f Six Hundred & Forty Six; A day in the the park + Stay dry, clean & fresh ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!


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Six Hundred & Forty Six; A day in the the park + Stay dry, clean & fresh ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!

July 12, 2014 / ,

A day in the park - My secret on how I stay fresh despite the humidity!

As much as I have been trying to avoid the sun
and keep my exercises to indoor (Amore Fitness!),
a huge part of me still love outdoor activities a lot.
And the park is definitely one of the best places to be at,
to get my dosage of fresh air!
I love heading to the park and watching families have their gatherings,
I love watching kids play with the sand and water,
I love watching couples jog together in the park, etc etc.
I would usually go in the early evening :)

Let me take you through how a typical day in the park is usually like for me:

-A quick shower before I leave the house.
I like to leave the house feeling fresh - so deodorant is a must for me!
You know, sometimes bathing just ain't enough, even if you are a light sweater.
Despite feeling fresh and clean right after shower,
Do you know that it takes only a few minutes for bacteria in the underarm to return?
I don't mean to 'scare' you by making it sound so horrible, but it's the truth!!
I am a 'moderate sweater', so I definitely do not like to risk having body odour.

(Odour is produced when just sweat combines with bacteria)
By the way, sweat is easily produced by 5 factors: 
stress, emotions, humidity, heat and light movement 
Sweaty underarms is a big no-no for sure.
I always have the habit of using deodorant before I leave the house.
I don't want to feel paranoid of having any odour when I am out,

especially when I am filming or at appointments/castings!

-Quality time with Winter before I head out

Look at how she was enjoying!
We didn't intend to bring her out this time, but eventually did,
because she was hopping around excitedly while we were wearing our shoes!
So we couldn't bear to leave her at home.

-Some warm-up stretches before I started cycling around the park

- I would opt for cycling on days when I feel too lazy for intensive exercises.
& I love cycling on windy days!!!

-Cycled around the park for around 20minutes and it felt SO good!

-Cool down stretches

Thankfully, it was windy that day,
so I did not sweat much.

And in case you were wondering, 
while I was cycling, le buddy was playing with Winter.
He was my photographer for the photos you see in this post hahahah.
And because we decided to bring Winter out,
he could not cycle together with me that day.
But it's okay, because he spent quality time with Winter while I cycled! :)

 -My turn to walk Winter!

-I would usually spray a little bit of deodorant on my shirt after exercising,
to make sure I do not stink that much. hahah.
P.S look at her tired face. :D

Anyway, I don't know about you, 
but I think that the combination of perfume + sweat smells REALLY terrible to me.
So.. after exercising, I personally prefer to spray deodorant on my shirt instead of perfume.
So yes, you will definitely find deodorant in my gym bag. *grins*
The deodorant I’ve been using, 
is the new Rexona Women Antiperspirant Deodorant. 
It’s designed with a new FreshProtect technology, 
an unique body-responsive technology; 
which means that it helps to control sweat and eliminate bacteria. 
So when you move, the Rexona spray contains micro-capsules that break 
and releases little bursts of freshness. 
Therefore, the more you move, the more it works!
This extra protection helps me to stay clean and fresh despite the humidity, 
even when I am outdoor. 
& when I smell good, I will naturally feel more confident :)
I have been using Rexona for so long, and I trust it a lot!

There are 5 choices for you to choose from; 
it really depends on your personal preference/needs! 
-Whitening: Sunflower seed oil to lighten and smoothen underarms
-Powder dry: Powder fresh scent and smooth feel
-Shower Clean: Energizing flower fresh scent
-Passion: Vibrant floral fragrance
-Free Spirit: Uplifting mild fragrance 

I usually use the 'Shower Clean' and 'Whitening' deodorants on alternate days. :)

Good news for you!

Rexona is currently holding a Facebook contest for ALL of you.
All you have to do is to answer a question by leaving a comment 

This is the question for the month of July :)
A new question will be posted every month 
from July to October 
so stay tuned to Rexona Singapore Facebook Page  
10 lucky contestants will be picked by the Rexona team each month 
to win exclusive Rexona giveaways. 
If you’re the lucky one, 
drop Rexona Singapore a PM so they can provide you with the details.

Stay clean, dry & fresh ALL DAY EVERYDAY! :)

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