f Six Hundred & Sixty Eight; Arbutus Timepieces.


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Six Hundred & Sixty Eight; Arbutus Timepieces.

October 17, 2014 / , ,

Attended a roadshow, held at Vivocity recently. 
This roadshow by Arbutus was held to raise fund for 
The Little Arts Academy and 10square @ Orchard Central,
in their quest to nurture and develop the artistic skills of young talents and youths
from economically-disadvantaged families.
Uniquely-designed Singapore-inspired watch dials
handpainted by Hong Kong artist, Elmo Chung, were put up on sale. 
The design inspired by the Nyonya shophouses in Singapore, was my favourite piece!
It felt really heartwarming to see talented people from overseas
incorporating their interest in Singapore's culture into their artworks,
and contributing to charity.
There were several delicate and exquisite pieces up on display,
& I could not take my eyes off the mechanic ones.
Tell you a lil' secret:
I enjoy listening to the ticking sound of the watch,
especially the crisp and bright kind.
The Arbutus Timepieces will continue to be on display at TANGS,
& all proceeds will be donated to 
The Little Arts Academy & 10square @ Orchard Central.

From now til the end of the year,
simply quote "Arbutus with Shine" 
to be entitled to 20% off 
ALL Arbutus watches at the following outlets:
TANGS (Vivocity & Orchard), Robinson the Heeren & OG Orchard Point. :)

Anyway, I chose these 3 designs this time:
- Skeleton Sports Chronograph (AR 606 BQQ)
-Classic Roman Calendar Automatic (AR 713 SUB)
-Classic Dream Moon Phase (AR 610 RBB)
The sports chronograph watch (AR 606 BQQ) was a refreshing choice.
I have never owned a sports watch before,
so this is my first!
I love this dials and indices on the black one (AR 610 RBB) especially.
This is my favourite among all (although I wished that they have it with a smaller face),
& I really love the details and colour combination.
It was love at first sight.
The blue watch (AR 713 SUB) is a perfect choice for le buddy :')
It will definitely be the right companion for his work interviews in time to come,
and the best thing is, it is versatile enough to match several different outfits.
I can't wait to see him wearing the watch with his formal outfits! 


On a side note, it has been more than a month since the long-d started,
and ever since my last blog post about it,
I learned new things yet again.
New things about him, about me, about us.
I guess that's what distance does to the relationship,
it forces us to understand each other at an even deeper level.
Don't get me wrong,
I meant it in a good way!
Will prolly blog more about this in another entry,
together with photos from our Krabi trip back in end of August! :)

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