f Six Hundred & Fifty Five; Le Buddies Taiwan Journey Finale {Day 8 & 9}


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Six Hundred & Fifty Five; Le Buddies Taiwan Journey Finale {Day 8 & 9}

August 15, 2014 / ,

I'm back with the last part of this Taiwan trip. :)
I am not sure if this style of jotting down the bits and pieces of the journey
is way too long and draggy,
but I have always kept my blog as a personal space for me 
to keep track of certain major events in my life..
Yes, I do earn some money from blogging, 
but that does not mean that I have to 'shape' my blog into just a commercialised space.
I don't want my blog to be just filled with advertorials,
neither do I want to just blog about things for the sake of having it go 'viral',
otherwise, I could have categorised my blog posts into: 
'10 places to visit in Taiwan' and '10 things you must eat in Taiwan' instead.
Just like how I usually share about my cafehopping experiences:
I visit a cafe, I like it, I will share about it with my simple words.
Same goes to my travel trips;
I still like to note down the details no matter how tedious it may be.
& I know, when I look back at these posts 2. 3 or 10 years later,
I will be thankful for what I did. :)
& I hope these details can also be useful for anyone 
who is traveling to the country in the near future!

Alrighty, what a long and windy introduction.

Day 8

We were fortunate to be hosted by W Hotel for our last two days in Taipei.
The overall outlook of this luxurious hotel is not only stylish and sleek,
the colours were also strategically chosen,
to provide the right kind of mood for the different areas of the hotel.
An excellent combination of exquisite design with chic comfort.

YEN Chinese Restaurant

Conveniently located in the central of Xinyi District,
you can get a clear view of Taipei 101 from the YEN restaurant.

We were introduced to the innovative contemporary Chinese cuisine,
& these delectable dishes were definitely one of the best that we had for this trip.
The chef is very selective with his choice of ingredients and seasonings,
& that explains the premium quality of the food served.
It was a really enjoyable meal.

An overview of our room

An overview of the view from our room

The pool area

Spotted a man enjoying a carefree float in the pool :D

The next activity, was a tiring but rewarding one.
We headed to.. Elephant Mountain!

The journey was basically a 15-20 minutes of continuous steps.
I hate steps, I really hate steps.
I may be quite a sporty person,  but til date, I still hate steps. hahahah.
So yes, I became a lil' grumpy towards the later part of the journey up the mountain,
and I was too focused on climbing I forgot to snap a photo with the words
‘象山’ carved on a stone.
The view? Breathtaking.

Despite the numerous flying insects haunting us,
this view made everything worth it.
One of the best views of Taipei 101 for sure.

We looked photoshopped due to the flash, somehow.
It was such a memorable night :')

Headed to ShiDa Night Market.
I personally felt that there were more clothes to shop for at this night market
than Wu Fen Pu, albeit at a slightly higher price.
I literally chiong-ed for some last minute shopping at 1030pm.

& yes, we conquered this.
*rubs tummy*

Day 9
We were really reluctant to wake up the next day, 
but with the motivation of a yummy traditional breakfast awaiting us,
 we dragged ourselves out of the cozy bed.

Nicole from W Taipei strongly recommended this:
Fu Hang Dou Jiang.
So.. we decided to heed her advice!

Check out the queue on a weekday morning. 

We had:
-Thin Flatbread with Egg (蛋餅)
-Thin Flatbread with You Tiao (薄餅油條)
-Additional Egg
-Sweet soya bean (甜豆漿)
-Salty soya bean (鹹豆漿)

The Salty Soya Bean was a savoury and rich soy soup,
with silky tofu, youtiaos and scallions.
The taste was really unique,
but I guess it just ain't something that I would like to have for breakfast.
Nevertheless, I think you should at least try it once if you visit Taipei!

The Thin Flatbread with Youtiao was da bombz!
It was soooooo sinfully delicious.
In fact....... we joined the queue again just to dabao one more back to the hotel.
Definitely a winner and must-try breakfast location if you visit Taipei.
Thank you for such an awesome recommendation, Nicole!

Fu Hang Dou Jiang
Hua Shan Market, 2F
No. 108, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Sec. 1
Taipei, Taiwan

And so...... that concluded our Taiwan journey this year.
While taking wefies in the plane.........

Le buddy can be really retarded sometimes.

Since this seems rather apt, lemme insert some personal thoughts..
Well, I find myself browsing through our old photos all the time, 
and I would smile to myself each time.
I still remember that fear we had, 
of crossing the line to become lovers after being good friends for so long. 

I am so glad that we took the leap of faith, after 14+ years of twists & turns.
(It's our 16th year of knowing each other this year!)

I really used to think that we will just remain as very good friends 
til the end of time, with our own partners. 
But boy am I glad now, that you are not only my buddy, 
but you are also my partner, my soulmate.

If you are currently caught in a situation, 

where you think you have fallen in love with your best friend, 
and it is clear that he/she is in love with you too, 
I'll say go for it.

I used to think otherwise, 
because I really didn't want to risk losing a best friend 
whom I can talk about anything to, 
someone who knows what I'm thinking without me saying. 
I didn't want to lose someone so precious to me if things dont work out eventually.

But I figured: Life is too short, follow your heart. 

Enough of those "mind vs heart" kind of struggle. 
If today is your last day on earth, 
would you regret giving up on this chance of bringing your r/s to another level, 
just because you are afraid that this r/s will fail?  

Yes, it may not work out;
& I don't know if best-friends-turned-lovers can go back to being best friends 
if the r/s dont work out 
(well, I had a similar experience in my younger days, 
and unfortunately, it didn't end off nicely at all 
and we haven't been chatting for years. 
I missed that friend though, as a good friend of course), 
but I am sure that it is still possible.

But hey, you may also end up being life-long partners. 
You would never know, until you take that leap of faith.

I'm glad i didn't allow my fear 
(of not being able to remain as good friends if we dont work out) 
to stop us from giving ourselves a chance 
to love and care for each other on a different level, 
as partners instead of just buddies.

To cut short those mushy words,
In short, thank you for lovin' me.

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend. :)

I am so thankful that this trip happened :')
Thank you, for being my best travel companion ever.
These precious photos.. will accompany me,
while you are away from me for a long time.
I will miss you, and all your annoying actions.
But we will tide through this, and be even stronger than before.
For a better future, for our future. :)

Taiwan Day 1-3
Taiwan Day 3 & 4
Taiwan Day 5-7

In any case, since I have been traveling quite a bit this year,
I would like to take this chance to introduce my trusty new luggage from Rimowa!

You might have seen it appearing in my social feeds lately.
I am really lovin' this Salsa Air in Lime Green alot!
I have been hunting for a quality luggage for some time,
and this luggage was not only fashionable (in one of my favourite colours!),
it was light in weight, and of a top quality as well.
Psst.. Rimowa sponsored the Germany team for the recent World Cup 2014!

333A Orchard Road #02-19 Mandarin Gallery S238897

I have truly fallen in love with traveling,
and I really can't wait to experience more in the other parts of the world :)
I will be heading to Krabi with le buddy next Tuesday,
& it will be our last holiday together,
before we become more than 6000 miles/10000km apart in distance..
I will be blogging about my trip to IloIlo and Bangkok soon, when time allows..
Because the next one month is really precious to me..
Til the next post.. :)

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