f Six Hundred & Seventy One; Scream Fest - Asian Horror Maze @ JCube.


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Six Hundred & Seventy One; Scream Fest - Asian Horror Maze @ JCube.

October 24, 2014 /

Scream Fest! Asian Horror Maze @ JCube

Before I begin, do check out this trailer first:

This trailer did send chills down my spine.
An innocent mistake.. led to a series of unfortunate events.
Due to my religion, I do believe in certain things,
which some may laugh it off as a 'superstitious belief', etc.
But I choose to believe in them,
and always try my best to adhere to the certain 'rules' that I've been told since young.
So anyway, now that you know why this maze 'happened'..


Before you continue scrolling, 
please allow me to warn you that there are some disturbing pictures,
which you may find uncomfortable looking at. 
This is not for the faint-hearted..

Okay, let's begin..


Although I can be quite brave when it comes to Halloween trails like this,
I can tell you that.. 
I heard A LOT of screams from the others,
who gave this a try that night.
To enter, you can redeem a free ticket 
from spending $30 & above at JAvenue, JCube Level 2.

So anyway, the altar area.. was the best of this maze.
I really do not want to reveal too much,
except to tell you that..
You ought to expect the unexpected................

This Scream Fest - Asian Horror Maze will be here at JCube,
from now til 9th November 2014.
I'll say it is worth giving it a try.
*inserts my favourite smirk emoticon*

Last but not least, get ready to spot these vampires at JCube..

and stand to win movie tickets!
Simply take a we-fie with them, and hashtag #JavenueSG on Instagram.

For more information, you may visit these sites:

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