f Six Hundred & Forty Seven; Le Buddies Taiwan Journey Part 2; {Day 3 & 4 -Phoebe & Jerry's, Formosa Zhang, Shilin, ShiFen, JiuFen, KeeLung}


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Six Hundred & Forty Seven; Le Buddies Taiwan Journey Part 2; {Day 3 & 4 -Phoebe & Jerry's, Formosa Zhang, Shilin, ShiFen, JiuFen, KeeLung}

July 14, 2014 / ,

Back with more updates on our Taiwan Day 3 and Day 4!
Day 3

So.. after leaving Hualien
we arrived at Ming Xuan East Road,
and checked in to our apartment for the next two nights:
Phoebe & Jerry's!

The room was exactly what we saw in the photos.
It had a very simple design, but that was sufficient for us. :)
& yes, I chose this room because it was painted in my favourite colour!

Best of all, it came with an ensuite bathroom.

The common areas were kept clean and tidy as well.
The living room:

The kitchen + mini library:
And a map of Taiwan displayed on the table, 
because our friendly host Jerry was recommending us the places to go to! :)

I love this space. 
It felt very cozy, somehow.
And.. orange is my other favourite colour!
I love orange and green.
My affinity with this apartment. Heh. 
Anyway, spot Le Buddy's name amongst the graffiti on the wall?
Hahahah. What are the odds?!

We had a really pleasant stay at Phoebe & Jerry's :)
The hosts (Phoebe & Jerry) were very warm and friendly. 
Their hospitality has made our stay really comfortable.
Besides recommending the good eats in the area,
they even brought us around to locate these places.
Furthermore, Jerry is a fellow Singaporean
(he moved to Taiwan 7-8 years ago), 
and we had so much to talk about!
A few friends have asked me about my stay in Taiwan,
and I recommended this apartment without any hesitation.

By the way, Phoebe & Jerry's is just approximately 
8 minutes walk away from Ming Quan East Road Station,
and 5 minutes walk away from Zhong Shan Elementary School Station.
Best of all, there is a 24-hours food market (晴光市場 ) just 3 minutes walk away.

Good news for you!

Jerry has kindly offered a 10% discount for my readers!!
This promotion is valid for the month of July, August, Sept and October.
So yes, if you intend to visit Taiwan
and is looking for an accommodation,
Simply drop them an email at 
and mention in the email that you heard about them from me,
and you will be able to get a generous 10% off your stay at their apartment :)


By the time we settled down,
it was dinner time.

And then..... I brought Le Buddy to try Formosa Zhang (鬍鬚張)!
Yes, they have an outlet at Ming Quan East Road.

One of the best comfort food in Taiwan?
Braised Meat Rice (魯肉飯)
I am sure there are several other stalls which have good braised meat rice,
but because I do not know where those stalls are located at,
I chose to go back to this one which I am certain is good.
We shared a big bowl.
I am not usually a fan of fatty meat,
but this was impossible to resist.
The sauce was absolutely tasty!
We tried the pork trotters as well.
Don't remind me of the calories, okay?
More to come at the later part of the night :p

Tonic Soup 

Formosa Zhang (鬍鬚張)
They have several outlets all around Taiwan,
including one at Wu Fen Pu. :)
You may search for the outlet nearest to you here

Headed to Shihlin Nigh Market (士林夜市) next.
This is one of the most well-known night markets in Taipei.
Somehow, we were not interested in shopping at this night market though.
What led us there was.. FOOD.

& the very first thing I searched for was.....

If I stayed in Xi Men Ding, I would have had it every single day.
No joke.
& it would be the big bowl.
There is no 'small bowl of Ah Chung Mee Sua' in my dictionary.
Get my drift? hahahah.
I love it THAT much. 

Discovered something really awesome:
Cheese Potato from 王子起士馬鈴薯 
This was so so sinfully delicious.
It is basically potato topped with your choice of toppings.
We had the one with Hawaiian toppings.
It was topped with a generous serving of cheese,
but you won't get sick of it at all.

I also had my grilled cuttlefish, 
all by myself, because le buddy does not eat cuttlefish.

which was basically Sausage wrapped with Glutinous rice. 

Ended Day 3 with a belly full stomach. 


Day 4

Started our day early because we had 3 locations to visit that day.

