f Six Hundred & Forty Nine; Gushcloud's new office!


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Six Hundred & Forty Nine; Gushcloud's new office!

July 26, 2014 / ,

I am at the age when I step into someone's house/office or even when I go to cafes,
I would take note of the ambience, the decorations and the tiles immediately.
To draw inspirations for my future home?
Maybe. :D
I find myself drawn to simple and crisp clean concepts,
but occasionally, I love those unique Mosaic prints too.

I find it interesting to see how these tiles
can remarkably redefine the outlook and add on to the style of the space,
or even reveal the character of the owner distinctively.
Our new Gushcloud office, 
is a clear evident of how the tiles used have brought much life to the office space!

Before you enter the office, you will definitely not miss out on this
classic 'brick wall' and the beautifully pieced mosaic tiles.
We call this, the "OOTD Wall"

The "brick wall" that you see, is known as WB - Roma Gresbrik,
which is a ceramic product, pressed in "gres".
Once fixed and grouted, it resembles the old, rustic brick.
 The principal advantage of this product over the real brick is in the fixing: 
it is fixed like any normal ceramic product, and is then grouted over. 
This is faster, simpler and more economical than the brick-laying process.

As for the floor, 
it is formed by the combination of eight different designs in a mosaic manner. 
With its matte finish and unique crumpled paper-like texture, 
it is one European tile that is loved by many around the world, 
including Singaporeans. 
The tile is known as CT- Bristol Gris Mosaic.
The addition of these tiles made the space look 'hip' instantly!

Let me take you through a quick preview of 
some of the rooms in our new Gushcloud office! 
Each room has a specific theme.

The Toy Room is filled with comfortable bean bags and old-school toys!
I guess this is an escape room for our dear Gushcloud workaholics 
to take a breather (or a nap).

The Book Room - is none other than the reading room.
There is a shelf of books available in the room!

The Green Room is a meeting room,
which has a really nice and simple decoration.

My favourite!

For the Green Room, 
the HT Magma Grey Tiles are used. 
Inspired by a seamless concrete stone, 
Magma Grey is a tile that carries European style and design, 
which is widely accepted worldwide. 
The tile has a great matte finish that has an anti-slip feature
It is a porcelain tiles which makes it suitable for heavy-duty usage. 
The tile incorporated the latest HD digital printing technology 
that ensures 100% different image on its surfaces. 
This tile is suitable for both residential and industrial use, for both wet and dry area!

Simple, neat and fresh feel for this room.

We also have our very own Cinema Room!

For this room, the HT Vintage Charol Tiles are used.
The glazed porcelain tile showcases a unique texture. 
The tile is definitely a great choice for both the floor and wall with medium traffic 
such as kitchen and terrace. 
The tile surface imitates a micro-mosaic, glazed in deep black, 
which confers a beautiful elegant look.
I personally think it portrays a mysterious and sexy feel too.

Due to its size, the tile also reduces the amount of grout, 
which means easier maintenance. 
Also, bigger tiles like these make a space looks and feels bigger
as compared to placing smaller tiles.
Plus point for newly built houses which tend to be smaller nowadays!

Last but not least,
 we have the HT Mosaico 101B Tiles at the reception area. 

The black and white combination on these mosaic tiles 
are PERFECT for brightening up any space!
The unique geometric design can be used as an accent for black and white tiles, 
or in this case, as a standalone tiles for a themed space. 
The tiles are perfect to create a retro look,
which is ideal for the popular 'Vintage Modern' theme.

Besides looking pretty, 
these tiles are heavy-duty porcelain tiles that can withstand heavy traffic
These are suitable to be used in wet environments too. 

I can't express enough how much I love our new office!!
*Gathering inspirations for my future home, 
which is not anytime soon okay.*
I am proud to be a part of this family,
a happy community filled with lots of positivity.
I have shared a bit of my Gushcloud journey before.
Thank you Althea, Vincent, Freda, Sheena and all the other managers and interns,

who have taken such good care of me all these years. :)

When I attended our Office Warming yesterday,
I saw the crowd and support we received.
I knew that our good work all these years have shown results.
It was such a heartwarming scene.
I have seen how Gushcloud has transformed and grown over 
the short period of time,
through hard-work, determination, positivity and most importantly,
the emphasis on togetherness all these while.
Amazing is an understatement.
The achievements that we have accomplished thus far,
will only motivate the team to work even harder and go even further.
We have bigger and better things to look forward to.
Undoubtedly, Gushcloud will continue to strive,
with abundance of positive spirit and vibes that we have.
All in all, I am just proud of where I am from,
and I am not shy to boast about it.
I am sure if you feel like you belong to a family,
you will just be proud of its achievements,
just like how I am of mine. :)
Looking forward to experience more things with this family,
and to more happy times together!!
Bigger, Better, Faster!

By the way, in case you are wondering where Gushcloud 
got these beautifully designed tiles from?
They are actually from 
Soon Bee Huat
one of Singapore's largest suppliers of tiles and other building material. :)
They have been around for TWENTY years;
besides loyal customers over the two decades,
the company is also a popular choice among youngsters,
because of their experience in tiles,
and their ability to follow the latest trends and needs of consumers.

You can check out their other creative designs 
on their Facebook page and Instagram,
because they are quite active on their social sites! :)

Soon Bee Huat

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