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Six Hundred & Fifty Nine; Color Run 2014

August 31, 2014 / , ,

Color Run 2014

This is not a paid blogpost (besides receiving the PR Kits from New Balance Singapore);
I decided to blog about this event because I truly enjoyed myself at the event yesterday! :)

Thank you for sending the kits to us!

All-white New Balance Fresh Foam 980 Color Run Footwear for me,
New Balance limited edition Color Run Footwear for le buddy,
along with New Balance apparels and DIY-sprays.

Also available in Pink!

 The all-white version is not for sale,
but the blue and pink shoes are available at the New Balance Experience stores

I was tasked with the challenge to design my own shoes.
I wanted Orange and Green stripes, since both are my favourite colours.
But I reckoned the colours will not work.
So.. I did something else instead.
I think my shoes would be better-off all-white.
Hahahah. I do not even dare to post up any close-up shot of the final outcome.
From far, it seemed okay,
so let it stay that way.

30th August @ Siloso Beach

The silly expressions from le buddy because it was way too sunny,
and he couldn't open his eyes at all. 

Honestly, it was a 'color walk' for us. 
We did not have the intention to run for this race at all,
and only wanted to experience the happy atmosphere.
So glad that we did!
There were a few stations with people splashing colored powder on us.
Some people covered their faces as they dashed across the stations,
some requested the people to pour the powder on their heads,
some rolled on the ground (yes they did!!),
some laid on the ground and took lotsa happy photos.
Strangers gave each other 'high-fives',
& some participants were all dress-ed up in funny outfits etc.
Basically, everyone was just happy throughout the race. :)
Putting aside those 'breathing in the colored powder is so unhealthy' thoughts aside,
this is an once a year activity, so just go and have fun!
Some might think that those who took part in this are silly,
but who cares, we were happy!! :)
The colored stains on our bodies were not too difficult to wash off
(except for 1/2 small stubborn stains).
It was my first color run,
& I would love to attend the next one!

We were given a poncho each,
& we took a while to figure out what the ponchos were meant for,
because it was not raining.
Eventually, we realized........
Hahahah. To prevent staining your car seats!
& yes, a 'monster' drove me home after the event. < 3

I'm off to attend a wedding dinner tonight.
Joyous occasion!
A happy weekend indeed :)

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