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Six Hundred & Thirty Five; Reward yourself with the rewards!

May 20, 2014 /

Have you ever noticed the 'Reward Points' stated in your StarHub bill?!
I have always knew about the existence of the reward points,
but the last time I tried browsing the website with my phone,
it was not a very smooth experience..

Recently, I gave it a try again right after noticing the points on my bill,
& guess what?
I found out that the website now has a wider variety of items to choose from!!
Most importantly,
with the newly revamped & improved website,
the redemption process is now so much more convenient & easier.
If you are a StarHub user too,
it's time to make full use of the reward points!!!!


1. First of all, visit this website

2. Click on 'Redeem now' and you will see several different choices

From food to entertainment, to bill rebates, to charity,
You can definitely find one (or more) that you like.

3. You may wish to narrow your search by filtering your options.
For me, the first that I checked out was none other than 'Eat'!

4. Click on 'Redeem' & sign in with your StarHub ID
(or sign up if you do not have it yet. the process is simple.)


This redemption process now is so much more simplified and easier.
Most importantly, you can redeem your rewards anytime & anywhere,
because it is also mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly!
Convenience? Checked!

On-the-go Redemption

3 simple steps to happiness: Browse, Redeem, Enjoy!

I have not decided on how to utilize my points yet..
but I will most likely be rewarding myself with some food promotions :D
I loveeee their ice-cream & this is hard to resist!
Right now they have Haagen Dazs and Marble Slab Creamery redemptions…
Sigh gotta work out more to compensate for that 
Just redeem first :D

Shopping sounds goooooood too!
Actually, I am also considering the $10 bill rebate :)

In any case, there are some exclusive deals that you can look out for 
in the next few weeks.
Check out my twitter for more info! :) 


Don't waste the reward points la!
Got free things and promotions, 
you don't want meh?!
*my kiasu singapore spirit mode is on!*

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