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Six Hundred & Forty Five; Icing On The Cake + Giveaway!!

July 11, 2014 / ,

I am not usually into accessories,
but when I find the ones that I really like,
I will wear the same few pieces for a long time.
Which also means that..
I like to go for versatile accessories that can match with many different outfits.

Today, allow me to share with you, 
my Top 3 choices from Icing On The Cake.

1. Crystallite Bib Necklace (Handmade!)
I know, I know, that this gold-toned necklace is perfect for solid colours,
but I just decided to be a lil' more adventurous that day,
and matched it with a pastel top.
I think the colours still stood out well.

 You know how dreamcatchers works?

"Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through..
Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day."

So I guess.. a part of me wanted this bracelet,
with a slightest hope that maybe by wearing this daily,
it will bring me some good luck,
and bring me closer to my dream..
Very naive thought..
But.. if a lil' thing like this can somehow be a source of hope,
then why not? :)

This was love at first sight.
I picked this item first, without hesitation.
Especially after watching 'The Fault in Our Stars' movie.
If you have caught the movie, besides crying bucket of tears (I did....),
you might have noticed a few quotes from the movie (or the book if you have read!).

One of my favourites was this:
“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” 

I was madly in love with how simple yet elegant and classy this design is.
It is very versatile because of the material;
it went well with both my casual and formal outfits.


Icing On The Cake is giving away:

1 'Infinity Knot Cuff Bangle'
1 'Crystallite Bib Necklace'

How to win?
1) Follow them on Instagram (@icingonthecakelove)

2) Comment on my uploaded photo

"I would love to win (the item of your choice)" from @icingonthecakelove!

3) Contest begins from 11th til 24th July;
winners will be notified on 28 July 2014! :)


Meanwhile, just enter the promo code 
when you shop with them, to get 5% off ALL purchases :)

Icing on the cake

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