f Six Hundred & Seventy Three; Le Buddies Krabi Journey.


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Six Hundred & Seventy Three; Le Buddies Krabi Journey.

October 26, 2014 / ,

These were the places that we visited:

-4 Islands: Phra Nang Beach, Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island
It was a package kinda thing.
Beautiful is an understatement.

-Tiger Cave
There were 1260 steps (according the number written at the peak). 
We took approximately 35 minutes to complete the climb.
I hate stairs, and I still do. But it was really worth it!
If you are keen in climbing this, bring along sports shoes for this trip,
it would be much easier than climbing with flip-flops!
Also, bring along water to replenish yourselves.

-Huay Toh Waterfalls
Who would have expected that we would be trekking during a beach getaway.
hahahah. But we were adventurous just like that!
It felt like we were on some Survivor-series-kinda-thing,
because we climbed up & down slippery slopes with our flip-flops.
We went all the way up to the viewpoint,
which was honestly not worth the risk. 
The waterfalls at the lower tiers were nicer.
In any case, it was a good experience.
Wished I could bask in the waterfall though.
(could not do so because we did not bring extra clothes!!
What a waste!)

Only le buddy aka the F1-enthusiast, played this though!

-Nopparattara Beach
Honestly, after visiting the 4 islands, 
neither the Ao Nang Beach nor the Nopparattara beach could compare to them..
Nevertheless, the Nopparattara Beach is still a good place to catch the sunset!
We were unlucky though.. 
it was cloudy when we went to the beach.

-Wanton Mee
While driving around on one of the afternoons (we rented a car for 24 hours),
we randomly spotted this stall by the road.
It turned out to be one of the best wanton mee I ever had!
I am not exaggerating.
Le buddy and I had 2 bowls each!
I tried searching for the address but to no avail.
Only found one source which said that it is near '348 Moo 2Ao NangKrabi Town 81000'.
You can try your luck to find the stall,
and I promise it will be worth the search! 

-WangSai Seafood
A seafood-by-the-beach restaurant.
The view was pretty good I must say.
Watching the waves while dining was a pleasant experience,
except that for some reason, there was a strong sewage smell,
which made the experience not so pleasant afterall......
Apparently, this is a popular spot for locals and tourists.
We thought the food was just average though..

-Lae Lay Grill
A must-visit place!!
The view there was just.. breathtaking.
It was so therapeutic just watching the sunset here.
Food was pretty good too!

On a different note, it was this trip that made me realised that 
I am still very much a sunshine-lovin' person.
For the past 4 years, 
I have been told too many times that for this industry that I am in,
it is better to be fair (for my race) & have long hair to get roles + TVCs + Printads.
Therefore, I had been trying so hard to avoid the sun as much as I could,
in an attempt to become fairer, thinking that it would help me to be more 'feminine'.
However, at the end of the day, I realised that I love nature alot,
and I still love that feeling of having sunlight shining on me,
I love the warmth from it. 
So from then on, I decided:
No more trying to 'fit-in'.
So what if I am more tanned than average girls, so be it!
No more avoiding the beaches or outdoor activities
just because I 'have to' be fair.
I don't need to be the feminine and dainty lady,
I will just be back to my sunshine & sporty self! :)

It was an impromptu trip to Krabi back in August.
We had been wanting to go for a beach holiday,
but never found the right time/chance to. 
While deciding between Krabi & Phuket,
I chose the former eventually because I wanted a quieter holiday for us.
(I assumed that Phuket would be more packed with tourists)
It was a really a relaxing and awesome getaway.
I was just glad that it happened before le buddy flew off. :')

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