back to update this post properly!
Firstly, please try to ignore the ugly watermark in some of the photos.
I was using some free application to edit my photos,
& I don't know what I was thinking to watermark my photos like that. hahahah.
Secondly, I found out that I lost quite a number of photos and videos,
which were supposedly stored in my (faulty) hard-disk.
Thirdly, some of the photos were taken with le buddy's DSLR,
hence the better quality!

We stayed in Sapporo for the last part of our trip.
Okay now, lemme take you on a virtual tour first before I share more details in words:

We stopped by Otaru on our way from Niseko to Sapporo,
to visit the Otaru Canal and Sakaimachi Street.
The canal has a romantic atmosphere,
which makes it a perfect spot for a slow stroll;
and the Sakaimachi Street is culture-rich with a wide variety of food and souvenir shops.
Rokkatei (六花亭 小樽運河店) and 'LeTAO' 
were my favourites for the sweet delights.
I enjoyed all the food sampling too. *grins*

Nijo Market
This place totally unleashed the auntie side of me.
Tasting of fresh seafood aside, we bought several packs of dried scallops home.
The price was way cheaper than what we usually pay for in Singapore,
for the same quality!

Sapporo TV Tower
A popular tourist spot. 
We did not go up to the observation deck though.

Asahiyama Zoo
What I loved most, was the effort that this zoo puts in, 
to present its animals in their most natural states.
The arrangements of the enclosures and cages made it easy for us to
observe the animals in their natural behaviours, from such a close distance.
It was such a splendid experience.
Since I lost all my videos stored in the hard-disk,
I guess.. I can only make do with the ones I posted on Instagram!

Video 1

Hokkaido University
The famous stretch of trees would look most beautiful in Autumn, in my opinion. 
*think J-drama scenes*

Shiroi Koibito Park
Besides observing how these Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人) cookies were made in the factory,
we also had the chance to make our personalised cookies.
On top of that, we had the luxury of enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and the soft-serve icecream
at the cafe on the top floor, with a spectacular view of the park.
It was snowing lightly, & memories of that view is etched deeply in my mind.


-Sapporo Ramen Valley

-Nemuro Hanamaru (根室花まる)
We came here twice and I really wanted to visit for the third time,
if not for time constraints.
Fresh and thick slices of sashimi;
wide variety of choices at very reasonable prices.
I strongly recommend this place!!

-Asahikawa Ramen Village
The original Santouka ramen: Video

-Tonkatsu Wako

-Menya Saimi
The BEST ramen we had for this trip was at this humble outlet.
The broth tasted simple, yet rich & deep at the same time,
the noodles were cooked to perfection and the chashu were wonderfully cooked.
I really could not find any fault with it, at all.
Mouth-watering was an understatement.
Do note that the shop is closed every monday, 
and the opening hours are 11am-315pm and 5pm-7pm.

'Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote,
and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.'
-- Michael Palin

Indeed. This trip to Hokkaido was nothing short of amazing. :')
It was my very first time seeing snow,
and I can't believe I'll be having a white christmas again!

I will be away in UK from 28 Nov - 12 Jan 2015.
I will not be able to travel as much though, prolly just 2+ weeks,
because le buddy will be busy with school + interviews.
Nevertheless, we will make the most out of the time that we have.
Considering Rome, Italy, Venice, Florence ,
Paris & of course, London!
Swiss was in our plan initially,
but I guess we have to give it a miss due to time constraints. 
If you have any recommendations,
for the must-visit places/cafes/restaurants,
please please lemme know!!

I am also opening up slots for collaborations.
So if you are keen in featuring your apparels and/or accessories,
drop me an email at shanshine@shinekoh.com,
and I'll let you know the discounted rates! :)

I hope I have managed to bring you through a pleasant virtual tour, from these photos. :)
You may read about the other Hokkaido posts here:

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