f Six Hundred & Twenty Eight; KOSÉ SEKKISEI, my latest essentials.


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Six Hundred & Twenty Eight; KOSÉ SEKKISEI, my latest essentials.

April 21, 2014 / ,


If you can only choose ONE make-up item that you can apply onto your face today,
what would it be?!
For me, my choice will definitely be the BB Cream.
On lazy days, BB cream is my best companion.
It would be:
toner, moisturizer, BB Cream (& concealer when necessary),
& I would be good to leave the house.
You know, a good BB cream can really work wonders & hide the flaws! 

That being said,
what are are the 3 criteria that I would usually look out for in a BB Cream?

1. Light & non-greasy
2. Evens out my skin-tone naturally 
3. Lasting coverage

I have been using the KOSÉ White BB cream from the Sekkisei series,
for almost two months now.
Reason why I am still using it now,
& foresee myself continuing the usage?
Criteria 1, 2 & 3: All checked!

1. Light & non-greasy
I have combination skin;
but on some days,
my face can get a little oily
yet dry at the nose area.
So I needed a good BB cream that can keep my face moisturized 
and is non-greasy.
This KOSÉ White BB cream is compounded 
with Oriental plant extracts;
which provided my skin with a long-lasting hydration,
without it feeling too oily at the end of the day.
In addition, I really do not fancy the feeling of having thick 'foundation" on my face,
it makes my face feels so suffocated!
So, a lightweight base is important for me.

2. Evens out my skin-tone naturally 
As mentioned, a good BB cream can work WONDERS.
Yes, I want my BB cream to be lightweight,
yet is good enough to cover my flaws.
The snow crystal powder present in this BB Cream
made my skin looked brighter and slightly translucent
(dull skin, be gone!!!!!).
And, it did not become cakey even when mixed with sebum!
Most importantly, it looked really natural on the face,
and is still able to cover my flaws at the same time.

3. Lasting coverage
I have used this BB cream on several days when I was out for more than 8 hours.
Lasting coverage? Checked.
Yaye to less touch-ups (which means less piling up of makeup on the face!)

Plus point on top of the main 3 criteria I mentioned?
It comes with sunscreen protection too;
in particular, SPF40/PA+++.


Truth be told,
I do not really have the habit of putting sunblock lotion;
only because I have yet to find a suitable one, 
that does not make my face feel sticky/oily after just a few hours!

As we all know by now,
sun-protecting is REALLY essential.
By the way, do you know what is the difference between SPF & PA?
Basically, SPF shows the protection against UV-B rays, 
which is the cause of redness/inflammation on your skin from sunburns;
while PA shows the protection against UV-A rays,
which gradually reduces the skin's elasticity.
(The more + you see next to 'PA', 
the higher the protection.)

Besides the BB cream, I have also started using 
KOSÉ Sun Protect Essence Gel and Essence Milk lately.
I guess I have found a good sunscreen protection,
that worked pretty well for my skin so far!
The best thing is, they double up as moisturizers as well.
(less piling up on the skin, just the way I like it)

I personally prefer the Essence Gel,
& have been using it diligently daily!
As for the Essence Milk, 
I used it on days when I went to the beach/pool.

Generally, both the gel and milk have very similar features:

-Superb Sunscreen protection of SPF50+/PA++++
-Keep my skin hydrated
-Blend into my skin easily, creating a silky smooth finish
-Due to the smooth finish, they serve as a good makeup base,
helping my makeup to stay on longer 
-No stickiness!!! (What I love most about these two products)

What sets them apart?
Essence Gel

Essence Milk

As you can clearly see, 
The distinct difference is their texture.
This is because the Essence Gel has a lotion formula 
while the Essence Milk has an emulsion formula.

I personally prefer the essence gel,
and that is why I have been using that daily.
Although the Essence Gel feels thicker than the milk,
I loved how it provided my skin with a layer of  'protection'
with the smooth gel film,
ensuring that my skin stays hydrated & fresh;
& best of all, at the same tme,
it does not make my face too greasy.
Maybe inevitably just slightly greasy when I am out for very long hours,
but definitely less greasy than when I do not use it.

The Essence Milk contains smooth powder that provides a silky finish,
which helps my face look slightly fairer (but no excessive whiteness, don't worry!!).
It also has a waterproof film,
which makes it suitable for beach/water activities :)
Although the milk feels really light and silky,
the emulsion formula seemed a little too rich for my skin,
hence it made my face slightly more greasy after very long hours,
as compared to the gel.
By the way, I have combination skin!
I think the essence milk is more suitable for dry skin,
while the lotion is good for combination/oily skin.

I brought my Essence Gel along with me for my Korea trip,
and it helped me ALOT in preventing my skin from peeling!!!
My nose area especially, peels easily when it gets too dry.
But for this trip, my face was well-conditioned.
Hydration function of this gel?
Proven and tested. 


1. Retrieve free skincare samples!

-Purchase any KOSÉ SEKKISEI regular-sized product (exclude sundries)
at any KOSÉ Robinsons/Isetan counter
-Screenshot this blog post
-Quote my name: "Shine Koh" 
-1st 300 followers will get extra 2 piece skincare sample :)


2. In celebration of KOSÉ 30 Year Anniversary 
of beloved award-winning SEKKISEI brand,
KOSÉ is holding a regional beauty 
Search for SEKKISEI Cinderella.

The winner will win $6000 cash.

Since this contest is held over 5 regions 
(China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore & Malaysia),
and each winner from all regions will be invited to the Grand 30 Anniversary Party
held in Japan during Spring next year.
(WOAH, very enticinggggg!)

Anyway, the contest is ongoing. 
6 finalists will be battling from 1 May – 31 May. 
Voting will start in June. 
So you can vote for your favourite HERE.
& when you vote, you can claim a special online coupon offer!

You can choose to purchase a 100ml SEKKISEI lotion at $25, 
instead of the usual $41 :)
While stocks last; Limited to 1 per customer only.

Do follow KOSÉ on Facebook & Instagram if you haven’t!  J

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