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Six Hundred & Fifty Eight; Save my hair!

August 27, 2014 / ,

That moment, when you brush your hair with your hand...... 
& you see strands of hair caught in between your fingers.
That moment, when you see a lot of hair all over the floor,
& you know that most of them belong to you.
That moment, when you remove the hair-tie,
& you observe strands of hair caught in between.

That moment, when you see this:

or this:

Super demoralizing!!
Sigh. All these situations make me more paranoid than I already am.
I know it's normal to drop hair every single day,
but because I have very little hair to begin with,
I still feel paranoid all the time.
I am afraid that by the time I turn 30,
I will already be slightly bald.
I'm not exaggerating, because I worry about that all the time.

You know, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning 
(besides reaching out for my phone),
is to check out how many strands of hair are left on my white pillow.
Do you face the same problems as me?

Did you know?
  • Hair fall woe is a common issue among Singaporeans, even the young ones.
    (There are several reasons for hair fall: Stress, diet, medicine, anaemia, etc.)
  • On average, we drop 50-100 strands of hair each day. 
    That amounts to up to 3000 strands of hair a month!!

I know that hair fall is inevitable, but I will really like to try all means,
to at least reduce the amount of hair fall, so that I can feel less paranoid each time.

I was recently introduced to some products by L'Oreal:
Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Treatment

This was L'Oreal Paris Hair care's latest breakthrough product,
which was created for both men & women,
to complement the existing L'Oreal Paris Fall Repair line.
It is intensive treatment aimed at
saving up to 1600 strands of hair each month!

Triple Action Formula
(It contains 3 active ingredients, to target the main causes of hair fall)
  • Argine: 
    -An amino acid that is essential for hair growth
    -Helps to nourish the hair bulb from the roots
    -Enhances micro-circulation in the scalp for stronger hair

  • Aminexil:
    -Helps to anchor the hair roots 
    -Helps to soften the collagen sheath, for hair to grow out healthier
    (when we age, the collagen sheath holding the hair hardens, 
    which leads to weaker & thinner hair.)
  • Protein:
    (Hair loss can be caused by breakage due to excessive chemical processes.
    Guilty as charged.)
    -Helps to strengthen hair fibre, for stronger and more resistant hair

How do you apply this?
After shampooing and conditioning your hair,

Step 1: Apply the bottle directly onto the scalp, section by section.
(I prefer to apply it on my dry hair, but you can apply on your wet hair too.)
Concentrate on the spot(s) which you think has lesser hair.

Step 2: Massage the scalp with finger tips.
This allows better absorption of the treatment into the scalp.

Step 3: Leave on without rinsing.

Tip: For slight hair fall issue like me or to prevent hair fall, 
use 3 bottles a week for continuous 6 weeks. 
If you have serious hair fall issues, use 1 bottle a day.

After using the product for 2+ weeks, I noticed that my hair is less prone to breakage.  
I usually apply the treatment serum at night,  
and give it about a good 3 minute rub in. 
The refreshing after-feel on my scalp thanks to it’s mint properties 
make it all the more enjoyable to sleep. 
On top of that, when I wake up every morning, 
it feels like my hair roots are well-protected with one rich layer.

One small downside of this is that, because it feels rich, 
my scalp feels slightly oily when I wake up in the morning 
(probably also due to my oily scalp nature). 
But that is fine since I wash my hair in the morning too. 
So if you have oily scalp like mine, I would advise you to apply the serum at night too. 

I love how the serum is packed in small individual bottles. 
Very convenient for a frequent traveler like myself!
 I am looking forward to seeing less fallen hair on my white pillow and white tops. :)

Good news!!
Still in progress of saving my hair…join me?!
You can grab a box at any Watsons, Guardian, and major supermarkets islandwide. 
There is a storewide 20% on this Fall Repair 3x Anti Hair Fall Treatment! 
(U.P $39.90 per box, now $31.90)
Each box contains 12 bottles of ampoules (8ml each)

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