f Six Hundred & Sixty Five; 'Buy One Get One Free' Day @ Subway!


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Six Hundred & Sixty Five; 'Buy One Get One Free' Day @ Subway!

October 9, 2014 / ,

"Buy one, get one free!" 
... is officially one of my favourite phrases.
Is it yours as well?

Well.. I've always believed in sharing good deals.
(*coughs* Just one of my auntie traits)
So.. let me share with you an upcoming promotion by..
Subway Singapore.
I am sure this brand needs no further introduction.
I seldom eat fast food, but when I do, 
90% of the time, I would be indulging in a yummy sandwich from Subway.
I really enjoy eating it!
My usual order:
6-inch honey oat 
+ Subway Club®/Turkey & Ham
+ All veggies except olive (more lettuce & tomatoes please)
+ Chilli, Honey Mustard and some sprinkle some black pepper. 

Sometimes, I would even have random cravings for it.
My Mummee loves Subway as much as I do,
ever since I introduced it to her years ago.
Just a few days ago, 
she casually mentioned to me that it has been quite some time since she last had Subway.
Hahahahah my cute Mummee.
I guess she will be happy to hear about….

The 'Buy One Get One Free' Day,
held by Subway for the 3rd consecutive year!
This is how it goes..
On 10th October 2014 (from 9am - 9pm),
when you purchase a 6-inch sub,  you will get a second sub for free!
And just in case you are wondering,
'But how do I finish two subs?'

This is the awesome part:
This year, the free sub will come in a limited edition
'Say It With A Sub' Bag.

I would definitely use this bag when I need a favour from my friend, 
it’s such a cheeky and unique way to ask for a favour 
when you don’t know how to broach the subject!
There are several other designs to choose from,
and I am sure these bags will come in handy for many of you.
They are especially useful if you are caught in situations

where words just aren’t enough..

For example:

1. You had a tiff with your partner, 
and you know that he/she has not been eating well.
Give them a Say It With A Sub bag.
*This is what an apology tastes like*

2. You have been working OT for the past X days,
and you hope to knock off earlier today.
Give them a Say It With A Sub bag. 
*Can I leave at 4pm today?"

3. Your schoolmate/colleague seems to be behaving weirdly around you lately.
You do not know what is wrong, 
yet you are unsure on how to approach him/her to talk about it.
Give them a Say It With A Sub bag
*We need to talk..*

and many many more! 

These bags are limited edition, 
so if you want to get your hands on any of the designs on the bags, there is another way! 
Head over to Subway Singapore’s Facebook page 
for a link to an online charity auction!
You can bid for any of the signed artwork by these artists from now till 17 October.
All proceeds will go to the Business Times Budding Artist Fund,
 a charity which supports The Little Arts Academy’s arts training programmes 
for children and youth from financially-disadvantaged backgrounds.
Even if you don’t have any reason in mind,
you can still brighten up someone's day by giving him/her a free sub 
in one of these limited edition bags!
(The bags are done by some of the world’s best artists 
such as Tom Whalen, So Youn Lee, and JP Cuison.)

This promotion only lasts for a day,
so don’t forget to pop by any Subway outlet to grab these unique bags,

on 10th October 2014!

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