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Six Hundred & Forty Eight; Scalp Atelier @ Salon Vim

July 19, 2014 / , ,

If you have been following me on my Instagram, 
you would have noticed that I have mentioned about
undergoing scalp treatments at Salon Vim for the past few weeks :)
The reason why I chose to wait for so long before blogging about it,
was because I wanted to experience the changes over a month at least,
before sharing about it.

and yes, the constant treatments (in the salon and home-care) 
have definitely helped in strengthening my hair.
My hair may not have volumised dramatically,
but at least, the hair thinning/loss have been kept in control.
That itself, is so important!
And also, if you look carefully, 
you will be able to notice a lot of "baby hair" on the top of my head.
These baby hair are giving me so much hope!
Hahahah although they don't look very nice on photos....

So, now that we have kept the hair thinning issue in control,
it is now time to address my other major issue: oily scalp.
The humidity is definitely not helping me with this concern;
and this is exceptionally troubling on days when I am filming outdoor.
Oily scalp is really unsightly to me,
and it affects my confidence level.

I was so glad when John, my stylist, mentioned to me that Salon Vim 
has started this new regime: Scalp Atelier,
using their latest equipments.

By the way, I'm loving Salon Vim's new space!
It is much bigger and very spacious.

The huge display of products

And.. a private room.

Scalp Atelier

My regime started with a scan of my hair and scalp,
to examine the conditions closely.

And this is the new machine that Salon Vim has brought in.

This treatment is a pure enjoyment for me.
The treatment began with a very comfortable head and shoulder massage,
for the relaxation of tensed muscles.

Next step, was the cleansing of the scalp directly.

Application of Kerastase product,
which helps in preventing excessive oil secretion of my scalp.

 The tool used to help 'rub-in' the product for more effective absorption.

Had my hair washed (and another round of head massage, which I absolutely love)

This tool that you see, helps in removing toxins in the body,
via a suction force. 

Ended with Kerastatse hair leave-in treatment sprayed on.

 That is not all!
I have been diligently using these products at home too,
because daily care is equally important.
I alternate between the shampoo targeted at oily roots (green) 
and the other one for strengthening hair (red).
In addition, I apply the Purifiant in the morning to control oil secretion
(it can also be used to control dandruff problems),
and the Aminexil at night for hair loss control :)

To be frank, I was not very hardworking in the first two weeks,
and only applied the Aminexil twice or thrice a week.
After some nagging from John (hahahahah),
I started using these home-care products every single day,
and I have since noticed the differences.
The Purifiant has been of a great help especially!

Once again, thank you Salon Vim,
for keeping my worries at bay :)

Salon Vim @ 313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road 
 Singapore 238895 
Tel: 68847757/68847767 

There is another outlet at 235 Victoria Street as well.

Quote 'Shine Koh' for 10% off regular-priced services :)

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