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Six Hundred & Sixty One; De' Pop Culture.

September 22, 2014 / ,

De' Pop Culture

Was invited to a new cafe at North Bridge road last week.
A pop art theme cafe, to be exact. 
The cafe was filled with bright colours,
and paintings of several popular characters that we know of.
It gave me a happy vibe once I stepped in.
The first thought that came to my mind: I like this place already.

This cafe is owned by a young couple.
From the short conversations which we had with Adeline, the lady boss,
I could sense her passion what she is doing.
On the day that we visited, her partner was not in.
She was running the cafe single-handedly (besides a chef in the kitchen).
From preparing the drinks, to taking orders from customers, to serving the items.
It was not easy, but she handled pretty well.

I had the marble mocha, while XL had the matcha latte.

Cream of mushroom soup

Truffle fries

Bacon surprise

Black pepper spaghetti

 French Toast feat. Banana-tella
This french toast was intentionally made only half the usual thickness,
because I requested for a smaller serving.
I didn't want to waste the food!
This dish was one of my favourites, & I heard it is one of the best-sellers.
I know how many cafes are riding on the 'waffles craze',
so I was glad to hear from Adeline that they chose not to jump on the bandwagon,
& decided to focus on other dishes instead.

The black pepper spaghetti was an interesting dish to savour. 
We both enjoyed it.
I liked the generous serving of crab meat on top,
& I liked how this sweet & salty combo was well-managed. 

In case you are wondering.. 
The 'De' you see in the cafe's name actually refers to 'desserts' in short.
So yes, the main focus for this cafe is on the desserts.
(The main dishes were included in the menu to provide more options for customers,
which I felt was a wise choice!)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake


Apple crumble + Panna Cotta

It's no wonder the desserts are the highlights for this cafe!
(The churros were probably an exception. 
Honestly, I'll say.. give it a miss.)
On the other hand, the Panna Cotta was a clear WINNER.
I was happily blown away with my first bite.
The smooth, sweet and tangy sauce was made with raspberry and red wine,
& the sweetness level was just right for me.
The sauce greatly elevated the flavour of this dessert.
Although I wished that the pudding had a slightly firmer texture,
the tofu-like, gelatinous texture of the pudding 
has soaked up the flavours of the sauce well.
I think De' Pop nailed this dessert perfectly.
We finished the whole thing!
The apple crumble with ice cream was my second favourite.
I enjoyed the light flavour and aroma of the cinnamon;
and once again, the sweetness level was right for me.

This 30-seater cafe is such a happy place to be.
I am sure I will be back to try the desserts again very soon!

De' Pop Culture
749 North Bridge Road

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