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Six Hundred & Sixty Three; Bangkoklicious + First collection launched!

October 4, 2014 / , , , ,

 About 2 months ago, I visited Bangkok for the first time,
together with my special friend, Melissa, 
and another mutual friend, Dawn (who helped to snap so many nice photos of us!)


I remembered that I kept asking Dawn if she edited our legs, 
because they looked so long and slim.
 She swore that she didn't;
it was just taken from a really good angle.
(& then I recalled how low she bent down for this photo. hhahahah)

We went a lil' crazy and started having a mini shoot,
since we were in our 'couple' tops!

So much fun doing all the silly things with this woman,
whom I share such special connection with. :)

Same same, but different. Indeed :)

We were there for 5D4N, & we were so packed that we did not have lunch on any day at all.
We had breakfast on 1 or 2 days,
other than that, it was just a one-huge-meal-at-the-end-of-the-day kinda thing.

Somboon Seafood on the very first night,
which was finger-licking good.

The fresh oysters were Da Bombz.
The rest of the dishes which we ordered were really satisfying too.
(except the kangkong maybe. Thought it was too oily..)

Random Phad Thai from night market,
just because Dawn said 'it's a must to have phad thai from night market at least once!'.
We were unlucky though..
This one that we had was quite terrible. hahah.

Breakfast at Sabx2 Wanton Mee

Stewed pig's trotters

It was so sinfully delicious.
It came in a small serving, so if you are hungry, go for two servings!
I've tried the 'thai wanton mee' at AngMoKio before,
and truth is.. although it was quite good,
it was definitely not the same as this.
After You

This cafe prolly needs no introduction.
The much-raved Shibuya Honey Toast was indeed worth the calories.
You will be surprised by how warm, soft and fluffy it is inside!
The outside of the toast was crispy; 
& it didn't turn soggy at all despite the melting ice-cream.
The rich buttery taste, accompanied by the ice-cream & generously drizzled honey,
could only be described with one word: Heavenly.

Som Tam Nua

 The reason why you see this kinda 'half-eaten table shot' is because..
we were too famished and the food were so awesome.
I don't know if we were just too hungry during all these meals,
but all the food that we had during this trip were incredibly awesome!
(uhm except the random phad thai)

La Vue at Siam@Siam 

It was an unique fine dining experience at this charming French restaurant,
where we were served with sensational cuisines made from the finest ingredients.
All the dishes that we had that night were well-seasoned and cooked to perfection.
The fish cod was prepared right in front of us;
the chef brought a stove out and cooked the sauce on the spot.
The romantic ambience coupled with a scenic night view of Bangkok,
was definitely a pleasant bonus point.

Speaking of La Vue at Siam@Siam,
it was such an enjoyable stay at this hotel for the last two nights.
We had a really spacious room for the three of us.
This hotel has a modern ambience, 
combined with a good sense of spaciousness, simplicity & serenity,
and at the same time, contemporary and luxurious.
You will see a lot of warm colours such as orange and red,
used boldly together with materials such as concrete, wood and steel.
An unique and 'artsy' feel for sure.

Siam @ Siam is strategically located at the heart of Bangkok.
This is Bangkok's National Stadium.

Roof top

Last but not least, I would like to announce..
The launch of my small online business! :)
I have collaborated with DIDD,
to come up with my own 'line' under their website.
Dawn proposed this idea to me a few months ago,
and I am glad that albeit a slight delay, we have managed to work things out.
And eventually.. the 'birth' of this collaboration! 

Some of the items from the very first collection:

'A little Birds Secret Knitted Pullover' is one of my favourite for this first collection!
It is so comfortable, and is perfect for denim bottoms.
I love the prints!

Collection has been launched!
Hop on to www.didd.co to shop now!!!! 

  1. are u still selling the collection?

    1. hihi!

      i was collaborating with my friend for the collection, but she was sent overseas for her job the past few months. So the business has paused for some time i guess :)