f Six Hundred & Twenty Six; Join me for a fashion excursion at 313@somerset! :)


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Six Hundred & Twenty Six; Join me for a fashion excursion at 313@somerset! :)

April 14, 2014 / ,

I just went to town yesterday to run some errands,
and I realized that Orchard/Somerset has changed quite a bit.
Town is getting even more hip and happening indeed!!
Truth be told, I seldom shop in town,
and when I do, one of the malls that I visit most frequently,
is none other than 313@somerset.

Reason being that... my hair sponsor, Salon Vim, is situated @ 313!
By the way, Salon Vim is relocating to a bigger space very soon
(some time in first week of May).
It will be relocated to directly opposite of where it is now. :)

Here is a contest that you can participate in:

Anyway, whenever I visit Salon Vim,
I will never be able to resist the basement level where 
a lot of my favourite food stalls/restaurants are situated at.
I personally love the stall selling Indonesian food the most!! 
The tender chicken with the rice, soaked in curry sauce.... 
*inserts heart-shaped emoticons*
$1.50 sushi, taiwan food, korean food, finger food, bubble tea, etc.....
On top of that, there is also Smoothie King when I feel like having something healthier.
My tummy is always well-taken care of before my hair appointments :D

Besides food, I love how 313@somerset is also a hub for fashion outlets:
Forever 21, New Look, Zara, Victoria's Secret, Uniqlo, etc.

Just few days ago, Eunice and I headed to 313@somerset together,

& we experienced one of their latest attractions: 

virtual projection experience at the
'Lights, Camera, Fashion!' area.

Basically, you get to mix and match over 200 outfits & accessories,
to have a look at how they will look on you,
without having to go through the trouble of changing in & out of the outfits.
& the best thing is, 
you get to curate looks from items available at different stores!
 Something that I would loveeee to have in my room.

You should really head down to 313 to experience how it feels like.
We had so much fun playing with it!
The "wearable holograms" were made possible,
simply by wearing this piece of white robe over.

Heheheh that's dearest Eunice in the white robe.
So cute!

& this is us, trying out our outfits!
(realized I was not aligned to my skirt. OOPS)

wassup yo

This virtual projection is available all the way till 27 April 2014,
at the Level 1 Atrium,
& is open for ALL to try.
Come & unleash that fashionista side of you!!

& you know what..........
You may be one of the lucky three to walk away with 
$500 worth of 313@somerset vouchers!! :)

All participating shoppers will be entitled to enter this 
313@somerset: Lights, Camera, Fashion! 
Facebook contest.

-You can simply approach the mall representatives at the atrium
to have your portrait taken in your new 'outfit',
aka the outfit that you chose using the virtual projection.

-These images will then be uploaded 

-10 shortlisted photos will be uploaded 
on the 313 Facebook app for voting, 
from 1 May – 11 May 2014

-Top 3 virtual looks will win S$500 worth of 313@somerset vouchers!

So..... GOODLUCK!!

That's not all!!
Besides the fun that you can enjoy at the 'Lights! Camera! Fashion!' contest,
there is also a 'Guess the Fashion Labels' contest,
that allows you to win up to 
$300 worth of 313@somerset vouchers WEEKLY!

-There will be a weekly showcase of three retailers’ outfits from head to toe. 

-Shoppers get the chance to guess the brand of each showcase 

-Winners who answer the name of the fashion retailer correctly, 
will stand a chance to win up to 
$300 worth of 313@somerset vouchers weekly!

These 'Guess the Fashion Labels!' showcase 
will be at Level 2,
from now till 18 May 2014 :)

Last but not least,
there will be a fashion excursion,
led by Naomi Neo and myself :)
The excursions will be designed around specific themes, 
such as floral, graphics, pastel and sports-inspired, 
giving you an insight to the latest fashion trends.

& I can't wait to bring y'all around the mall
to show you where all the good stuff are!!!!

The Fashion Excursions will be happening on 4 & 11 May 2014
and you can sign up for the tour 
by purchasing a ticket ($8)
via the 313@somerset Tring 313 app from 14 - 30 April 2014.
P.S I heard that there are limited spaces available, so sign up quick!

For more information regarding their latest lineup of events
happening at 313@somerset,
you can check out their website here. :)

See you @ the Fashion Excursion!?!?!? :)

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