f Six Hundred & Sixty; September: A month of transition.


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Six Hundred & Sixty; September: A month of transition.

September 11, 2014 / ,

A few days ago, I followed my heart and made a decision.
It felt so great to unload an issue, 
which has been bothering me for so long, off my mind.
That moment.. when I was finally clear of what I want
 AND what I do not want.
That day, I decided to follow my heart.
September, is going to be challenging month for me.
It is a month of transition and change. 
There will be some major changes in my life,
and although I do not anticipate all of them,
  I will make the best out of it. :)

Speaking of transition,
I have recently included 3 pairs of sunglasses from Sunglass Hut in my wardrobe,
to prepare myself for the 'Spring' season!
Although we do not experience the seasons in Singapore,
we usually do take note of the trends for the different seasons most of the times right? 
Back then, I used to think that sunglasses are meant for lazy days
i.e to cover those eyebags/dark circles/bare faces.
It was 1+ years ago, when I finally started to realise how sunglasses 
can totally complete the entire look.
The right frames and right designs can easily
help one outshine the others from a crowd of people.

(P.S Find out how you can win $500 worth of Sunglass Hut products,
at the end of this post!)

My first pair is a D-Frame sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana.

D-frames are certainly one of the key choices to lookout for Spring'14!
They give a rather 'futuristic' feel,
yet can portray a contemporary feel at the same time,
depending on the patterns/designs on the frames.
The oversized D-frames are awesome accessories for people with a round face,
because the rectangular frames can 'balance' the face-shape well :)
 Having a fetish for white dresses, 
I love to give the attention and focus to my features 
with a pair of shades that exalt with style without clashing.

My next two pairs are both aviators,
because I love how versatile they are!
They suit most face-shapes, and are suitable for so many different occasions.

The second pair is from Tiffany & Co.
The ribbon at the sides make this pair a perfect accessory for my girly outfits.
A Tiffany & Co shades, together with my light-colored checkered romper,
makes a preppy look for a walk on the streets.

I like how the shades gives me an edge whilst looking casual.

 The third pair is another aviator from Persol.
I was attracted to the sleek yet slightly vintage design.
This pair is also unisex,
which means I can share it with le buddy! 

The best thing about this pair of glasses is that 
it goes very well with almost every outfit, from floral skirts to plain shirts!
A simple accessory to your everyday wear :)

A closer look at the designs:

This September, as royalty sweeps the fashion landscape, 
Sunglass Hut presents to us Fall's royal-inspired sunnies,
to add a dose of opulence to any look. 
Think of it as a new type of crown for a new type of royal.
With the widest selection of trend-right sunnies, 
it is now your choice, 
whether you will like to make YOUR royal statement this season! :)

Stand a chance to win $500 worth of Sunglass Hut products,
simply by taking part in the Royal Selfie Contest.

1. Upload a selfie of yourself on Instagram with a pair of sunglasses
3. The winner will be decided based on the number of likes

Simple as that!!! 
Good news is that the contest has been extended to 21st September!
Good luck!

Meanwhile, follow them on Facebook

to stay updated with more tips on choosing the right sunglasses! :)

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