f Six Hundred & Thirty Nine; Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE - My Top 5 favourite features.


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Six Hundred & Thirty Nine; Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE - My Top 5 favourite features.

June 12, 2014 / ,

Yesyes, I'm here to share with you my thoughts  
about the latest Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE,
which I have been using for some time now!

There are 4 colours available:
Black, White, Gold and Blue,
and I am so glad that I received the gold one,
which I was already eyeing on before the release of the phone!

The last time I tried an Android device was back in 2012,
when I had a Samsung GALAXY Note to use for weeks.
So, to be frank, it took me a while to get used to the interface of this new phone.
Once I got used to it, I started depending on the phone a lot. 

Blending iconic Samsung design with modern trend, 
the GALAXY S5 LTE features a new contoured shape, metallic frame,
and a soft perforated pattern on the back cover that gives 
a better and more comfortable grip while 
creating a modern glam look.
In addition, it also comes with protective features 
- certified as water and dust resistant

In fact, my gold Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE is the only one with golden rims;
the other colours are all silver rims. 
Loves it! :)

I do not think that I am a very tech-savvy person, 
so I am not going to go all out to discuss the design and features
 or compare the specifications of the phone, etc.
I will just be sharing the Top 5 features that appealed to me.
In any case, if you are keen to find out more about the specifications,
you may find out the details here:


1. Camera
Fitted with a 16MP rear camera with a 1/2.6" sensor
& a large f/2.2 aperture and advanced camera features.

Goes without saying,
this was the very first thing I explored upon receiving the phone.
Job hazard (or purely vain maybe).

As an actress, I depend on my phone's camera a lot for behind-the-scene photos.
Times when I am on set,  
I can't possibly be carrying my camera with me..
But I do have my phone with me most of the times.
It is so much easier to snap photos with the phone at times like that :)
On top of that, I love food-hunting,
So I depend on my phone's camera most of the times
to snap the photos of those yummilicious food on my impromptu food hunts.
(Yes yes, I'm one of those 'must-snap-photos-before-eating' people.)

Although the front camera is only 2MP,
I really love the Selective Focus mode for the 16MP rear camera.
(Selective Focus: Keeping the main subject of the photo in focus,
while simultaneously blurring out the background, and vice versa)

Can you believe that this was snapped with my GALAXY S5 LTE?!
Exactly the kind of photos that I love for my food pictures.
It looked like it was taken with a DSLR or a compact camera at least!
Sharp and professional-looking.
You can even edit the photo after snapping it,
to change it to far-focus (focus on a far object & blur out the near objects),
or just a pan-focus (without all the blurring)
 HEH. It suddenly seems okay to me that I do not own a DSLR.
 I think the next time I go for food tasting,
I can even depend on this phone for capturing great food pictures.

Lemme show you a few more photos to illustrate:

Had dinner at Mellben Seafood (12 Prince Edward Road),
to celebrate Melissa's birthday.

these were all taken with GALAXY S5 LTE!
 I need to clarify,
that these were all casual one-click-wonder shots.
I just randomly took photos of the food,
without bothering about the plating, arrangement, angle, etc. 

Can you also tell how the photos look so vivid and clear? 
This is all thanks to the Real Time HDR.
(Real Time HDR: helps to take photos with strong lighting 
to contrast mirroring what our eyes see)

 Loves it!

2. S Health
The phone comes with the enhanced S Health ver 3.0.
It unifies all the personal health and fitness data under one convenient dashboard,
that helps to track, record and monitor all physical activities
as well as calories intake vs calories burnt.

This fitness tool is perfect for helping me keep track of my fitness goals!
So many things in one app that I can make full use of.
First of all, there is a personal 'fitness coach" that analyzes my current fitness status,
and provides me pointers on how I can further improve my well-being :)

Besides the calories burnt, I can also track my calories intake,
with a whole list of food varieties to choose from.
The food may not be 100% same as what I had, 
because the ingredients and proportions will vary,
but this is a good rough guide at least :)

For instance, if I had fish porridge,
it would be approximately 427 calories for 1 bowl.  

LOOK, even Katong Laksa can be found in the list!!

The pedometer can be used to help keep track of the steps taken
and distance travelled in a day.
Walking is a light form of exercise too,
so never underestimate them!!

I can even measure my heart-rate!!
Which brings me to my next point:

3.  Gear Fit
This sleek and lightweight Gear Fit comes with real time Fitness Coaching
that provides workout recommendations,
and keeps consumers up to date with instant notifications
such as incoming calls, emails, SMSes, etc
that help consumers stay connected while on the move!

 This is my perfect gym companion!!

It can be synced to my S Health app,
so my exercise records will be automatically updated.
I don't have to carry my phone with me during my gym sessions anymore!

There is heart-rate sensor on the watch too.
Perfect for monitoring my heartbeats during exercise, 
to help me pace my workout routines. SUPER AWESOME!

4. Samsung GALAXY Life
The passport to exclusive privileges, interesting app recommendations, exclusive celebrity interviews, etc. 

I love good deals, I love discounts, I love freebies.
Don't you?!

There is a wide variety of rewards to choose from!

& look what I found:
Amore Fitness!

5. My Magazine
Some may not like this feature at all,
but I love it!
Just a swipe to the right, 
and I get a quick update of news (I can select my fields of interest) 

and social media feeds.

On top of these 5 features, 
there are some other features to highlight too:

-Ultra Power Saving Mode
-Water Resistance
-Kids Mode 
- GALAXY Gifts
-Secure Mobile Payment for PayPal merchants (using only fingerprint authentication)
-Private Mode 
(Enables you to lock your selected files and media)

I will be sharing a few more features in another blog post,
after I try them out.
Do keep a look out for it! :)

The features that appealed to me, may not seem much to you;
but to me, these everyday features and personalization capabilities 
distinguishes the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE from the rest of the phones,
which I previously owned.

While I think I need more time to get used to the design of the phone,
I am happy using it thus far.
I especially love that it’s gold!
As cheesy as it sounds,
Afterall, it is the content that matters right? :)

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