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Six Hundred & Forty One; Stay vs Leave + Outfit Feature {Vogue Avenue}

June 23, 2014 / , , ,

I have been back from Taiwan for less than a week,
and I already can't wait for my next travel.
I guess I have became so accustomed to traveling,
that I wouldn't mind (in fact, I would love to) traveling every month,
for work or leisure.
My home-sick issue seems to be not bothering me anymore. hahah.
Each trip gives me a brand new experience 
and insight into the places and the lifestyle of the people of that country,
& I'm truly enjoying it!
In fact, recently, I have considered staying overseas for 3-4 years,
to experience a total different working environment,
to build my career in somewhere else.

The adventurous vibe has 'creeped' into me recently. hahahah.
Thoughts like that would never have crossed my mind in the past,
but recently, it suddenly seemed so appealing to me.
The only thing is that, I can't bear to leave my Mum in Singapore!
Plus I really want to be here to watch my niece grow up the next few years..
Anyone of you facing the same dilemma as well?
Stay vs Leave.
This is such a struggle.. but I guess I will make a decision by end of this year.
Meanwhile, we will see how it goes :)

I need a lot more time to churn out my Taiwan blog posts,
but meanwhile, please allow me to share one of my favourite outfits
which I brought along for this trip!

Top: Esther Crop Blouse from Vogue Avenue
Bottom: Selene Glitt Skirt from Vogue Avenue
Bag: Ohvola 
Watch: Welovekudos 

If you noticed, I prefer to wear tops with sleeves (short or long),
despite the crazily humid weather in Singapore.
I guess.. we all have our insecurities right?
For me, I feel more confident in tops/dresses with sleeves..
 I have been looking for a white long-sleeved crop top for some time,
& was glad to find this top with such unique details.
Besides the mesh panel and ruffles, you know what is best about this top?
There are two ways of wearing it!
On top of that,
despite the warm weather in Taiwan,
I felt comfortable in this top.

As for the skirt, it is an exclusive piece from Vogue Avenue,
and this is something that I would wear when I go for my appointments,
because it looks quite formal and is of an appropriate length, 
yet not in the usual boring black colour.
In other words,
I think this combination (with a pair of heels) is actually good for work!

A closer look at the top:

By the way, I was so glad that I could stay connected in Taiwan,
with the wifi device from Y5BuddySg.
It is so much more convenient to have internet access whenever we are!
Especially useful when we need the map for directions.
Y5Buddy provides pocket wifi devices for several countries at the moment:
USA, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand (Upcoming).
For Taiwan, the rental rate is only $10 per day,
which I felt was super affordable! 

A small tip: Tops/dresses with ruffles details can actually help in
creating the illusion of bigger assets. (ahem, you get my drift!)

I wore mine with the ruffles at the back though.
This is how it looks like the other way:

Besides that set of outfit,
I brought along this white Meek Jacket Vest from Vogue Avenue as well.
I thought it was perfect for a comfy and lazy day,
so I wore it on my last day in Hualien + first day in Taipei!
I love how versatile this vest is.
You can match this with shorts, jeans or even romper.

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