f Six Hundred & Thirty Two; Run for Cover, run for a good cause! :)


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Six Hundred & Thirty Two; Run for Cover, run for a good cause! :)

May 9, 2014 / ,

Hello there, I'm so excited to tell y'all more about this!
It is about an upcoming charity run held by Mt. Elizabeth Hospital

The first of its kind in Singapore, 
Mt. Elizabeth Hospital's ‘Run For Cover’ campaign 
will see contestants (in a team of 8)
running non-stop on the treadmill for 24 hours.
Every 30 km clocked by each team during this period will translate into 
free treatment for one needy elderly suffering from cataract. 
(A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye which leads to a decrease in vision;
& it is commonly linked to ageing)
The projected 100 cataract surgeries will be fully sponsored by 
the Khazanah IHH Healthcare Fund as part of ‘Life Renewed Project’, 
the hospital’s corporate social responsibility initiative.

If you are not a marathon runner but run regularly (like me!),
all you have to do is to participate and just run like what you usually do,
except that this time, it will be for a meaningful cause.
So why not?
It also works as an extra motivation to push ourselves to run more!
Most importantly, the beneficiaries for this campaign 
will be a group of needy elderly,
who really need the public assistance to have their eyes cured.

YOU + 7 other teammates

Qualifier 1: 17th/18th May 

Qualifier 2: 7th June
Final Day: 21 June 2pm til 22 June 2pm (24hours!)

-Qualifier 1 & 2: East Coast Park 
-Final race day: Ngee Ann City

What exactly are the qualifier rounds and final race day about?

-Qualifier 1: The top 20 fastest teams (8 members in each team)
to complete a 5.5km run will proceed to the next round

-Qualifier 2: The top 10 fastest teams (8 members in each team)
to complete a 10km run will then proceed to the final race day

-Final Race Day: Each team will race to complete
 the longest distance in the 24 hours.

Why participate in this?

-The eventual winning team will be eligible for free 10 years of health coverage

-For every 30km covered on the final race day,
1 needy elderly will receive a free cataract surgery.

-It is a healthy activity that you can participate with your good friends, colleagues,
your usual running khakis or your teammates. 
Perfectttt for bonding!

-To put it simply, this is a run for a really good cause.. :)

1. Gather your team of 8!
OR join another team if you are unable to gather 8 people.
There is an option to join a team or create your own team of 8 :)

2. Sign up here

3. Enter RFCshine in the discount code
(The registration fee will be discounted to $15/pax!!)

Additional perks for the FIRST team of 8 formed under me!

4. First person to sign up under my teams will receive a free Fitbit! 
5. For the other 7 people in the FIRST TEAM
EACH of you will receive a 
$20 CapitaLand Voucher!

6. AND EACH of the 8 members from the first team will also get $50 AIBI Spending Vouchers!!!!!!!

Maybe I can try to convince these guys to join me and form our team of 8?!

Plus another 2 here..

JUST NICE!!!!!!!!!!!
A team of 8! 

Hahahah. In any case, I will be there on the 21st June for sure.
So.. SEE YOU THERE?!! :) :)

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