f Six Hundred & Thirty Four; my latest addiction.


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Six Hundred & Thirty Four; my latest addiction.

May 12, 2014 / ,

I have been coming home to a new addiction lately..............
I've been so hooked onto it..
I need it at least once (or twice or thrice) daily.
I crave for it whenever I'm out for long hours,
& sometimes, all I really want,
is to come home to lie and let it take control over my body.
It's the best after-work treat
It helps me to ease away all the tension from my body,
it relieves me from my headaches and stress.
It unwinds my weary body & makes me melt into a peaceful puddle of absolute bliss.
It touches me at the right points, to energize and soothe me at the same time.
Such smooth and powerful techniques.. 
that allow deep penetration to satisfy the hard-to-reach areas,
making me feel so satisfied each time.

Each session never fail to leave me yearning for more. 


 Intense, precise and effective massage in one beautifully designed chair.
Thank you, for your existence!!!! 

Introducing to you the latest addition (& addiction): OSIM uDiva!

This triple enjoyment sofa-lounger-massager that 
uses the latest 3D Power-Ball Massage Technology,
loves, pampers and indulges me, with its power-packed soothing massages.

The best thing about this chair is its compact size.
Frankly speaking, my house is quite cramped,
and I had my worries when I was deciding whether to add this to my home.
After viewing it first-hand at a pre-launch event held by OSIM,
I knew this could fit just right! 
I have been using it as my sofa because it is so comfy;
it has officially become my new favourite spot to use my laptop!

How it looks like, as a sofa:

And I really could not resist its elegant design.
It is available in 5 colours: 
Stunning Black, Luscious Maroon, Gorgeous Pink, Enchanting Blue and Elegant Beige.


There are six professionally designed programs to choose from,
and my favourite has to be the 'Neck-and-shoulders' mode.

You can choose to just massage your shoulders or feet.
& most importantly, you get to choose the level of 'strength',

and you can also adjust the shoulder position accordingly.

This is the best thing to come home to nowadays (besides Mummee's cookings of course!),
especially after long hours of filming or photoshoots!

Apparently, I am not the only one who is addicted to uDiva currently..
Look who is enjoying too?!


I think this really works as an ideal gift for our dearest mummies;
especially for mummies like mine,
who prefer practical things than fancy flowers, jewelries, etc.
A gift like this, albeit a lil' on the higher end,
is worth the investment.
It lasts for years, and can be used DAILY.
They have been working hard for soooo many years,
I think this is definitely one of the best rewards for them.
Since uDiva comes in a really compact size,
it does not take up much space at home, so our mummies will not nag :p

My mum enjoys the shoulder massage,
which helps to soothe her stiff shoulders.
As the strength for some of the modes are too strong for her (but just perrrrfect for me),
she only does the shoulder massage usually.

& my lil' sunshine loves to 'kaypoh' while 'Popo' is enjoying. hahah.

Ahhhh.. she truly deserves to be pampered like that :')


In conjunction with Mothers' Day, OSIM is having a promotion,
& this uDiva is now retailing at a promotional price of $2588,
(U.P $3288!)

On top of that,

Remember the mystery man?

The one whom I introduced as the latest OSIM Ambassador?

Some of you may already have found out,
that he is none other than.........

Lee Min Ho!

“I love having the uDiva in my home. 

There are days when filming zaps up all my energy 

and I just want to chill and relax when I head back home. 

Nothing beats lounging in your favourite sofa 

and letting the power-packed soothing massage 
drain all the weariness away.”, says Lee Min Ho.

Another GOOD NEWS!!
Here is a chance for you to win an OSIM uSlender Slim belt massager!!

1. Snap a picture with Lee Min Ho at all OSIM outlets/roadshows

2. Upload it on Instagram and hashtag #uDiva #OSIMSG,
& tell OSIM your favourite massage 

1 lucky winner will win an OSIM uSlender Slim belt massager (worth $268) 
every week from 11 Apr till 31 May (total 7 sets!!!)
GOOD LUCK!!!!! :)

Pssst.. winners will be announced on OSIM SG Facebook page,
so remember to 'Like' the page to stay updated!

Lastly, for more information about OSIM uDiva,
check out http://uDiva.OSIM.com
& also, download this QR Code! :)

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