f Six Hundred & Fifty; Clogged pores, be gone!!! {Clinique's Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush}


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Six Hundred & Fifty; Clogged pores, be gone!!! {Clinique's Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush}

July 31, 2014 / ,

"Time waits for no man",
as cliché as it may sound; it is always a good reminder for myself.
I am turning 25 years old this year (yup, not hiding that fact),
and I think this is a crucial age,
where skin care is really important to me.
Especially since I have to put on makeup almost every day,
and sometimes for work/photoshoots,
the amount of makeup piled on is seriously.. thick.
And because I know how important my daily skincare routine is,
no matter how tired I am, 
I make sure that I cleanse, tone and moisturize twice every day.
I know some people are really diligent and have 7-8 steps for their skincare routines,
but I really just follow these simple steps daily.
(plus eye-care!)

Recently, I have introduced a new cleansing device into my skincare routine.

I think, the most important part of skincare,
is most definitely the 'cleansing' part.
You know, 
you should really make sure that your face is properly cleansed,
before you smack on the toner/emulsion/essence/moisturizer/whitener,
to allow a more efficient absorption.
You have to clear those pores and remove the impurities 
as thoroughly as possible!
I have seen quite a number of such brushes around in the market,
and have always wanted to give it a try,
but I could not decide which brand was reliable and really safe for my skin,
& I was still kind of skeptical,
so eventually, I gave up on the thought of trying it.

Until.. I found out that Clinique recently introduced its latest baby:
Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

Knowing that Clinique is an established dermatologist brand 
in the industry,
I felt that I could trust this and thus, I decided to give it a try.

Note the two colours? 
Well, the white bristles on the body of the brush are soft and less firm
and is designed to target more delicate areas of the face 
such as the cheeks.
While the pale green part has firmer and shorter bristles,
that allow easier and more efficient cleansing of the T-zone,
which is usually more prone to oil production and clogging.

Notice how the green part of the brush is angled?
This genius design really helps in cleansing the grooves around the nose area especially!

The brush is compact, lightweight and waterproof.
& the best thing?!
After charging for 24 hours for the very first time,
this will be able to last me for approximately 6 months 
(using it twice daily)!
I have been travelling quite often recently,
so this is definitely going into my luggage the next time I travel!!!!
In fact, I brought it along to Cebu last week,
and I also have it with me while I am in Bangkok now. 
This will also be especially useful when I travel to countries with not-too-clean air,
so that I can ensure that my face is properly cleansed after a day of exploring.

Lemme share a lil' more about my very first experience with this
cleansing brush. 
This was how I utilized the brush:

1. Wet the brush

2. Squeeze 1-2 pumps directly onto the brush

3. I started with my cheeks, by massaging gently in circular motion,
using the white bristles.

Note: do not press it against your cheek with any pressure!
Let the brush gently glide over the skin.
It applies the right amount of pressure to cleanse the delicate areas properly.

Approximately 5 seconds on each side.

4. Move on to the T-zone area,
and switch to the pale green bristles. 
Another 5 seconds on forehead and 5-10 seconds on nose.
I usually focus on my nose area,
because that is where my pores are most clogged at!
By the way, the pale green bristles are slightly firmer than the white bristles,

but it still feels gentle enough for the skin.

5. Move on the the chin/jawline area for another 5 seconds.

By now, the brush will stop rotating.
This is because the self-timer automatically turns off the brush after 30 seconds,
the recommended duration of the brush usage.
It really depends on individuals though!
The maximum time that you should use the brush for, is 1 minute.

When I used the brush for the very first time,
I found it a little weird,
but I soon got used to it,
because the vibration is really gentle,
and I started finding it very comfortable on my face.
So from the second usage onwards,
I have been using the brush for approximately 30 seconds, twice daily.
After Step 1- 5, 
I will generally massage the brush in circular motion over the whole face
for the next 15 seconds, to get a more thorough cleanse.
I really love how smooth the bristles are,
because it makes me feel assured that this brush is gentle on my skin.
With a more thorough cleansing step in my skincare routine now,
I am definitely looking forward to smoother and more radiant skin.
Clogged pores, be gone!!!!!
I have been using this brush for a month,
& now, my skin feels softer than before.
On top of that,
I feel that with the introduction of this brush into my skincare routine,
not only does my skin feel cleaner,
my toner and moisturiser are also better absorbed into the skin,
which results in easier application of make-up and longer-lasting makeup too.
I started noticing the improvements about 2+ weeks after using it diligently :)

Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush is now retailing at $149 
at all Clinique counters in department stores,
The perfect balance of affordability and reliability.

Find out more at HERE! :)

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