f Six Hundred & Twenty Nine; Love of my life + Guy Laroche Giveaways + Watercolour Nails by Sensual Nails Spa


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Six Hundred & Twenty Nine; Love of my life + Guy Laroche Giveaways + Watercolour Nails by Sensual Nails Spa

April 30, 2014 / , , ,

Love of my life

I will not deny, & I will not hide;
in fact, I always proudly declare my love, for her.
& the reason is simple: 
I want to remind every single one around me,
to cherish the loved ones around you.
& to express your love for them.
Those hugs/kisses that you give to your partner?
Do the same to your parents too.
Those "Goodnight/I Love You" that you whisper to your partner or say to your friends?
Tell the same to your parents too.
They too, deserve your attention.
They too, will secretly wish to hear you tell them how much you love them.

My friends often wonder why my mum and I are so tight..
That is simply because, Mummee and I have been through a lot of hardships together..
Through all these years,
she has taught me the true meaning of "selfless love", 
from the things that she does for the family.
She has been a perfect example of what a '110%' mum means.
The traditional values that she hold close to,
have made a huge impact on me and the way I look at life.
She is my greatest pillar of support,
and also my greatest source of motivation.
I know I am truly blessed to have her.
I can go on & on about how great she is..
But yes, I do know that besides Mummee,
there are many many great mummies around. :)
& that is why, I have so much respect for all of them.

Well it is true, that we should not just wait til special occasions 
to express our love for them, by buying them gifts. 
But if we can make them feel special on a day dedicated to them,
then why not?
For Mothers' Day this year,
Mummee received a watch as part of her gifts :)
(Design code: L6009-01 for me, & L6009-03 for Mummee)

She chose this design herself!
Although I would have preferred a leather strap,
this pair from the 'Roman Sentiments collection' suited Mummee better :)
Psst.. I love having Roman numerals on my watch.
My mum is definitely not a fashionable person,
so this conservative design fits the bill perfectly.
I like how the rose-gold on Mummee's watch added an aura of maturity,
while my simple silver design is perfect for suitable occassions.

Love of my life, for eternity.

Find out how you can win a watch for yourself/your mum! 


1. Facebook
Guy Laroche is holding a Mothers' Day contest right now.

To win a watch for your mum, all you have to do is to submit a photo 

that shows your appreciation to your mum, & get your friends to vote! 
For more info, hop on their Facebook page :)
Contest ends on 11 May 2014.

2. Instagram
Besides Facebook, they will be doing a watch giveaway on their Instagram too. 
So.. follow @guylarochewatches_sg to stay updated!

3. Special discount
If you would like to purchase a pair of watches for yourself and your mum,
simply quote "Guy Laroche with Shine" at OG Orchard and Yuen Loong at Marina Square,
to enjoy 20% off any regular-priced Guy Laroche timepieces! 
Go check out if there are any suitable pieces for yourself & your mum :)


Sensual Nails Spa
Photo credits to: Melvin from Multifolds Photography

My latest nail art design from Sensual Nails Spa was done using the
WaterColour Nail Technique, once again by Pei Wen :)
I foresee myself doing more watercolour designs in the next few months,
because I really love how it creates a soft & subtle look!

After some discussions with PeiWen, my manicurist,
we came up with this design,
which suited my Korea trip alot!
I wanted flowers on my nails, yet I did not want something that was too loud.
So we decided on having the flower designs on two nails for each hand.
The perfectly-shaped flowers that you see, is hand-drawn by Peiwen meticulously.
The gradient colours at the base of the flowers seemed somehow similar to my paddlepop design
done previously, but they are slightly different in terms of technique.
This design made me feel slightly more feminine too. :)

Blk 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
(5minute walk from Bishan Interchange)

Call 6259 0889 to book your slot! :)
Quote 'Shine' to get 10% off regular manicure, pedicure & waxing services!

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