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Six Hundred & Thirty Eight; GC Weekend + 313 Fashion Tour + JordanBelfort

June 6, 2014 / , ,

Last Friday (30th May 2014),
we had our GC Weekend held at the old office for the very last time.
Time flies~~
Lemme share abit of my Gushcloud journey with y'all.. :)
I joined Gushcloud in early 2012, 
& I was the second batch of influencers who signed with them.
It was one of my best rash decisions made.
Rash? Why?!

Back then, it was Freda who approached me via email.
I exchanged a few emails with her,
and when she asked if I wanted to pay their office a visit,
I agreed spontaneously because coincidentally, 
I was already at the same building that day for an audition.
So after reading through the contract, I signed it on the very same day.
& just like that, I became a part of the family.
Thank you Fred, for believing in me all these while.

I will be honest, just like what I told many people before,
blogging has never been my priority,
because acting is.
Well, I started blogging since secondary school,
but it was just the "Dear Diary" kind of blogging.
I never meant for it to be such a huge part of my life now.
My managers in Gushcloud knew too,
In the beginning, I was really half-hearted
and was just.. not too serious about blogging.
(I submitted my advertorials on time!
But quality wise.. perhaps it was at a really noob level..........)
but they have never given up on me!
Instead, they always take care of me,
and constantly gave me advertorials,
and guided me patiently along the way.
This, I am really grateful and thankful.
I truly appreciate, and I will never forget the hands who feed me.
You know, it's amazing how my managers are ALL around my age,
(Freda is younger than me, Sheena is one year older,
Audrey and Xeun),
yet they take such good care of the big group of us.
They are a group of really fun-loving people,
(Don't doubt me on that.
"Let's go, guys!!" + *hands-up in the air*,
is what we love to mimic Sheena all the time.
HEHEHEH Sheena we love you!!)
who know how to be serious at the right time,
and go all out to have fun off-work.

What I love most about Gushcloud,
is how the people working in it are really just like one big family.
You can feel it.
There was once when we were filming for one of JianHao's videos,
and Xeun was supposed to be the only one in charge of at least 10 of us.
A lot of unfortunate events cropped up that morning,
and when Xeun mentioned about it to the other Gushcloud colleagues in their group chat,
(and also because her knee was giving her problem that day)
2 hours later, 6/7 of them rushed down to the filming location,
including our Gushcloud bosses, Althea & Vincent.
I was so surprised and touched by the support that they gave each other.
This was just one of the many incidents where I witnessed the support
that the team has for each other..
You really can feel it.

I think the greatest strength of Gushcloud,
is the ability to grow together as a family/team.
"When one falls down, the others pull him/her up;
when one climbs up, he/she pulls the others up together."
Or in short, "leave no man behind" kind of mentality.

Gushcloud has grew and expanded so much over the years,
and I am really glad and proud that GC is going further and better.
And that explained the need for a (much) bigger office space! :')
To greater opportunities ahead!!!!!!!!

& now.. pictures time!
Just some of the MANY photos taken during the GC Weekend.

It started with normal shots..

Then a lil' goofy shot


1. Act-sleeping-face

2. Mimic-Althea's-smile-face

3. Act-hipster-face

4. Act-cute-face

5. Just-open-your-mouth-face

6. Act-sad-face

7. THAT-emoji-face

8. Don't-mess-with-the-best-cause-the-best-don't-mess-face

9. Just-want-to-be-extra-at-the-back-face

There were much more taken but.. I think these are enough. hahah.

The New Face people!
Eunice, Audrey & I were from 2012 batch,
while Asyiha was from 2013.
Eunice and I would often say..
how weird it is that Audrey is now our manager!
By the way, Audrey aka the girl whom everybody likes :)

Naomi and Hayden :)

We hopped on to Sentosa for Mae's 19th birthday celebration.

As I was saying.. not everybody can be straightforward yet likeable.
She is definitely one of the few whom I adore. :)
Happy happy birthday maemae!

Since I am on the Gushcloud topic,
let me share a lil' more!

As I was saying, blogging was never my priority,
but along the way, I have learned quite a bit,
and have unexpectedly felt the sense of satisfaction on many occasions..
Gaining the trust of clients and having them wanting to engage you over and over again,
is definitely one of the greatest satisfactions ever from this job.
Besides collaboration and advertorial opportunities,
Gushcloud has also given me invaluable experiences,
that goes beyond just blogging.
The top 3 experiences thus far would probably be:

Despite 5 years of modelling experiences,
I would never have dreamt of walking down a 30-metres long stage,
for such a grand event.
But because of Gushcloud, it happened. :)

I have always wanted to be involved in a cook-off program.
Because of Gushcloud, it happened. :)

3. 313 Fashion Excursion
This was the most recent experience!
I had the chance to bring different groups of people
around the shops at 313 @ somerset,
and share my fashion tips with them.
I have always been wanting to practise more of my hosting skills (besides acting!),
so this was an amazing learning experience.

It was held over two Sundays.
The theme for the first Sunday was Floral, which I really like!
& on the second Sunday, the theme was Pastel colours.
The 313 team really knew my style well!

Pastel combinations give me a very comfortable and cozy feeling.
With the right mix n' match,
you can actually have 2-3 different pastel colours on you
and yet still have the colours look very pleasing to the eyes.

It was a really interesting experience for me,
and I hope the attendees managed to pick up some fashion tips!

We visited the participating outlets such as 
Uniqlo, New Look, Promod, Dressing Lolita, Forever 21, Lowrys Farm, TEMT, Coasta Coffee, etc.

The lady was asking me for advise on the clothes that would suit her! :)

I would love to do this again!
Once again, because of Gushcloud, this happened. :)

I'm looking forward to more interesting experiences ahead,
and because of Gushcloud,
I know they will happen. :)


On a side note,
I'm soooo looking forward to this Sunday because..
(besides flying off to Taiwan at late night!)

I will be attending THIS:

If you have watched "The Wolf of Wall Street",
you will definitely know this guy.
No, I do not idolize him,
because I do not agree with the way he led his life
(not just according to the movie, I read quite a number of articles after this movie!),
but I am very impressed with his dynamic and successful sales model.
I have read about his legendary "Straight Line Technique",
but I really want to hear him speak in person and elaborate more on this,
and many other tips and his experiences.
At the moment, sales is likely my next line of interest besides what I am doing now,
I do not know if I will go into it in the near future,
but I believe I will definitely gain from this seminar.
It will be really interesting to witness how convincing he is,
as a salesperson and now a business speaker.
I can't wait!
If you are interested, you can still join us at his seminar!

Event Details

Date: 8 June 2014, Sunday 
Time: 2 PM - 6 PM 
Venue: Garnet Room, Max Atria @ Singapore Expo 
Language: English 
Total number of seats: 50 

Ticket Prices (excludes booking fee): 
-VIP: $388 
-Business: $268
-Economy: $188

* VIP attendees will be invited to a cocktail session with
Jordan Belfort himself after the seminar.

Quote “GC20” on Sistic
to get a special 20% discount for the tickets 

See you at the seminar hopefully! :)

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