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Six Hundred & Thirty Seven; Samsung NX mini review!

June 1, 2014 / , , ,

Had a photoshoot for Gushcloud on Monday

Had my hair done by my Freda, my manager + friend, who was also my hair stylist. :)
So now she is Friendnalist.

 With Eunice, whom I take care of like another young sister ~.~

Behind-the-scene shots thanks to Eunice!!

They wanted me to look sophisticated/sexy for the very first shoot,
which I didn't perform very well in.
And for the second one, I was supposed to play with my cereals happily
aka Happy Shot,
which I could do it very easily.
Photos were all snapped with my new camera: Samsung NX mini :)

Looking forward to the photos!! :)

Anyway, I have been using the camera for a week,
and I have been bringing it out with me every single day!
In the past, sometimes I will just not bring my compact camera along,
and just rely on my handphone.
Which is why sometimes the quality of my photos turned out not too good.......
Especially for selfies!!
(the front camera of the phone is
usually quite bad you see...)
But now that I have both the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE and Samsung NX mini with me,
life is so much easier!
I'll tell you why in a bit :) 

This latest camera by Samsung may not be a bulky DSLR;
but at the same time, I am not a camera expert
(To be frank, most of the times,
I use my camera in the "auto-mode" or the smart modes).
What I need for a compact camera,
is simply one that can capture my daily snaps beautifully.

1. My companion for my food-huntings 
The camera is ultra slim & light,
so I don't find it a bother to bring it along with me daily.
It actually weighs as heavy (or rather, light) as just three average-sized cupcakes!
There is a 'Food Mode' which is ideal for people like me,
who are not very good with the manual settings,
but want to capture nice photos of the food. :D
I think the 'Macro Mode' works well for food pictures too.

Went for some hawker feasting after a 5k Foam Run on last Sunday.
We were all craving for stingray and decided to head to
Pasir Panjang Food Centre to get our cravings satisfied.
I love hawker food!!

There were 8 of us, 
and we had two servings of stingray, 16 chicken wings, 20 satays,
oyster omelette, chilli lala, gongong, and a big plate of stir-fried Nai Bai,
& paid only $11++ each!!
Food wise, I think they were all quite okay,
except for the stingray which was a tad dry and defninitely not one of the best that I've had.
(By the way, we ordered our seafood from Hup Kee stall).
Price wise, I thought it was a good deal!
Will keep this place in consideration the next time I crave for a meal like this,
and want something that is affordable and not overpriced!

Psst.. I have another recommendation for y'all:
Hai Di Lao

Thanks to Xavier and Hayden,
who visit this place soooo often (they are like the ambassadors already!),
I visited this place twice, both with them around.

What I love about this place,
is the awesome service that they provide.
While waiting for our table, we had seats and a small table,
and they would serve us drinks and fruits.
Once we were seated at our table, they attended to us immediately
by giving us warm towels, zip-lock bags to keep the phones, and served us our drinks.
Food orders were made with a gadget, so you just tap on the food that you want.
Food came soon after.
The plate of seafood you see above?
The staff helped us to de-shell them upon request.
The food were of good and fresh quality, and the soup were rich and tasty!
I had tomato and Ma La soup for the two visits,
and I really like the tomato soup!
Price-wise, it is a lil' pricey (appx $50 on average for each pax),
so I will not be going for it too often for sure,
maybe at most once a month.
If you were to ask me whether it is worth the price,
I'll give a definitely yes.
It is such awesome dining experience that cannot be substituted with any random steamboat buffet.
So.. it really depends on whether you are willing to spend a lil' more for a better steamboat meal! :)
I truly enjoyed both visits!

Hai Di Lao
2nd Floor, 3D Building,
 River Valley Road, Clarke Quay 
(It's near the fountain area in the centre, with all those pubs around. 
Just take the stairs/lift up to second level from the area with the ATMs!)

Tel: 63378626/63378627(Do call to make a reservation in advance because they are usually packed!)
By the way, they are opening a second outlet at 313, Level 4,
right beside Salon Vim :)

Although the lighting at the table which we were seated at was not very good,
the built-in flash (GN 4') did the trick!
There is an external flash (GN 7') available, but because I did not bring it with me,
and was surprised that the built-in flash worked pretty well.
*This is gonna save me on days when I forget the external flash!*

2. Selfies/Wefies

The people whom I went Hai Di Lao with! :) 

All thanks to the 180 degree flip-up screen and touch screen display,
it is really easy to take selfies/wefies now!
(By the way, I only learnt the word 'wefie' recently.
It means a photo taken in the selfie way,
but with 2 or more people in the photo.)

Because of the touch screen display
it’s really THAT easy to take selfies with just a click on the screen!
The 9-27mm lens of the NX mini 
also allows me to take really nice selfies/wefies since the lens are wider!

The camera also turns on automatically with just a quick flip up of the display.

Now I can easily whip up my camera and snap photos within a few seconds!  

I forgot whether this was the "Wink Shot" or the "Smile Shot".
When you turn on these modes, the camera snap the photos instantly

when they detect your wink or smile. Extremely convenient! 

3. Beauty Face Mode

This mode is absolutely awesomeeeee. 

No filters AT ALL!!!!
This 'Beauty Face mode' makes our skin look smooth and flawless.
In fact, the photos looked photoshopped.
A lil' bit of 'cheating' using the beauty face mode is fine right? :D

4. Tap & Go
(Pardon the heavy make-up for the shoot!!!)

Now that I'm using Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE
(which is NFC-compatible),
I can transfer my photos from my NX mini to my phone seamlessly via NFC.
All I have to do, is to tap my S5 to my NX mini at the spot with the word "NFC',
and my photos will be transferred very quickly.

If your phone is not NFC-compatible,
no worries!
You can use the 'Mobile Link' to transfer the photos as well.
(You can even Dropbox the photos!)

This camera also comes with an external flash.
Since it is bundled with Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 5,
you can even edit your photos with the camera!

And you know what?
One more good thing that I like about the Samsung NX mini is its long battery life! 
It allows up to 530 shots and 2,330 mAh, 
which means I can take photos without always having to worry about 
whether there will be enough battery for the rest of the day.

It is available in 4 colours: Mint Green, Pink, White and Brown.
I chose the Mint Green of course :)
The Samsung NX mini: 
Carry the Style, Capture the Best 

I am still exploring more functions of this camera.
There is only one problem that I have encountered so far -
Some of my photos turn out quite yellowish in indoor places,
probably due to the indoor lightings.
The people around me have tried to help me to do some adjustments to the settings
but to no avail..
I am sure there is a way to fix this!!
& I am determined to find the solution!

Nevertheless, this Samsung NX mini is the best lightweight mirrorless camera 
that I have owned thus far :)

You can also check out Jian Hao’s recent video (which I was involved in!) 
on the Samsung NX mini to find out more:

Otherwise, for more info, you may check out HERE

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