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Six Hundred & Sixty Seven; Dreamlash.

October 14, 2014 / ,

I started doing eyelash extension since 2 months ago,
& the reason why I wanted to wait for a while before advertising about this,
was simply because I wanted to observe and experience the effects before I share about it.
I wanted to share only if after I am certain that it worked well for me. :)
So anyway, I did my eyelash extension at Dreamlash,
a high-end Korean brand.

There are several varieties to choose from,
according to your preferences (length, volume, curl, colour, etc.)
I went for a '11mm' for length '0.1mm' for thickness,
because I wanted a really natural look.
You get to customise your own design!

This was taken on my 3rd visit.
My previous extensions were removed and replaced with new ones. 
Honestly, my main concern was that my real lashes would drop,
& I would be 'bald' by the time the extensions were removed.
(I have heard of some terrible experiences which made me wary..)
This picture definitely gave me all the assurance that I needed.
My original lashes were neither long nor thick to begin with.
So yes, they looked pretty much the same as compared to before.
Dreamlash ensures that every strand of lash is planted with a safe distance
from the lash line, to allow continual growth of the original lash.
This technique prevents our original lash from premature dropping;
& it also helps in ensuring comfortability. :)


Was it uncomfortable?
Not at all!
The lashes are soft and I felt perfectly comfortable with the extensions on.
I don't even feel them most of the times.
The only time I remember that I have them on is when I shower.
I admit I needed a few days to get used to it,
but it is all good now!
I had to get used to not rubbing my eyes anymore when I wake up in the morning though. :D

Do my lashes drop after extension?
Yes, they do.
The thing is, our real lashes drop everyday too!
We probably don't notice them because they are too fine/short.
With the eyelash extensions, they just become more noticeable when they drop.

Any additional care needed?
I just have to be more cautious when removing my eye-makeup,
especially when I have my eyeliner drawn on.
It is a good thing though,
because it forces me to be really gentle with my eye area,
which is what I should do anyway.
But then again, I seldom draw the eyeliner now,
because the eyelashes already gave me the natural 'eyeliner' effect,
which means it really saves me a lot of time for my make-up routine now!

All these photos are WITHOUT eyeliner drawn on :)

Dreamlash is having a really attractive promotion right now:

Citylink Mall, 1 Raffles Link #B1-09A 
Singapore 039393

For more information, you may contact them at: +65 6884 8019,
or email them at: enquiry@dreamlash.com.sg.
You can also visit them at their sites:

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