f Six Hundred & Forty; GSS shopping begins (at one of my fav malls)!!!!!


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Six Hundred & Forty; GSS shopping begins (at one of my fav malls)!!!!!

June 20, 2014 / , ,

It has been looooong since I last shopped.
Since Great Singapore Sales has already started..
I found the best excuse to go for some shopping therapy!

But first..........

Okay I think that phrase is a lil' outdated already.
In any case, the very first item which I spotted during my recent shopping trip
at 313@somerset was this selfie stick!

I found it at Hako (#B3-09)

Basically, this is a consignment concept.
Anyone can book a locker slot (monthly),
& just place the items inside to sell them.

Toys, clothes, limited edition items, etc.

This shop is currently having a promotion for the locker slots:
Buy 1 get 1 free
(You pay for 1 locker slot, & get an additional slot free!)
So if you have items that you wish to sell off,
you can consider this!

My second stop was.. Zara.

It took me less than 3 minutes to spot this outfit set and eagerly took them to try on!!
& a mandatory mirror selfie.

Top, skirt, necklace, bag and heel were all from Zara.
I loveeeee the mint + white combination so so much.

What do you think of this set??

 I tried on a second set soon after,
and since I was in all-white,
I decided to join in the line of..

I was seriously self-entertaining.
I like this all-white set because it gave me very classy and chic feel at the same time.
And.. midi skirts are in trend nowadays!

This is the kind of coat, which I have always wanted to own,
but never had a right occasion to wear!

Sometimes, I find myself attracted to bold prints like that.

And a long dress like this, really elongates the figure,
and is especially suitable for ladies with hour-glass figures,
because it shows your curves perfectly!

Can you see the magic three words all over the signboards?!
Great. Singapore. Sales!!

I continued window-shopping at the other outlets such as
 Forever 21 (currently one of my favourites!), Uniqlo, Promod, Made with Love, WSI,
Mitsu, Fossil, etc. 
& I also popped by Salon Vim to say hi! hahah.
(Psst.. Hai Di Lao is opening soon. Right beside Salon Vim!)

Honestly, I always look for places to sit down after shopping for some time.
Chanced upon Costa Coffee (Level 1),
and decided to chill there for awhile.
 Found out that this was their flagship store.

Decided to try one of their latest desserts:
Mango Banana Rumble

& this: Caramel Latte Cooler
Definitely gave me the sugar boost which I really needed after shopping for so long!

I love people-watching.
This may sound creepy, but I like how I can observe and learn so much,
just by people-watching.

Why the grin on my face?
Because.. I found a powerpoint plug right under my table!!!
I must have mentioned too many times before,
but once again, I love cafes with powerpoint plugs!
Now I know exactly where to go when I'm at 313@somerset,
and need a place to chill with a cup of coffee.


1. Win $50 313 vouchers

-Simply snap pictures of your
favourite items from any participating store
-Share the photos on Instagram 
-Hashtag #313SocialCatalogue and #
(For e.g. #313SocialCatalogue #Zara)
-Contest Period: 9 June to 27 July 2014
-Every week, first 30 shoppers will be rewarded 
with 313 vouchers worth $50 if your photos get selected 
to be featured on 313 Social Catalogue Facebook app!

2. Redeem a Eco Street Art Festival Tote!

-With every minimum spend of $80,
you can receive a street art inspired eco-friendly tote bag.

-Available from 13 June to 27 July 2014
-These collectible totes are specially designed 
by local graffiti artist Trase One in partnership with Singapore 
Street Festival, another initiative by 313@somerset to support 
environmentally sustainable shopping even during this season of sale.
This is also to mark World Environment Day :)

3. Join the World Cup Fever!

-Soccer fans alert! You may wish to check out 
the 'Kindness Kick-off atrium' for a game of foosball, 
or simply chill out with your friends with some refreshment from the bar,
where proceeds of every beverage sold will go to Charity.

313@somerset has always been one of my favourite malls in town,
and it seems like this mall is getting even more happening 
and interactive during this Great Singapore Sales period!
What you can do now is..
to check out the #313SocialCatalogue hashtag on Instagram,
to find out some of the best deals in this shopping mall! 

Isn't it amazing how you can discover more fun and better deals
with the help of social media?! :)

  1. Nice makeup :) Have you done a post on your daily make up routine before? I'd love to see it.

    1. Hi Joan!

      Thank you :)

      Nope, not yet. Will consider doing so if time allows next time :)