f Six Hundred & Fifty One; Le Buddies Taiwan Journey Part 3 {Day5-7 @Bonstay: WuFenPu, RaoHe, DanShui, XiMenDing}


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Six Hundred & Fifty One; Le Buddies Taiwan Journey Part 3 {Day5-7 @Bonstay: WuFenPu, RaoHe, DanShui, XiMenDing}

August 4, 2014 / ,

I'm back with more updates!

Day 5

Met up with a friend who happened to be in Taipei too.
Did some research and found a cafe near our apartment,
and indeed, this place was full-house on a weekday.
This cafe has 3 levels by the way!

Sabrina House
Lane 183, Sec 3, Zhong Shan N. Rd.TaipeiTaiwan

Brunch was satisfying and value-for-money.
Wished we had time for more cafe-hopping in Taiwan though!

Checked out and moved to another apartment, 
where we spent our next 3 nights at:

We had the Black & White themed room,
and it was beautifully decorated.

Caught a view of the other room, with an ensuite bathroom.
So much feel for this room!

Common area

With a wide selection of tea and coffee.
*inserts heart-shaped emoticons*

We had a pleasant experience at Bonstay.
Our room was neat, clean and cozy,
and the bed was surprisingly comfortable!
Amenities were provided for;
it was almost like a hotel stay.
Each room has an unique theme (3 rooms available),
and as you can see, much effort was put in for the stylish decorations.
It gave us a pleasant feel the moment we stepped into the apartment.
In fact, this apartment has been a popular venue for filming.
You can check this out:

On top of that, the location of this apartment is splendid.
Approximately 5 minutes walk away from Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall MRT Station;
with a wide selection of cafes and restaurants nearby.
There is a restaurant selling Singapore food right opposite!
All in all, I think Bonstay has a strategic location,
and is definitely a place that you could consider for your stay in Taiwan :)

Bonstay Taipei
號5樓, 大安區, 台北市 106, Taiwan
(Yanji Street, Da'an District)

Dropped our stuff, and headed to Wu Fen Pu next!

This is a popular shopping spot,
an area best known for wholesale garment market.
Key Rule for shopping here:
Do not be afraid to bargain!!!
Be firm, but not rude. :)

Walked over to the Rainbow Bridge nearby.

There were actually several photographers 'parked' there,
to catch a sunset photo.

& le buddy became one of them. hahah!


 Visited Rao He Night Market too.
This night market is officially my favourite among all the other night markets,
which I visited for this trip!

Joined the long queue for this popular snack:
胡椒餅 (Pepper Buns?)

Marinated juicy meat fillings
(no, the pepper taste was not strong at all, which was good!),
with a crispy crust, served piping hot.
And I mean really hot.
So please don't be too eager to bite into it first!
Let it cool awhile to avoid burning your tongue.
Was it worth the queue?

To save time, while le buddy was queuing for this,
I went to another place to grab more food!

This Deep-fried Yam + Duck meat was a surprise find,
and it was sooooo good!

The combination was superb.
Even le buddy, who is very selective about having yam in his food (orh-nee is an exception),
loved it too.

Golden balls.............

which was sinfully delicious.

If you think that was all that we had..
no way!
We headed to Xi Men Ding next,
to meet up with my bestie and GH (whom we met in Hualien).

& what was the first thing that came to my mind upon reaching Xi Men Ding?

None other than my beloved Ah Chung Mee Sua :)

Mango shaved ice @ 辛春三兄妹.

Happiness is when my bestie and buddy meet :)

He is my buddy whom I've known for the 16th year; 
she is my bestest (fat) friend whom I've known for the 12th year. 
They are the ones (besides my mummee) 
who know me best (better than I know myself at times). 
We finally had time to hang around together, albeit in Taiwan instead of Singapore. :')

 Searched high & low for this Grilled Muah Chee,
which I remembered having 3 years ago when I visited Taiwan.
Glad to find it eventually!

Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside,
topped with seasame/peanut (or other toppings).
To locate this:
-When you face KFC, turn right.
You will see it on your right, along with a few other food stalls.
-It is near BodyShop

We went to sing next.
Gta love the karaoke experience in Taipei!
Each room is clean and spacious, with an ensuite washroom.
We had some difficulties choosing the songs though.....
Apparently the system is very different,
and it was quite painful to find the songs we want. :/

 That concluded our fruitful Day 5 :)

Day 6

We started the day slightly later,
so that we could catch up on some sleep.
(It was the World Cup season, and yes,
we watched the matches in our room!)
First stop for the day: DanShui 淡水

DanShui Old Street 淡水老街.
You can find several local delicacies here,
such as 鐵蛋 (Iron Eggs aka package herbal tea eggs) and a variety of pastries.

Found my "tall-tall ice-cream",
which cost only NT$30 
(but honestly didnt taste that good. Maybe it's just the stall which I bought from).

 Bought our ferry tickets to travel to TamShui Fisherman's Wharf,
which is known for its romantic sunset view.

Lover's Bridge

 :) :) :)

& guess what?
Met my bestie in Danshui! 就是那麼巧。

Surround yourself with people 
who are filled with positive energy and determination in working towards their own goals, 
because these people can motivate you to work towards your dreams. 
Hang around with people who can make you feel relaxed and allow you to be who you truly are. 
Filter away the toxic/negative people, 
stay away from the ones who are full of pretense, 
move on from those who keep hurting you. 
You don't need them in your life!

Appreciate the ones who love you silently or openly, 

cherish the ones who stick around and are always there for you in good times and in bad. 
Be thankful to those who lend you their helping hands at your trying times. 
Forget about seeking attention from the ones who always forget about you. 
Love the people who truly love and care for you.

I truly believe that the people whom you hang out most with, 

will affect the way you lead your life.. 
You have a choice. So choose wisely  

Le buddy and I walked a bit of distance to cross over to the other side of the bridge,
to grab some good photos of the bridge.
& yes, it was crowded with several photographers,
who were there way before us!

Caught the rainbow,
which made me extremely happy!! 

I love the silhouette view of the bridge :)

We left the place via bus instead of ferry this time. 
Headed to ShiLin Night Market again,
only for the food! 

The fried golden mushroom was the bomb.

Day 7

We wanted to search for Yong He Dou Jiang in our area,
but to no avail.
So we settled for this instead.

It was good nonetheless :)

 Went back to Wu Fen Pu again!
This time, I was determined to purchase some items,
because I went back empty-handed on Day 5.

Addicted to the Ji Dan Gao (Egg Sponge Cake);
I finished my 8 pieces and bought another 8 immediately.

& yes, another round of Formosa Zhang.

Somehow, I felt the items in Wu Fen Pu do not appeal to me as much anymore,
as compared to 3 years ago.
Nevertheless, we toured there for few hours and both of us managed to buy some items.

Dinner was settled at..
Rao He Night Market!
I really love the food here.

Must-try in Rao He Night Market: Mango Shaved Ice from <巷口亭豆花>

I was already very full by then,
but I insisted on a takeaway of this:

玉子燒 (Egg Omelette)
There is a wide variety of toppings that you can choose from,
and I went for the pineapple + prawn version,
and it was satisfying indeed.

My best travel companion :')

That summed up my Day 5- 7 of this Taiwan trip,
and I will be back soon with a short entry of my last bit of the trip :)


On a side note,
le buddy and I now have a matching watch.
I know it seems so cheesy,
but I absolutely love the idea of it!
Simplicity at its best :)

This pair of Daniel Wellington watches 
(Classic Bristol, Silver - SKU: 0611DW) was from Ashtrodite.
Both of us loved the preppy leather straps,
which are interchangeable.
Each watch comes with a 2 years warranty :)

From now til 7th August, 
quote 'SHINEKOH' when you shop at Ashtrodite,
to receive 10% off your bill! :)

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