f Six Hundred & Fifty Three; {I'm still not sick of cafe-hopping +sharing more about Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE!}


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Six Hundred & Fifty Three; {I'm still not sick of cafe-hopping +sharing more about Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE!}

August 12, 2014 / , ,

I typed this blog post while seated in my 2.5hours train ride from Taipei to Hualien :)
This is going to be yet another cafe-related post.
Maybe I should have waited til I have 20 on the list or something,
so that I can also come up with a '20 cafes to check out in Singapore" kinda post.
Nevertheless, I have 4 on the list this time!

1. Department of Caffeine (D.O.C)

Had a skinny Flat White, which was decent.
Strong taste of the coffee, which really perked me up for the day.
The fine art gave it some brownie points,
because I really really appreciate nice art on my cup of cappuccino/flat white.
There was a slight bitter after-taste though,
which I didn't quite fancy.

The Buttermilk Waffles with New Zealand premium vanilla ice cream
+ butter rum bananas was the highlight of the day!
Even though the waffles turned slightly soggy by the time
my special friend (Melissa) & I finished taking our table shots,
it was still quite light and fluffy on the inside.
Completed with the caramalized bananas (which I would not mind paying more for add-ons) 
and vanilla ice cream, this combination was perfectttt for me.

We also had a try at the Smoked Salmon Scramble
 It was just.. average.
so I would say.. give this a miss.
Save your calories for the waffles!

Yuzu Cheesecake
I loved this!!!
Light and sour, just the way I like it.
Such an interesting combination.
Try it only if you fancy sour desserts too! 

 What would make me come back again,
(besides the buttermilk waffles)
would be the bunch of friendly and service-oriented staff at this cafe.

Department of Caffeine
15 Duxton Rd, 089481

2. Group Therapy Cafe

Right after the trip to D.O.C,
I hopped on to Group Therapy Cafe alone.
Since my first visit some time back,
I have always wanted to visit this cafe again.
I love this place.
The high ceiling, makes this space a lot more 'breathable' than
some other smaller cafes.
Most importantly, there are several plugs available for use.

Went ahead with another cup of skinny Flat White,
and I really liked it a lot.
It was sooooo smooth and full-flavoured.
In fact, I preferred this to the one cup of flat white which I had at D.O.C.

I heard that the waffles here are good too.
Next time maybe? :)

Group Therapy Cafe
49 Duxton Rd, #02-01, 089513

3. One Man Coffee

Remember my last visit here?
I said that I will be back very soon to try the brunch, and so I did.
Recommended this relatively new cafe to 
Mel and Sheila,
and I'm glad they enjoyed the food here!

Big Brekkie + mushrooms as add-on
 The eggs were cooked to perfection and I loved the cherry tomatoes.
This would make a very satisfying dish,
if only the sourdough was not so tough.

Once again, the Brioche French Toast did not disappoint!!

This time, we also tried the Gashouse Eggs 
aka Toad in the hole aka Eggs in a basket.
 Basically, it was eggs + cheese in the middle of a thick french toast,
with an extremely delicious smokey bacon jam at the side.
Now I can't decide whether this is my favourite or the Brioche French Toast!

Flat White again.
(I have really changed my favourite from Cappuccino to Flat White!)
I wanted to visit this place again to give the flat white one more try,
but.. I actually forgot whether this cup that I had was just as bad as the first time,
or was it much better.
Sorry I was honestly too engrossed with the food!

This is definitely my favourite cafe for food,
in the Upper Thomson area.

One Man Coffee
  215R Upper Thomson Road
  Singapore 574349

4. Wheelers' Yard
By the way, Melissa chopped off her hair recently!
Now, can someone cast us as twins/sisters already?!

I popped by this place to meet up with my two 'Mel's.
Only managed to try the Flat White during this trip,

And I really did not like it at all.
It was one of the most disappointing ones that I have tried so far.
It was diluted, acidic and bitter all at once..
$5 for a small cup of not-too-decent-flat-white..
I'll say, give it a miss.
To be fair, according to Melissa and Melvin,
the food was pretty good.
Melissa even went back with Jon and her mum again for brunch recently :)

Nevertheless, this spacious cafe with the signature blue gate,
(which we did not manage to capture a good shot with,
So considerate.)
is a really nice place to chill at.

Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE

There are outdoor and indoor seats available.

 Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE

 Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE

 Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE

 Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE

Wheeler's Yard
  28 Lor Ampas
   Singapore 328781


Anyway, while Melissa and Melvin were doing their advertorial shoots,
I made use of the time to sync my iPhone's data to my Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE.
It was so easily done, and I did not have to worry about losing my data at all!!

For Apple Users 

1. Back up your data to iCloud 
2. Download the Smart Switch app 
from Google Play on your new GALAXY S5 LTE
3. Access the Smart Switch app 
4. Tap 'Import from iCloud'


Alternatively, you can choose to backup to iTunes,
and download the Samsung Smart Switch Software on your PC/Mac
http://www.samsung.com/sg/support/smartswitch/images/SmartSwitch_2.2.14032_3.zip for windows
http://www.samsung.com/sg/support/smartswitch/images/SmartSwitch_2.2.0.24033_4.zip for Mac

By the way, I have also recently discovered some additional features of this new phone.
Firstly, the Fast Auto Focus mode is really good for capturing kids/pets!!
I tried it on Winter, le buddy's Jack Russell.
(she is usually very camera-shy and would shun away from the camera.)
It worked!
Clear and sharp photos of her were captured :)
Secondly, you will be pleased to know that you can actually 
pay for your online shopping via the fingerprint authentication.
GALAXY S5 LTE users are the first to be able to login and shop 
at the online websites which allow PayPal payment on mobile via fingerprint authentication.
You no longer need to remember those passwords!!
It is getting so tough to resist online shopping,
especially when the procedure is made so easy now!

There is something else that I need to share.....
Well, I have the habit of bringing my phone to the washroom,
(please tell me that I am not the only one?!)
and some time last week.........
I dropped my GALAXY S5 LTE into the sink.
Very clumsy and careless, but what's new?!
I panicked for 5 seconds,
before realizing that my phone is water-proof,
and I literally heaved a sigh of relief.
After that incident, my phone still works perfectly fine,
and from then on,
I knew that this phone is a tough fighter 
and will prolly survive with me for a long time.
hahahah I really need a phone that can survive my clumsiness!
Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE is water resistant 
so I won’t ever have to worry about my precious mobile phone being spoilt easily again. 
On top of that, it is also able to keep dust particles out.

The Ultra Power Saving Mode had been my saviour on so many occasions.,
particularly on days when I carry my small clutch and have no space allowance
for my portable charger.
This mode helps me to save and extend my battery life,
when the phone is low on battery.
It allows me to change my screen to black and white,
and automatically shuts down all unnecessary features,
keeping only 6 main applications in use (you can customize this),
which means that I can still pick up important calls, 
read text messages or emails,
to keep the battery consumption to minimum.
By default, Phone, Messages and Internet will be enabled.

The next function: Accelerated Download Booster,
is one of the key features of this phone,
and can be extremely useful when you need to download files in a hurry.
Basically, this function combines both the WIFI and LTE radios together,
so as to accelerate the download speed of large files.
The download speed can go up to 3 times faster compared to using 
only the WIFI or 4G!

Last but not least, 
this particular function may just be the best invention for some people:
Privacy Mode,
which allows you to lock/hide any file and photo that you do not want to be seen by others.
Hmmm.. I'm not judging and I'm not saying anything..... hahahah. :p
You can easily move the documents/photos to the private folder,
and to unlock this folder, a passcode is required.
To make it even more inaccessible, 
you can utilize the fingerprint sensor and 
let it be the only option to activate the private folder.
I think this is function protects the user,
not just to prevent others who use your phone 
from 'accidentally' browsing your files/photos,
but also in unfortunate situations for e.g. when you lose your phone.
You can be assured that no important information/photos will be leaked out
to whoever picks up your lost phone.

I am generally satisfied with my new phone,
and I know most of my peers who are also using this phone like it too!
If you are interested in getting one yourself, don’t miss out on this ongoing promotion:

Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 32GB without contract 
at selected retailers, CE/IT Stores and Samsung Experience Stores:
-           Free 24” Samsung HD LED TV worth $259

 Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 16GB with contract:
-           Free Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 Lite (7.0”) Wi-Fi worth $198

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