First stop: Shi Fen 十分

We took the MRT to Taipei Main Station,
and transfered to TRA to get to RuiFang.
We also bought the One-Day Pass to get to Shifen.

We had some time allowance,
and was glad that we chanced upon Yong He Dou Jiang just across the road.

I loveeee the soya bean.
Rich, smooth, fragrant, and no powdery after-taste.
It was such an awesome traditional Taiwanese breakfast.

The train ride was approximately 30 minutes.

They say, "十分幸福" (Shi Fen Happiness).

I had the intention to release my very first sky lantern here.
In fact, I was looking forward to it.
* Inserts theme song: 那些年 *

However.. I changed my mind once I stepped into the area.
No idea why, but after witnessing of how commercialized this activity is..
it steered me away from wanting to experience it.
I took it as I was doing my part in not polluting the environment~

Nevertheless, it was still an interesting sight to watch :)

They say, by writing your wishes on the sky lantern,
& allowing it to carry your wishes high in the sky, your wishes will come true.
Do you believe? :)

Did you know that the colours have different significance?
(I'll try to translate them as accurately as I can.)
Red - Health, Safety
Yellow - Wealth, Fortune
Green - To be able to do things 
according to one's liking (I dont know how to translate this?!), Flourish
Purple - Studies, Exams
White - Bright future
Peach Red - Romance (Not exactly love. 
In specific, attracting people to be interested in you romantically), Popularity
Blue - Professional, Work
Orange - Love, Marriage
Pink - Bliss, Happiness

We left the sky lantern area,
and walked for 15-20 minutes to get to Shi Fen WaterFall(十分瀑布)

Buddy's perspective

My perspective

Uhm. I don't know. There was no significance la.
Just a random shot.

We paid an entrance fee of NT$100 each
(which included a cup of coffee each. hahah smart 'collaboration' with the kiosk.)
and had a view of this magnificent waterfall.

I was in awe when I saw this!

Captured by buddy with his special filter.

Captured by me, using the waterfall effect with my compact camera

We actually had a tough time snapping photos of it,
while protecting our camera lens,
because the water was splashing everywhere.
Not the kind where you would get drenched though.

:) :) :)

Took polaroids, including a failed attempt.
Now, you could see how windy it was.

 Bought this Chicken-stuffed-with-fried-rice before leaving ShiFen,
& it was good!

Took the train back to RuiFang.

Next stop: Jiu Fen 九份
Took a bus from RuiFang (approximately 15 minutes).

I loved the streets here!!
I am not usually a fan of crowds like that..
but there was just so much feel to this place.
I loved the wide variety of food here.

Le buddy was looking forward to this particular Fishball soup + Glass Noodles,
which he really loves.
So the first thing we did once we reached JiuFen,
was to hunt for the stall.

魚丸伯仔, found!

We had one bowl of fishball soup + dried glass noodles each.

& I finally understood why he was raving about it since Day 1 of our trip.
The glass noodles were springy and the sauce used was simple yet flavourful.
Very unique, I would say.
The fishball were bouncy and well-seasoned too.

I could not resist this "Peanut Ice Cream Popiah",
which was really refreshing.

The view from the top viewing area

Another must-try at JiuFen, 
is the Taro Balls from Ah Gan Yi( 阿甘姨芋圓)

*inserts heart-shaped emoticons*
I love all-things-yam.
These QQ Taro Balls were perrrrfectttt.

Walked around for quite a bit,
before we left the place,
and headed to Miao Kou Night Market (廟口夜市) at KeeLung.
This is a food-focused night market.

We were still very full,
but went ahead with ordering more food.
It was obviously my idea.
When in Taiwan, just eat!

Crab meat soup + oil rice (hahhah direct translation)

Oyster omelette, conquered by me alone.

and a huge plate of these right in front of me,
while I was trying to enjoy my plate of oyster omelette.
Hmmm.. Honestly, I did not find it pleasant. hahahah.

There were several stalls selling seafood.
We decided to try the Butter Crab,
which cost approximately $10.
It was.. not impressive at all. >:(
Not worth the money.

We also had sausages, fried chicken and bubble teas,
which I did not bother snapping photos anymore.
I was too full, tired and mainly lazy by then,
and those were from random stalls anyway. 

& this marked the end of our Day 4,
which was definitely one of my favourite (& memorable) days for this trip :')
Will be back with Day 5-9 soon! 

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