f Six Hundred & Twenty Five; in love with flowers & floral prints {adidasNEO}


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Six Hundred & Twenty Five; in love with flowers & floral prints {adidasNEO}

April 11, 2014 / , ,

I am back in Singapore after being away for a good 11 days!
I've been hearing about Singapore having its very own 'Spring' season;
& true enough, on my way back from the airport this morning, 
I saw a lot of beautiful blooms along the roadside!
*Inserts heart-shaped emoticon*
Such a joy to see these happy colours while travelling on the expressway!
& so.. I was excited to check out the areas with those beautiful flowers.
The very first location I went to was..
Sembawang Park!

Did an instavideo, & you can see it here :)

I love flowers and I won't deny. 
Particularly those that I see on the field or along the roadside or even in the pots.
& here's a little fact that you may/may not have noticed,
I love wearing clothes with floral prints.
To some, they may seem a little' bold,
but I would wear them as long as I like the design.
Dare to be bold! 

I was recently invited to pick some items from the adidas NEO range.
NEO is their latest teenage brand,
& the highlights for this season 
definitely has to be the Selena Gomez collection!

The desire to create a strong look for spring,
is reflected in her bold designs.
It is hard to disagree with me
that her designs totally brought out her style and character.

Let me share with you my picks from her collection :)

1. Floral Dress 

I am a 'dress' kinda person, 
so seeing me in a floral dress is nothing unusual.
My outfit coordinates for this floral dress:
I personally think that this dress is good enough on its own
without any accessories.
The plus point of this dress is that its light and its made from comfortable material;
which is very suitable for Singapore's weather!

& the other outfits that I picked were ideal for my recent Seoul trip.

2. Denim Biker Jacket
Photo taken by Melvin from Multifolds Photography

Visited Gyeongbokgung Palace on Day 2 of our trip.
(will share more details about the places we went to, in another post!)
Paired the jacket with the dress which I mentioned in my previous post.
An unexpected combination?
I wanted to add a slight edgy feel to the feminine dress,
& I think it worked out well :D
Photo taken by Melvin from Multifolds Photography

Photo taken by Melvin from Multifolds Photography

3. Flower Jacket + Striped pants + Tote bag
Wore this to MyeongDong, a busy shopping district area, on one of the nights.
Myeongdong is a MUST-visit for their street food!!!!!!
Lots of cosmetics & clothings can be found in the area too.

I had an inner wear inside the flower jacket to keep me warm,
because the flower jacket is made of chiffon,
(which means.. you can wear it in Singapore on ANY day,
since it will not leave you feeling warm at all!)
Photo taken by Melvin from Multifolds Photography

The black tote bag is not from the Selena Gomez collection,
but it is from the adidas NEO :)
It is now my current favourite (aka most used) bag.
You can never go wrong with a plain black tote!
Photo taken by Melvin from Multifolds Photography

4. Flower Sweatshirt

Taken at Gangnam area,
10 minutes walk away from our 'home' in Seoul 
(aka Big John's Place, which I can't wait to share about!!)
Photo taken by Melvin from Multifolds Photography

My no.1 pick from this NEO Collection!
The floral print on the words caught my attention first,
followed by the placement of the letters in the word 'WRONG'.
I love this sweatshirt alot!

You can browse through the items by visiting their website HERE :)


You can check them out at the following places:

-Adidas at Katong Mall
-BHG Tampines
-DOT Tampines
-DOT Bugis
-DOT Jurong
-LinkTHM Jurong 

  1. I can't find the pair of adidas shoes that you're wearing in the pics above.. may I know where can I find them? (shop/website)

    1. hihi! the shoes are not from the collection.. i bought them in hongkong last year :)

    2. haha wah cool! thanks anyways :)