f Six Hundred & Thirty Six; the 7 cafes which I cafe-hopped to recently.


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Six Hundred & Thirty Six; the 7 cafes which I cafe-hopped to recently.

May 24, 2014 / ,

I decided to combine the random snaps of my recent cafe-hoppings,
just to share with y'all some good finds :)

P.S some of the photos were taken with my phone,
because I didn't even bring my camera along
on some of the days when I randomly visited the cafes.
So please pardon the not-so-good quality photos. 

1. One Man Coffee 
  • 215R Upper Thomson Road
  • Singapore 574349

One of the newest cafes around
(I think they started in late January/early February this year),
this cafe was definitely a gem,
and I foresee myself visiting again very soon.

Truth be told, it took us quite some time to find the cafe,
which was somehow hidden.
'One Man Coffee' shares the exact same shophouse as 'Crust Gourmet Pizza'.
The space was rather small, dark, yet strangely comfortable.

Had a try at the Cappuccino
Maybe it's just me.. I wasn't quite used to the Melbournian style,
(They source their brew from Melbourne-based Axil Coffee Roasters)
somehow the cup that I had was a little too bland,

and lacked in aroma.
I have seen quite a number of good comments about the coffee here,

so perhaps I had a higher expectation in mind.
Plus point was the really beautiful design that truly made me smile :)

This Brioche French Toast was a clear WINNER.

Never thought that I would fall so crazily in love with this french toast!
Served with berries jam, fresh cream and candied walnuts,
this was a flavourful yet not too sweet delight.
The brioche tasted good on its own as well
Soft, moist & fluffy.
Totally worth my ten bucks!

This place felt unpretentious & I love it that way.
I do want to try their coffee again since it seemed to be highly raved about.
I can't wait to be back to try their Big Breakfast too!!


Psst.. they are opened on Mondays too!

2. Assembly Coffee
26 Evans Lodge
Singapore 259367

Located right beside the popular Hatched, which I have yet to try.....
I find myself attracted to smaller and less commercialised cafes, somehow.

This cafe places itself in the "third wave coffee movement" position,
it focuses on quality and uses beans from Liberty Coffee and Geisha specialty.
Cappuccino (started forming 'bubbles' because I took too long to get a good shot)

Le buddy's flat white.

My cappuccino was aromatic and smooth.
I loved how there was no bitter aftertaste.
It worked wonders as my energizer for the day too.
On a side note, I think my preference has slowly changed from cappuccino to flat white..

Anyways, I guess what attracted many people to this small cafe,
is the highly-raved Salted Caramel Waffles.
Missed out on it during the trip because we already had plans for dinner soon after.

3. The Bravery
66 Horne Road
Singapore 209073

Opened by the same people from The Plain,
this cafe is the epitome of simplicity.
The furniture, the interior design, and the menu as well.

Was hesitating so much whether to give this Lavender Latte a try,
and eventually did because I decided to be adventurous that day.

The first two sips were horrible for me,
because all I tasted was the bitterness from the dried lavender.
Surprisingly though, from the third sip onwards,
I realized how the tinge of lavender taste actually blended in with the smooth latte pretty well.
I think the latte would have tasted fantastic on it own,
with the aroma that could be tasted even with the lavender taste.
Definitely an unique drink which I did not regret ordering just to try,
but I will still stick to my normal cappuccino/flat white/latte..
I love the lavender scent, but I guess, just not in my coffee..

The Pancakes Stacks (with banana, ricotta cheese, honey & crushed pistachio)
was moist, fluffy and rather satisfying, but I thought it was slightly overpriced ($15).

The Poached Eggs on Toast was a major disappointment,
simply because..
I was utterly shocked when I saw this.
I have been cafe-hopping for quite some time,
& this was my first experience with an overcooked poached egg.
Hmmm.. I did not kick up big fuss over it,
but instead, I told one of the staff about this incident while making payment for the meal.
My intention was to give them a gentle reminder so that they would improve on this!

4. Shrove Tuesday
94 Lorong 4
Toa Payoh #01-32
Singapore 310094

It was Melissa who brought me to this cafe, hidden in the heartland of Toa Payoh.
I liked how the waffle was really light, 
which means it did not leave us feeling full/bloated.
We had the pistachio and matcha ice-cream.
The ice-cream was decent, but not exactly impressive.
The matcha ice-cream was a tad too sweet.

5. Kith Cafe
9 Penang Road #01-01E Park Mall 
Singapore 238459

This was another random find.
I was around the area and was looking for a place 
where I could sit down to get some work done on my laptop.

I remembered I wanted to try the salad,
but upon realizing that the salad was even more pricey the main dish,
(& also because I couldn't find a salad choice which I really wanted),
I decided to go for the Smoked Duck Breast sandwich instead.
I requested my chips to be changed to veggies instead.

The smoked duck was well-marinated and came in generous serving,
and the addition of green apple made it really refreshing.
I loved the sauce too.
The bad thing though, was the bread which were so tough,
I had a lot of trouble cutting them.

Sea-salt Caramel Cheesecake was perfect for me.

6. L'etoile Cafe 
160 Owen Rd, 218953

Pretty designs like that can really make my day

The coffee and food may be just average,
but this place is awesome for group gatherings (they have two storeys),
due to its spaciousness.
& the best thing is.... they are several plugs available.
One very important consideration for me!

7. Forty Hands Cafe
78 Yong Siak Street #01-12
Singapore 163078

This cafe needs no introduction from me.
It has been around for so long,
and has always been known for its coffee.
(By the way,
Common Man Coffee Roasters, Tiong Bahru Bakery and Forty Hands Cafe
are all opened by the same man.)

Flat White

I enjoyed my cappuccino,
and had absolutely no complains about it at all,
while buddy felt that it was a lil' acidic for his flat white.

This banana jackfruit muffin was a random but awesome buy.

Truffle Mushroom Sandwich

We devoured this within 5 minutes, no joke.
The creamy and tasty mushroom puree was perfecttttt
for a mushroom lover like me.

Alrighty, it's actually 9am in the morning now.....
Can't remember when was the last time I stayed up til this early......
but I shall head to bed now!
Happy Weekend! :)

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