f Six Hundred & Fifty Seven; August thoughts.


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Six Hundred & Fifty Seven; August thoughts.

August 23, 2014 / , , ,

& in a blink of an eye.. 
we are down to one last week of August.
Frankly, I was looking forward to an Awesome August,
but it seems like otherwise.. 
Nevertheless, I will try my best to seek for reasons to smile,
& at the same time, find back my happy self.
Truth be told, I have been rather down the past month,
& I hate seeing myself like that.
I promise I will snap out of this, soon.
Maybe not yet, but I promise I will. :) 

Anyway, I welcomed August with.. a set of porcelain french tips nails.

I wanted something simple yet classy,
and the porcelain design came to my mind immediately.
Initially, Peiwen (the manicurist who did this set) felt that the design seemed a lil' empty,
but that was what I wanted! :)
The silver linings added an intricate touch to the whole set.

My nail design for July, received a lot of praises.

100% hand-drawn by Peiwen.
She always draws the flowers so perfect yet effortlessly.
I chose a gradient shade in a coral colour.
The gradient was neatly done;
& although the set seemed a lil' too girlish,
I loved the happy colours!

For my nail art design in June, I had a customized set after much discussions with Elaine.
I wanted to 'beach' set for my Taiwan trip.
I admit the nail embellishments were overdone,
and it didn't turn out the way I wanted..
Nevertheless, I loved the slanted gradient effects!
Thank you Nicole, for doing it so perfectly. :)
By the way, Sensual Nails Spa is now 4 years old! 

Blk 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
(5minute walk from Bishan Interchange)

Call 6259 0889 to book your slot! :)
Quote 'Shine' to get 10% off regular manicure, pedicure & waxing services!


Just thought I could share about my recent cafe-hopping trips in this entry too :)

1. Stateland Cafe
30 Bali Lane, Singapore 189866

Visited Stateland Cafe just to have a try at the Red Velvet Waffles.
I thought the ice-cream was just average,
but I really loved the cheese sauce on top, which complemented the red velvet so well.
The waffles is not the kind of crispy on the outside + fluffy on the inside kind of waffles,
which I prefer; it was crispy and a lil' chewy. 
I guess it just depends on what kind of waffles you prefer,
and if you are a red velvet lover, give this a try! :)

2. The Coffee Daily
75 Brighton Crescent, Singapore 559216

Shared about TCD before.
This time, they made a change to the rainbow cake recipe,
by having peanut butter and chocolate cream in between instead.
I think I still prefer the previous taste though.

3. Wimbly Lu
15 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987

Currently my favourite place for waffles.
Yes, Wimbly Lu has the kind of 'Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside' that I like.
The ice-cream pale in comparison to Creamier's, in my honest opinion,
but I still think that the waffles is the best that I have had at cafes thus far.
(I said 'at cafes', because I still love the traditional $1 kind of plain waffles!)

4. Chillax Massage Cafe
  • 28 Maju Ave Serangoon Garden Estate, Singapore 556698

Honestly, I did not have much expectations when I stepped into this non-airconditioned place.
The food turned out surprisingly good!

We had the Carbonara and truffle fries, which we all agreed were very satisfying.
The fries were crispy brown,
and most importantly, there was a rich truffle taste.

5. Dessert Bowl
80A Serangoon Garden Way

Durian mousse, MUST EAT.
'Nuff said.

Thank you both, for the company that day,
in an attempt to rid the accumulated negativity.
All the happy food did not help this time,
but the company certainly did help in a way.
Thank you for tolerating my grumpiness and whines that day. :) 

6. Loaves ME 
70 Stamford Road #B1-45, Singapore 178901

Chanced upon this outlet in SMU, which sells thai food,
when I was there to help out for a shoot.
I was craving for the thick toast which I had at After You in Bangkok,
and this did help a lil' in satisfying the craving. 
Of course it paled in comparison to After You's toast,
but to be fair, I really thought it was pretty good!
It was a lil' dry though.

7. Spanish Doughnuts 
181 Orchard Road, #05-51/52 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Headed there because my good friends were craving for some churros.
The churros were crispy,
but I thought they were quite average.
Nevertheless, it is still not bad a choice
if you want to get your churros craving satisfied in the town area :)
These girls, I love. :)

8. D' good Cafe
273 Holland Ave #02-01/02, Singapore 278992

Signature bear design :)

My friend had the Rose of Sharon latte,
which I had a sip.
I'm not a fan of coffee with flower taste infused..
So I can't comment much.
The carbonara came in quite a huge serving,
so I would recommend you to share with someone because the sauce was too rich for me.

This is definitely one of the largest cafes that I have been to,
(3 levels, so there are plenty of seats!); and it was pretty cosy.
In fact, I think this is quite a popular spot for photoshoot and filming.

Alrighty, ending this post with a random thought:
Admitting defeat is never easy. 
What matters now, 
is how you deal with this defeat, how you move on, 
& how you improve from now on.

'Faith' is such a scary but powerful thing to believe in.
Have a good weekend, y'all!

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